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the Moon, and the sacred Steer were two principal emblems in the Pagan world. And though the mythology of the more eastern countries has hitherto. appeared obsçure, and even unintelligible : yet by the light, which we have obtained from the writings of Greece, it is, I think, now rendered sufficiently plain : so that the main purport may be easily understood. It is to be observed above, that there were two persons alluded to under the same character, called in the Zend-Avesta l' Homme Taureau : both of whom were looked upon as the authors of the human race. It is probable, that the like was intended in the Apis and Mneuis of Egypt :: and that in these characteristics, there was originally a two-. fold reference. By the former was perhaps signified our great progenitor, from whom all mankind has been derived : by the other was denoted the Patriarch, in whom the world was renewed.

Some have thought, that the truths, which are observable in Zend-Avesta, Vendidad Sadi, and other writings of these eastern nations, were derived from the disciples of Nestorius, who were found very early upon the coast of Malabar. But this is a groundless surmise. The religious sects, among whom these writings have been preserved, are widely separated, and most of them have no connexions with Malabar, or the Christians of that quarter. The Brahmins and Banians adhere closely to their own rites : and abhor all other persuasions. Many of the Indian Casts will not drink out of the same cup, nor feed

out of the same dish, with a person deemed'impure : and they hold all as such, excepting their own fraternity. Many are so scrupulou's, as not to come within reach of contact with other people. One tribe is that of the Tamuli, who are to be found in the provinces of Calicut, Madura, and Narsinga in Tranquebar : and are nearest to the Christians of those parts. But they have no intercourse with them; and are so zealously attached to their own rites, and doctrines, that the Danish missionaries meet with great difficulty in making proselytes among them. It is scarcely possible, that a people, thus fortified with prejudices, and blinded with notions of their own superior sanctity, should suffer any Christian traditions to be ingrafted upon their ancient theology. It has been shewn, that they have accounts of the origin of the world, the fall of man, and all the evil consequences, which ensued. If this primary knowledge had been introduced by Christians, we should certainly see subjoined some remains of their religion, and doctrines. But neither of Christianity, nor of its Founder, is there any trace to be perceived. We

We may therefore be assured, that whatever truths may be found in the writings of this people, they were derived from an higher source, and by a different channel.

Upon the whole, I think, it is manifest, that there are noble resources still remaining; if we will but apply ourselves to diligent inquiry. As we have both in India and China, persons of science, and curiosity,



it would be highly acceptable to the learned world, if they would pay a little more attention to the antiquities of the countries where they reside. And this is addressed to people not only in those regions, but in any part of the globe, wherever it is possible to gain access. There are in every climate some shattered fragments of original history; some traces of a primitive and universal language. And these, may be observed in the names of Deities, terms of worship, and titles of honour, which prevail among nations widely separated : who for ages have had no connexion. The like may be found in the names of pagodas and temples; and of sundry other objects

, which will present themselves to the traveller. Even America would contribute to this purpose. The more rude the monuments, the more antient they may possibly prove; and afford a greater light upon inquiry.

Thus far I have proceeded in the explanation and proof of the system, in which I first engaged. Should any thing still remain, which can afford a further illustration, it must be deferred for a season.


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