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him, he observed, 'I am giving you a great deal of trouble; but mind, it is only your duty to do it; and don't suppose I take any merit for giving this money; 'tis only my duty.'

That an illiterate man, living in the backwoods of Canada, should from simply reading the Scriptures in his log-cabin, see it to be clearly his duty to send the Gospel to the Jews, is certainly a most interesting circumstance. May God make it the means of exciting British Christians to pray for and help those who are still beloved for their father's sake."



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SUCCESS. NUMEROUS CONVERSIONS attest that the Gospel is not preached, nor the Word of God distributed in vain. The Baptismal Register of the Episcopal Jews' Chapel contains a list of nearly 500 of the Jewish nation, received into the Church of Christ by baptism. Besides these, many Israelites have been baptized in different parts of the kingdom, of whom we have no accurate account.

Is it no evidence of the Divine blessing on the work in general that there has been a BISHOP, and that there are at present more than thirty Clergymen of the Church of England, of the Hebrew nation, or that about forty of the Missionaries and Agents of the Society are converts from Judaism ?

As a proof that similar encouragement is met with on the Continent, where the Jews are more numerous, we quote the testimony of Dr. Tholuck,

an eminent Professor in the Prussian University of Halle. He says

" It is undoubted matter of fact, that more proselytes have been made during the last twenty years, than since the first ages of the Church, No one can deny it on the Continent, and no one, I am sure, will deny it. Not only in Germany, but also in Poland, there has been the most astonishing success, and I can bear testimony to what has come under my own observation in the capital of Silesia, my native place, where there have been many conversions. In this capital I shall speak only of such individuals as I am acquainted with myself in the profession to which I belong. In the University of Breslau there are three professors who were formerly Israelites : a professor of philology, a professor of chemistry, and a professor of philosophy; there is, besides, a clergyman, who professes the Gospel, who was a Jew. In my present station at Halle, there are no less than five professors, formerly Jews; one of medicine, one of mathematics, one of law, and two of philology.

I might show that some of the Jewish conversions have taken place amongst men of the highest literary attainment; and, amongst others, I might mention Dr. Neander, of Berlin; Dr. Branis, of Breslau; and Dr. Stahl, of Erlangen. These are all persons of the highest scientific reputation, and now faithful followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

It is well known that Missionaries are not usually called to baptize converts. This is the proper work of the local Clergy, and in the authentic registers preserved by them in some districts of the Continent, the Committee discern a striking evidence of the Divine blessing. They


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are not acquainted with many of the individuals referred to in these statements, but the evidence they contain is of the most important and interesting nature.

In the City of Berlin, the Rev. W. Ayerst baptized forty-two Israelites in less than three years, and the Rev. C. W. H. Pauli, forty-one in two years and a-half.

The Rev. E. Kuntze, who has long taken a lively interest in the cause of Israel, states, that in the course of a few years he has baptized above 160 Jews. The number of those in Berlin who have left Judaism, is by the Jews themselves estimated at 2,000.

In the whole Prussian dominions, 2,200 Israelites were baptized from 1822 to 1840.

Poland still continues the same rich and boundless field of labour that it ever was. There are many converts in Warsaw, and other parts of the country, who walk worthy of their profession, and now fill responsible stations in society. Two hundred and forty-three Israelites were baptized through the instrumentality of the Society's Missionaries in Poland, up to the end of 1846.

In Amsterdam, containing 35,000 Jews, whose spiritual state is most deplorable, a vast field for missionary labour presents itself to the Jewish Missionary. This station was occupied in 1844 ; and the promising state of the Mission does, indeed, already exceed all expectations that, humanly speaking, could have been entertained. The services of the Church are constantly attended by Jews and Jewesses, who listen with great attention. The Sacrament of Baptism has been administered to above thirty individuals of the house of Israel since the commencement of this Mission.

Thus then the London Society and its mission


aries have had the great privilege of saying to the daughter of Zion, “Behold thy salvation cometh !" They have said it by the copies of the Word of God which they have circulated at home and abroad; they have taught the Jews in different and distant lands, the great difference between the dictates of inspiration and the teachings of tradition. They have delivered the same message, and pointed to the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world, by the tracts they have distributed, and the schools they have established and maintained; while the voice of the messengers who have gone on the errand of mercy to seek the lost sheep of the house of Israel, has testified in the houses and synagogues of the Jews, as well as by the way side, at home and abroad, early and late—and this has been their message and their exhortation,

Behold, thy salvation cometh!” And salvation has come to the houses and reached the hearts of multitudes who formerly rejected it blindly and in unbelief. And while thousands of the seed of Abraham have by faith put on Christ, there are many thousands more who in secrecy and sorrow are struggling against convictions which they cannot avoid, and dare not avow. Their ancient prejudices have been shaken, if not altogether removed, and they dare no longer trust to those self-righteous hopes on which they once rested. To use the words of a Missionary, who has travelled very extensively among them, “they are now in a state of preparation, either to receive the Gospel or to plunge into Infidelity. The field is ripe to the harvest, and the work is already so far begun that I firmly believe hundreds of Jews die secret believers in Jesus as the Messiah, who under other circumstances would have confessed him and been openly baptized in his name.”

The Committee feel that all these encouraging circumstances are so many loud calls to increased exertions. The undertakings now in progress, besides those contemplated as actually necessary, will require a still further accession of funds. They have had, on some former occasions, to lament a diminution of their means, and a consequent necessity for suspending many parts of the Missionary work.

The Committee appeal to the friends of Israel they appeal to the Church of England—they appeal to all those who honour the Word of God—to come forward with increasing contributions in the furtherance of this work; to afford the means under God's blessing, of sending more Missionaries, establishing more schools, and circulating more Bibles

among the Jews scattered on the face of the whole earth; and thus to give consistency to that inspired prayer which the Word of God teaches all who read it to offer up:

• Oh that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion; when the Lord bringeth back the captivity of His people, Jacob shall rejoice and Israel shall be glad.”

This Society has then a CHRISTIAN OBJECT, uses SCRIPTURAL MEANs, and has been followed by a DIVINE BLESSING.




Benefit of Schools for Jewish children. THE Rev. R. Bellson, in a recent letter, gives the following interesting account of an interview between an assistant in the mission at Berlin, and a Jewish family

“Our messenger met, the other day, a family,

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