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No contending with God. Chap. ix, xt Fobsexpoftulation with hine.

13 If God will not withdraw his an 35 Then would I speak, and not fear ger, the proud helpers do stoop under him ; but it is not so with me. him.

CHAP: X 14 How much less shall I answer him, 1. Job taking liberty of complaint, expoed and choose out my words to reason with Jutateth with God about his afflictions. him?

18 He complaineth of life, and craveth 15 Whom, though I were righteous, ælirtle ease before death.

Y soul is weary of my life, I will make fupplication to my judge.

leave my complaint upon my 16 If I had called, and he had an- ell; I will speak in the bitterness of

my swered me; yet would ('not believe that soul. he had hearkned unto my voice.

2 I will say unto God, Do not con 17 For he brcakech me with a tem- demn me; new me wherefore chou, peft, and multiplied my wounds wich- contendeftwith me. out cause.

3 Is it good unto thee, that thouk 18 He will not suffer me to take my mouldstoppress that thou shouldfdebreach, but fillech me wich bitterness. (pise the work of chine hands ? and shine

19 If I \pak of strength, lo, he is upon the coursel of the wicked? strong: and if of judgment, who fhall set ! 4 Hast thou eyes of Aelh ? or feest me a time to plead?

thon as man reeth? 20 If I justihe my self, mine own 5 Are thy days as the days of mand mouth shall condemn me: If I say, I are thy years as mans days, am perfe&, it shall also prove me per 6 That chou enquireft after mine iniverse.

quity, and searchest after my fin? 21 Thorgh I were perfe&, yet would 7 Thou knowest that I am not wicked,

not know my soul : I would despise and there is none char can deliver out of my life.

thine hand. 22 This

is one thing, therefore I said 8. Thine hands have made me and fait, he destroyech the perfeâ and the Nioned me together round about; yet wicked.

chou doft destroy me. 23 If the scourge flay suddenly, he will 9 Remember, I beseech chee, that laugh at the trial

of the innocent. thou hastimade me as the clay, and will 24 The earth is given into the hand thou bring me into dust again? of the wicked: he coverech the faces 10 Halt thou not poured me out as of the judges chereof; if not, where, milk, and cruddled me like cheese? and who is he?

11 Thou haft clothed me with skin 25 Now my days are swifter than a and Aesh, and haft fenced me with bones post: they fee away, they see no good, and finews.

26 They are passed away as the swift 12. Thou haft granted me life and fafhips : as the cagle that hastech to the vour, and thy visitation hath preserved prey.

my spirit. 27 If I say, I will forget my com 13. And these things bast thou hid in plaint, I will leave off my heaviness, and chine heart: I know that this is with chec. comfort my self :

14. If I sin, then thou markest meg 28 I am afraid of all my sorrows, I and thou wilt not acquit me from mine know that thou wilt nor hold me inno- iniquity.

15. If I be wicked, wo unto me; and 29 If I be wicked, why then labour if I be righteous, yer wilt I not life up Iin vain?

my head: I am full of confusion, there. 30 If I wash my self wich snow-wa, fore see thou mine affli&ion: ter, and make my hands never so clean; 16 For it increasech : chou huis eft me

31 Yer shalt chou plunge me in the ditch, as a fierce lion; and again thou (hewelt aad mine own clothes shall abbor me. chy self marvellous upon me.

32 For he is not a man as I am, that I 17 Thou renewest thy witnesses ashould answer him, and we should come gair:st me, and increaseft chine indignatogether in judgment.

tion upon nte ; changes and war are a33 Neither is there any days-man be- gainft me. twixt us, that might lay his hand upon 18 Wherefore chen hast thou bronghe

me forch out of the womb? O that I 34 Let him take his rod away from had given up the ghost, and no eye ha: me, and let not his fear terrifie me.. seen me :


us boch.

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Gods omnipotency.


Jobs confidence in God. 19 I should have been as though I 17 And thine age shall be clearer than had not been, I should have been car- the noon-day ; chou shalt shine forth, sied from the womb to the grave..

thou shalt be as the morning. 20 Are not my days few ? cease then, 18 And thou shalt be secure because and let me alone, that I may take com- there is hope ; yea, thou shalt dig abous fort a little :

thee, and chou Nialc cake thy reft in 21 Before I go whence I Mall not re- safety, turn, even in the land of darkness, and 19 Allo thou shalt lie down, and none the shadow of death;

fhall make thee afraid ; yea, many fall 22 A land of darkness, as darkness it make suit unto chee. Self, and of the shadow of death, with 20 But che eyes of the wicked shall out any order, and where the fight is as fail, and they shall not escape, and their darkness.

hope fall be as the giving up of the C H A P. X.

ghoft. 3 Zophar reproveth Job for juftifying

CHA P. XIL himself. s Gods wisdom is un searchable 1 Feb maintaineth himself againt bis 13 The assured blesing of repentance. friends that reprove him : 1 He er "Hen answered Zophar the Naama knowledgech the general doctrine of

Gods omnipotency. 2 Should not the multitude of words Nd Job answered and said,

2 No doubt but ye are the people, talk be justified ?

and wisdom thall die wich you. 3 Should thy lies make men hold their 3 But I have understanding as well as peace? and when chou mockest, shall no you; I am not inferior to you : yea, man make thee ashamed ?

who knoweth not such things as 4 For thou hast said, My doctrine is chese ? pure, and I am clean in thine eyes. 4 I am as one mocked of his neigh

5 But, О char God would speak, and bour, who callech upon God, and be open his lips against shee;

answerech hin: the just upright man is 6 And that he would shew chee the laughed to scorn. secrets of wisdom, that they are double § He that is ready to slip with his feet to chat which is ! know therefore chat is as a lamp despised in the choughc of God exa&eth of chee less than chine ini- him that is at ease. quicy deferveth.

6 Tberabernacles of robbers prosper, 7. Canft thou by searching find out and they that provoke God are secure; Gód ? canst thou find out the Almighty into wkose hand God bringerb abusunto perfection?

darily. 8 It is as high as heaven, what canít 7 But ask now the beasts, and they thou do? deeper than hell, what canft mall reach thee; and the fowls of the shou know?

ais, and they shall cell chee: 9 The measure thereof is longer than 8 Or speak to the earth, and it shall the earth, and broader than the sea. teach chce; and the fishes of the sea ihall

10 If he cut off, and shut up, or gacher declare unto thee together, then who can hinder hin? 9 Who knoweth not in all these, dhat

1. For he knoweth vain men: te the hand of the LORD bach wrought dis? seeth wickedness also; will he not chen 10 In whose hand is the foul of every consider it?

living thing, and the breath of all man12 For vain man would be wise, kind. though man be born like a wild asses Il Doch not the ear try words ? and colt.

the mouch tafte his meat ? 13 Jf thou prepare thine heart, and 12 Wich the ancient is wisdom; and ftretch out chine hands towards him ; in length of days understanding.

14 If iniquity be in chine hand, put it 13 With him is wisdom and strengti, far away, and let not wickedness dwell he hach counsel and understanding. in thy tabernacles.

14 Behold, he breakech down, and it 15 For then shalt thou lift up thy face cannot be built again : he shuttech up a without spot, yea, thou shalt be ftedfaft, man, and there can be no opening. and shalt not fear :

15 Behold, he withholdeth the wa16 Because thou halt forget thy mise- ters, and they dry up: also he senderh ry, and remember it as waters that pass them out, and they overturn the earth. away,

16 Widobim is ftrength and wisdom:


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Fob reproverb his friends, Chapxiji, xiv. and profefseth his trust in God. the deceiyed and the deceiver are hk. 15 Though be Nay me, yet will I trup

17 Helcadeth countellers away spoil in him.:, but I will maintain mine own ed, and makech che judges fools, ways before him.

18 He looserh the bond of kings, and IÚ He also shall be my salvation': for girdeth their loyns with a girdle. an hypocrite shall not come before him.

ag He leadech princes away spoiled, 17 Hear diligendly my speech, and and overchroweth the mighty. my declaration with your cars.

20 He removerb away the Speech of 18 Behold now, I have ordered 999 the trusty, and taketh away the under cause; I know that I shall be justified. ftanding of the aged.

19 Whou he that will plead with me? 21 He pourech contempt upon prin- for now if I hold my tongue, I shall give ces, and weaknech the strength of the up the ghoft.

20 Only do not two things unto me: 22 He discovereth deep chings out of then will í nor hide my self from thee. darkness, and bringech out to lighc the 21. Wichdraw chine hand far froni Ihadow of death.

me: and let not thy dread make me 23 He increaseth the nations, and de- afraid. stroyech chem: he enlargech che nations 22 Then call thou, and I will answer : and ftrairnech chem again.

or jer me speak, and answer chou me. 24 He taketh away che heart of the 23 How many are mine iniquities and chief of the people of the carch, and fins? make me to know my transgreslion causech them to wander in 'a wilderness and my fin. where there is no way.

24, Wherefore hidest on thy-face, 25 They grope in the dar's wichout and holdest me for chine enemy? light, and he makech them to stagger 25 Wilt thou break a leat driven to like a drunken man.

and fro ? and wilc chou pursue the dry CHA P. XIII.

ftubble? Febreproveth his friends of partiality: 25 For thou writest birter dings 2 14 He profeffith his confidence in God, gainst me, and makest me to posició che 20 and entreateth to know his own fons, iniquities of my youth. and Gods purpose in afflicting him. 27 Thou puteet my feet also in the sear hath heard and understood it. my paths; thou serceft a print upon the

2 What ye know, the fame do I know beels of my feet. allo : 1 am not inferior unto you. -28 And he, as a rotten thing, consu

3. Surely I would speak to che Al. metii, as a garment chat is mo.b-caten. mighty, and I desire to reason with God.

CHA P. XIV. 4 Bur ye are forgers of dies, ye are all 1 fob intreateth God for favour, by the phyficians of no value.

Joriness of life, and certain:y of Ś O chat you would altogether hold death. 7 Though life once lojt be irreyour peace, and it should be your wisdom coverables yet he waiteth for his change.

6 Hear now my reasoning, and hear 16 By fin ihe crearisre is siubject to cor** ken ro che pleadings of my lips.


that of and talk deceitfully for him

8 Will ye accep: his person? will ye 2 He cometh forth like a flower, and contend for God?

is cut down : he fleeth also as a shadow, 9 Is it good that he should search you and continuech not. out? or as one man mockech another, 3 And doft chou open chine eyes upon doye somock him?

such an one, and bringest me into judga 10 He will surely reprove you, if yement with thee? do secretly accept persons.

4 Who can bring a clean thing out of u shall not his excellency make you an unclean? 'not one. afraid ? and his dread fall upon you ? 5 Seeing his days are determined, the

12 Your remembrances are like unto number of his months are with chee, ashes, your bodies to bodies of clay. chou hast appointed his bounds chat hoc

- 13 Hold your peace, let me alone that cannot pass. I may speak, and let come on me what 6 Turn from him that he may reft, will.

till he fhall accomplish, as an hireling, 14 Wherefore do I take my Aesh in his day. my teeth, and put my life in mine hand? . For there is hope of a tree, if it by

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? Will you speak wickedly for God. Me vendays, and full of trouble.

is he?

The condition of mans life. Job. Eliphaz reproveth fob. cur down, that it will sprout again, and 4 Yea, chou cafteft off fear, and re that the render branch thereof will not strainest prayer before God. ceale.

§ For chy mouch uocerech chine in 8 Though the root thereof wax old quity, and chou choo eft che tongue. in the earch, and the stock chereof die che crafty. in the ground:

6.Thine own mouth condemnech chee, 9 Ton, through the scent of water it and not I : yca, chine own lips teftife will bud, and bring ford boughs like a against thee. plant.

7 Art thou the first man that was born? 10 Bat man dieth, and wasteth away: or wast chou made before the hills? yea, man giveth up che ghost, and where 8 Haft thou heard the secret of God? &

doft thou restrain wisdom to chy felt? 11 As the waters fall from che sea, 9 What knoweft thou that we know and the flood decayech and driech up: nor ? what underftandeft thou, wbichis

12 So man liech down, and risech not, not in us? till che hcavens be no more, they shall 10 With us are both the gray-headed, not awake, nor be raised out of their and very aged men, much elder dan Deep.

thy facher 13 O chat chou wouldn't hide me in 11 Are the consolations of God small the grave, that thou wouldst keep me with thee? is there any secret thing wich secret, until thy wrath be past, that thou chce? wouldst appoint me a ser tine, and re 12. Why doch chine heart carry chee member me!

away ? and what do chine eyes wink as, 14. If a man die, shall he live again? . 13. Thas chou turneft thy spirit against all the days of my appointed time will I God, and lettest such words go out of wait, till my change come,

chy mouth? 15 Thou dalt call, and I will answer 14 What is man that he thould be thee : thou wilt have a desire to the clean ? and he which is born of a wowork of thine hands.

man, that he fhould be righteous? 16 For now thou numbreit my steps, 15 Belvold, he puttech no trust in his dost thou not watch over my lin? faints; yea, che hcavens are not clean in

17 My transgression is sealed up in a his fight. bag, and thou lowest up mine iniquiry. 16 How much more abominable and

18 And surely the mountain falling filthy is man, which drinkech iniquity comech to nought: and die rock is re- like wa er? moved out of his place.

19 I will show thee, hear me, and 19 The warers wear che stones: thou that which I have seen, I will declare, washest away the things which grow 18 Which wise men have cold from out of the dust of the carch, and chou de their fathers, and have not hid it : ftroyest the hope of man.

19 Unto whom alone the earch was gi20 Thou prevaileft for ever against ven, and no ftranger passed among them, him, and he passech : chou changest his 20 The wicked man travellech with countenance, and sendest him away. pain all his days, and the number of

21 His sons come to honour, and he years is hidden to choppreffor. knowech it not ; and they are brought 21 A dreadful sound is in his cars ; low, but he perceivech is not of them. in prosperity che destroyer shall come

22 But his felh upon him shall have upon him. pain, and his soul within him thall 22 He believech not that he shall re

tuin out of darkness, and he is waited CH A P. XV.

for of the sword. i Eliphaz reproveth Job of impiery in ju 23 He wand rech abread for bread,

Mifying himself. 17 He proveth by ina- Saying, Where isit? he knoweth that the dition the unquietness of wicked nien, day of darkness is ready at bis hand. Hen answered Eliphaz the Tema 34 Troubic and anguilh thall make nice, and said,

him afraid; they fhall prevail againit 2 Should a wise man utter vain him, as a king ready to the battle. knowledge, and fill his belly wich chę 25 For he ltretchech out his hand aeast-wind?

gainst God, and strengchnech himself 3. Should he reason with unprofitable against the Alınighty, talk? or with specches wherewith he 26. He runnech upon him, even on big can do no good ?

neck, upon the chick bosses of his bucks



27 Be

Folfbeweth his calamity : Chap. Avi, xvii. He maintaineth his innocency.

27 Because he coverech his face with 10 They have gaped upon me with his fatness, and makes collops of fat their mouch, they have smitten me upon his flanks.

on the cheek reproachfully, they have 28 And he dwellech in de olate cities, gathered them ielves together against and in houses which no man inhabiteth, me. which are ready to become heaps.

11 God hath delivered me to the un29 He Mall not be rich, neither shall godly, and turned me over into the his substance continue, neither shall he hands of the wicked. prolong the perfe&ion thereof upon the

12 I was at eale, but he hath broken earch.

me afunder: he hath also taken me by 30 He shall not depart out of darkness, my neck, and thaken me to pieces, and the Aame Thall dry up his branches, and see me up for his mark. by the breath of his mouch shall he go

13 His archers compass me round aaway.

bout, he clcavech my reins asunder, and 31 Ler not him that is deceived, trust doth not spare; he poureth out my gall in vanity: for vanity Mall be his recom- upon the ground. pence.

14 He breakech me with breach up32. It shall be accomplished before on breach, he runneth upon me like a his tinre, and his branch fhall not be giant, green.

15 I have fewed fackcloth upon my 33 He shall shake off his unripe grase skin, and defled my horn in the dust. as the vine, and shall caft off his Aower 16 My face is foul with weepin' , as the olive.

and on iny eye-lids is the Thadow of 34 For the congregacion of hypocrites death : soall be defolate, and fire shall consume 17. Not for any injustice in mine che rabernacles of bribery.

hands : also my prayer is pure. 35 They conceive mischief, and bring 18 O carth, cover not chou my blood, forth vanity, and their belly preparech and let my cry have no place. deceit.

19 Also now, behold, my wirrels is in C H A P. XVI.

heaven, and my record is on high. 1 Fob reproveth his friends of unnerci 20 My friends scoro me: but mine eye fitness. 7 He feweth the pirifrılmefs poureth out tears unto God.

of hisease. 17 He maintainerh'his in 21 Othat one might plead for a man inocency.

wich God, as a inan pleadeih for his Hen Job answered and said, neighbour !

2. I have heard any such things: 22 When a few years are come, then miserable comforters are ye all. I shall go che way I shall not ree

3 Shall vain words have an end ? or cuin. what emboldnech thee chat thou an

C H A P. XVII. fwerest ?

i Fobappealetn from men 10 God. 6 The 4 I also could speak as ye do : if your unnerciful dealing of men wirb the a;foul were in my souls stead, I could heap flicted, may astonish, but not aiscourage up words again't you, and shake mine. ine righreou. head at you.

Y breath is corrupt, my days are my mouth, and the moving of my lips me. hould aftwage your grief.

2 Are ihere not mockers wich me? .6 Though I speak, my grief is not and doth not minceye continue in their asswaged : and though I forbear, whar provocation ? am I eared ?

3 Lay down now, puc me in a furety 7 But now. he hath made me weary: with thee; who is he that will strike thou hast made desolace all my .com- hands with me? pany.

4. For thou hast hid their heart from 8. And thou hast filled me with understanding: cherefore shalt thou not wrinkles, which is a wirness against me : (xaic theni. and my leanness rising up in me, bearech 5. He chat speakech Aattery to his witness to my face.

friends, even the eyes of his children 9.He rearech me in his wrath, who thall fail. hatech me: he gnashech upon me with 6 He hath made me also a by-word his teeth ; mine enemy sharpnech his of the people, and aforetime I was eyes upon mca

a cabret,


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