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Excellent history of the American Revolution in the Southern Colonies. Many Americans don't know about the struggles in Georgia, South Carolina leading up to the final siege of General Lord Cornwalis as he was forced from the South and bottled up in in Yorktown, Virgina by the American and French forces.. Although regular Briish forces were involved in the many Southern Battles, much of the brutal conflict was between the Tory settlers along with their Native American allies and the Patriot militia units sometimes supported by units of the Continental Line.
Although the plot is somewhat shallow, the background information and color is detailed and extremely interesting.

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This book is very helpful in better understanding the role that the southern states (N.C., S.C., and Georgia) played in the Revolutionary War. Although written as a novel, it is historically accurate in describing many of the events and characters of the period. The book pull no punches in describing both the heroism and the atrocities both sides exhibited during this extraordianry war. Former President Carter provides remarkable insight in presenting the views and perceptions of both sides. I now have a much better appreciation of the difficult decision facing most settlers as to whether they should remain loyal to the Crown, or fight with Revolutionaries. There are points in the book when I almost found myself rooting for the British. Very well written. Ole! 

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Picked up this historical fiction by Jimmy Carter because of my interest in the Revolutionary War. Carter focuses on the happenings in the American South, particularly Georgia (not surprisingly, as we ... Read full review

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Carter manages a mass of characters who struggle to survive the revolutionary war. From wives hoping to be reunited with husbands, to Quakes and other pacifists trying to keep peace at all cost, to ... Read full review

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book, probably for the same reason some of the reviews have been negative. The intricate detail of lives in the time period, this crisis in our history, made this book an ... Read full review

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