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makes a decree that all people, nations, and languages should fear and worship before the God of the captive Jews.

Another king, urged by evil counsellors, signs an unalterable decree, that neither of God nor man, save of himself, should any petition be asked for thirty days. Amongst the captives of Judah there was one who stood high in royal favourhigh in power. In this his greatness he had witnessed for God. We shall not find any occasion against this Daniel, except it be as touching his God, said his enemies. The decree is made, but Daniel heeds it not. He endures the penalty, and from the den of lions, as before from the fiery furnace, the name of the Lord is magnified, and all people and nations and languages are commanded to worship and fear before the God of Daniel.

And now, in their present captivity, they are “ God's witnesses.” In heathen lands they witness against idolatry: this, even in their banishment, is their high mission. They there testify to the unity and spirituality of God. In the midst of idolatrous China, for many centuries this testimony has been borne. " The nation that cutteth out the sinew,”—so are they there called,-has long been known and tolerated, and eligible for offices under the government, if their education were suitable. In one of the chief cities of China was a splendid synagogue of the Jews; in which, above the Emperor's name, was inscribed in letters of gold : “HEAR, O ISRAEL: THE LORD OUR GOD IS ONE LORD. BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE GLORY OF His KINGDOM

After this, a triple arch bears the following inscription :




THE LORD FOR EVER. THE LORD 18 GOD OF GODS, AND THE LORD: A GREAT GOD, STRONG AND TERRIBLE.” Thus, even there, had some of the sons of Jacob witnessed for God.

In Mahomedan countries they witness for God. They maintain a part of his revealed truth, and point to Moses and condemn Mahomet. They are indeed despised by the haughty Mussulmans, and their name is a bye-word amongst them; yet this renders their testimony the more remarkable and striking. Though all this has come upon them, yet have they not forgotten God, nor cast off their professed obedience to his law.”

In Christian lands they are witnesses for God. To the infidel they are an irrefragable proof of the truth of the Bible. They are an enduring monument, erected by the hand which must be admitted to be Divine. Their existence, as they are, is a miracle, such as none but God could work ; and no mind but the Infinite mind of the Eternal Spirit could have foreseen, centuries ago, what, even to this day, should be their lot.

They testify against idolatry in lands that bear the Christian name. It was idolatry which caused their first captivity, and their history shows how hateful that sin is in the sight of God. They now abstain from idolatry, and there is no greater obstacle in the way of their conversion, than the idolatry of the Church of Rome and of the Greek Church. Nothing tends so much to confirm and increase their prejudices, as the worship paid to images of the Virgin, of the saints, to the crucifix and to a wafer god. As if it were not enough that Babylon should be drunk with the blood of God's saints, she must have this tremendous aggravation of her doom, that she

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has caused, and perpetuated in the Jewish mind, the persuasion that Christianity is idolatry, and the Lord Jesus the teacher of idolatry:

To the true Christian, the Jew in his present state teaches the danger of neglecting privileges. Thou standest by faith : be not high-minded, but fear.” “ If God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest he also spare not thee.” In his remarkable preservation, we read instruction on the sovereignty, truth, long-suffering, justice, and faithfulness of our God. Even yet Israel displays the Divine Perfections—even yet confirms the declaration : “ This people have I formed for myself: they shall show forth my praise.”Reynolds's Lectures on the Jews, pp. 53—59.



(Continued from page 206.) In a letter dated July 4th, the Rev. W. H. Pauli thus continues the narrative of the young Jewess, some of whose trials for the sake of Christ, we have given in former numbers :

“ Sarah has remained faithful unto the Lord up to this moment. The following letter she addressed some time ago to some Christian friends :• Dear Friends in the Lord. I take

to scribble a few lines. I am as it regards my health well, and I hope the same will be the case with you. Friends ! how wonderful are the ways of the Lord ! yes, I

up the pen


believe he will never forsake his own, may our distress rise ever so high ; for behold, I am in the very midst of the greatest enemies of our blessed Saviour, the very enemies, who have so ill-treated our beloved Christ, and yet He has preserved me against all these my opponents! O my friends, do not think that I have been moved in my faith.

O no! I have Jesus for my Shepherd, He is my refuge in all my trouble. He has suffered so much for me that I can suffer this little trouble for His sake. Dear friends, I can write no more, time and the place will not allow it. The Lord be blessed. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us. I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. SARAH.'

“ Last night (the 3rd inst.) she left the Jewish family in which she has been kept like a prisoner for these six months, though she had every thing of late she could but desire, as it regards food, clothing and money, yet she was a prisoner. However, for our encouragement I must relate, that during the last four weeks she had found opportunity to see me oftentimes, also our tract distributor and several pious members of my congregation. She related, that during the night, when all was in deep sleep around her, she read the New Testament, which she kept hid during the day, and in this blessed book, she said, I found the precious fountain of all comfort, and strength under my hardship; for I heard Christ my Saviour speak in this dear book. I continued in prayer and supplication, that the Lord would give me strength to remain faithful unto the end ; for oftentimes I trembled at the thought, O, if I should grow weary under my sufferings, and deny the blessed Saviour! at the same time it was

my prayer, that the Lord would open my prison door, but above all convert my tormentors.

At times, Sarah had to suffer severely ; she was scolded and called by every bad name; but she counted it all joy to suffer for the sake of her blessed Lord; though naturally of a very fiery temper, she never made any reply, but bore all with meekness,

“ This enraged her mistress the more. Why do not you answer me, she used to say, with some saucy words, to shew that you have feelings as I have? Sarah said then, “I assure you I feel, but not as you, and Christ will answer for me one time or the other, and I hope it will be in mercy.' For this month past, Sarah could not withstand her desire to attend divine service, specially on a Wednesday night; and though she ran great danger of being seen by the Jews, and then to be very ill-treated, she came to Church; but I thought it best to place her in a gallery, which on a Wednesday evening is not lighted up; there she sat in a corner, and joined in prayer and singing.

“ For some time past, Sarah felt it a grievous sin to do any work on the Lord's day, and therefore she determined, come what might, not to work the Sunday. Last Sunday, her mistress ordered her to clean the cellar. Sarah said, my good mistress, to-day is Sunday; I will get up to-morrow morning at four o'clock and do all that you bid me; do excuse to-day.' With a flood of abuse she vociferated, in a furious passion, a stream of incoherent words, and at last she cried, to-morrow you shall be out of my house! 'I thank you, my good mistress,' Sarah replied, 'for these last words' (which were to open her prison door) • I thank you for


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