A Short Course of History, Volume 1

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Page 383 - SUPF. 8vo. cloth . 0 12 0 BYTHNER'S Lyre of David. By the Rev. T. DEE, AB New edition, by NL BE.NMOHEL, AM 8vo.
Page 382 - The NEW TESTAMENT in GREEK; based on the Text of SCHOLZ. With English Notes and Prefaces, a Synopsis of the Four Gospels, and Chronological Tables, illustrating the Gospel Narrative. Edited by the Rev. JF MACMICHAEL, BA Uniform with the "Grammar School Classics.
Page 381 - THE ANABASIS OF XENOPHON, based upon the Text of BORNEMANN: with Introduction, Geographical and other Notes, Itinerary, and Three Maps compiled from Recent Surveys and other Authentic Documents. By the Rev. JF MACMICHAEL, BA, Trinity College, Cambridge, Head Master of the Grammar School, Ripon. New Edition, revised, price 5s., cloth.
Page 384 - CICERO'S Minor Works. De Officiis, &c. &c. With English Notes, by WC TAYLOR, LL.D.
Page 382 - THE ELEMENTS OF EUCLID, BOOKS I— VI., XI. (1—12), XII. (1, 2). A New Text, based on that of SIMSON. Edited by HENRY J. HOSE, BA, late Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Assistant Master of Westminster School.
Page 305 - I have loved righteousness, and hated iniquity ; and therefore I die in exile...
Page 383 - BAIRD'S Classical Manual. 12mo. cloth . . . .040 BARKER'S Lempriere's Classical Dictionary. By the Rev. JA GILES, DCL Fourth edition. 8vo. cloth . . 0 15 0 BELLENGER'S French Conversations. New edition. 12mo. cloth 026 BELL'S Life of Mary, Queen of Scots. 8vo. sewed . .036 BIBLIOTHECA CLASSICA.
Page 384 - FLUGEL'S German and English, and English and German Dictionary. With numerous alterations and corrections. New edition. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth . .180 , Abridged. New and revised edition, 1 2mo.
Page 382 - All possible hypotheses are taken into account, every thing requiring proof is rigorously demonstrated, a full explanation is given of each step, and the corollaries, instead of being barely stated, are carefully worked out. Other good points about this edition are strict accuracy of expression, and distinctness of arrangement — the several parts of each proposition being clearly marked so as to facilitate the comprehension and recollection of the whole.
Page 169 - He might also be asked to sit in judgment in a legal case, since the important vassals of a lord were peers and only they could judge each other. Finally, vassals were also responsible for aids, or financial payments to the lord on a number of occasions, among them the knighting of the lord's eldest son, the marriage of his eldest daughter, and the ransom of the lord's person if he were captured.

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