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him captain of the host, in the room of Joab, who had probably sinned beyond forgiveness against the king, by slaying his beloved son Absalom ; and otherwise assumed too much authority in the land. Thus assured, Amasa" bowed the heart of all the men of Judah, even as the heart of one man; so that they sent this word unto the king, Return thou, and all thy servants. So the king returned, and came to Jordan. And Judah came to Gilgal, to go to meet the king, to conduct the king over Jordan.



AMONGST THE JEWS. The Fortieth Annual Report of the operations of the Society, an abstract of which was read at the Meeting of which we gave an account last month, contains much to encourage the friends of Israel in their scriptural, yet often difficult and faithtrying work. We give some extracts from that interesting and important summary.

“ In your various stations in Asia, Africa, and Europe, your missionaries have, during the past year, sought out the lost sheep of the house of Ísrael, and have had the privilege of leading many of them to the fountain of living waters.

In Persia, in Ispahan, and Bagdad, as well as various places around, where numbers of that people, have been found, ever since the time that the Babylonian monarch carried their fathers away captive, the missionaries of your Society have preached faithfully good tidings of good things amidst great personal danger and much difficulty

In Egypt, the words of life have been spoken by men of Christian love, themselves believers of the house of Israel, whom you have been privileged to send into the vineyard.

In Smyrna, where the poor suffering Jews have often sought counsel and aid at the hand of your missionaries, in the time of their need, they have been told of him who alone can deliver Israel out of all his troubles.

In Poland, where Jewish learning and Jewish zeal found a refuge, while persecution, even unto death, awaited the nation in most other countries, hundreds of thousands have either listened to the word spoken by our brethren, or have received the message conveyed by the silent page, which, circulated by your efforts, has often proved an efficient teacher, when no human voice, no living witness for God's eternal truth was present.

In Germany, where the spirit of enquiry on all subjects connected with revelation, tradition, and Scriptural truth, has been so generally manifested, the testimony of Christ has been extensively borne from the pulpit, by the way-side, in the house and in the synagogue, and in visits to Jewish school-rooms.

In Holland, and in France, the Jews have been taught to choose the better part; and

In England, many of that once proscribed and persecuted people have found that while the Church of Christ worships Jesus, many of its members remember that he is the King of the Jews, and that David, whom the children of Israel will seek and find in those happy latter days, when they shall fear the Lord and his goodness. They have been taught in those countries where they wander : they have been visited in the places where they sojourn: .

Nor has Palestine, been forgotten. By direct ministration of the Word, by visiting from house to house, by the distribution of the Scriptures, and by works of mercy and charity towards the house of Israel, the holy enterprize has not been prosecuted in vain.

Considering the great commercial distress of the country during the past year, there is much cause for thankfulness that the income of the Society has suffered but a slight decrease from its regular sources, viz., Annual Subscriptions and Contributions from Auxiliaries. The amount arising from Legacies is less than that which was contributed in the former year by 23841. But this is by no means discouraging; on the contrary, it shows that the Society has lost fewer friends The total amount of money received (including that for temporal relief) is 25,3761. 108. 10d.

A munificent lady, Miss Cook, of Cheltenham, has given the sum of 13,0001. to be a permanent fund, not to be touched, except for the purposes following : 85001. the interest thereon for the salary of the Minister of Christ Church, Jerusalem (he being at the same time a Missionary of the Society); 10001. for the repairs of the Church; 15001. to the Bishopric fund; and 20001. for Hebrew Bibles, Testaments, and Prayer-books for Jews in Jerusalem and Palestine.

His Grace the ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY has kindly consented to become the PATRON of the Society ; and the Right Hon. LORD ASHLEY has accepted the Office of PRESIDENT.

The number of missionary stations now occupied by the Society is THIRTY-TWO. In these there are sixty-nine Missionaries and Assistants engaged in making known the Gospel to the Jews, of whom thirty-seven are believing Israelites.

IN LONDON, during the past year, 17 Jews have been baptized in the Society's Chapel, of whom 11 were adults, and 6 children ; making a total of 497 baptisms from the commencement.

There are, probably, few Jews baptized in England who do not, for one reason or another, find their


to Palestine Place. Great numbers come from the Continent.

The Mission to JEWISH FEMALES in London, affords abundant proofs that the labours of the devoted missionary are not in vain.

In Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Falmouth, Plymouth, Penzance, and other places in England, and in the metropolis of Ireland, your missionaries have had incouraging proofs of the Divine blessing on their labours during the past year. The work at home as well as in foreign lands has been prospering.

From JERUSALEM, the Bishop wrote in his annual letter:—“During the course of the present year, five adult Jews have been received by baptism into the Church of Christ in this place; of whom one, a youth of seventeen years, had previously witnessed a good confession during two month's imprisonment for Christ's sake, and has since departed this life. Since the year 1839, thirtyone adult Jews have been baptized at Jerusalem, and twenty-six children of the same people.”

THE GENERAL WORK OF THE MISSION has been carried on, by the Rev. J. Nicolayson, Rey. F. C. Ewald, and Mr. Sinyanki; assisted, as far as practicable, by all the other members of the Mission. Neither in actual intercourse with Jews, and direct missionary labour among them, nor in applications made for instruction and baptism, has there been any diminution during the year. In the circulation of the Scriptures, Tracts, and

other books, in different languages, there has been a very large increase.

HEBRON has been twice visited during the past year, from Jerusalem, once by Mr. Ewald, and afterwards by Mr. Nicolayson and Mr. Sinyanki ; they found easy access to the Jews, with whom they had very interesting conversations. It is purposed that this promising field of labour shall be cultivated with more regularity in future, it being conveniently situated for periodical visits from Jerusalem.

THE DEPOSITORIES FOR SCRIPTURES AND Tracts at Jerusalem and at Jaffa have continued in active operation. They are under the care of two Jewish Converts.

AT SAFET, Mr. -Cohen finds great encouragement. The demand for Bibles, New Testaments, Prayer Books, parts of the Scriptures, “Old Paths," &c., is very great ; during the greater part of every day, Mr. C.'s rooms were full of Jews inquiring for them. Many came from distant villages, in order to obtain copies of the Sacred Scriptures; with these Jews he has many interesting conversations on the plan of Salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.

From BEYROUT, the Rey. H. Winbolt visited Damascus, where he found a most remarkable desire awakened amongst the Jews for the Holy Scriptures, (see page 36 of the present volume).

AT CAIRO, two Jewish Converts proclaim Christ to their brethren. They are kindly received in the houses of the Jews. Many others have surrounded them to hear the Gospel message. Several have applied for baptism.

Ar SMYRNA, the Rey. G. Solbe has had very numerous opportunities for usefulness amongst

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