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cognise no sect or body that is not represented by some responsible head. You have obtained that responsible head in the present Bishop of Jerusalem. You have not obtained it for your own exclusive enjoyment and privilege. You may have seen in the public papers, a correspondence which took place on the subject between our Ambassader and the American Protestant Missionaries. I do entreat you to enter this day into a vigorous but holy rivalry with your American brethren; and let your emulation be only to see who shall do most good in the great cause you have undertaken ; and then, by communicating the Gospel to the Jews, be the means, through them, of finally propagating it among all the nations of the earth. This is the great duty that devolves upon you, and it is for you to decide whether


go back from the position which you now occupy, or go forward in your glorious work.

The Rev. Dr. MARSH then addressed the Hebrew children. As his address to them is important to all young people, we trust our readers will be benefited by the reading of it. Here it is :

“Dear children, I have had the pleasure of frequently addressing you on the subject of religion. It is the most important subject that can occupy the human mind. Honours, riches, and pleasures all pass away ; but true religion, whilst it sanctifies honours, riches, and pleasures, and soothes the cares, and sorrows, and trials of life, will never pass away :

“ 'Tis religion that must give,

Sweetest pleasure while we live:
Tis religion must supply,
Solid comfort when we die.

But where shall we find true religion ? Not in Pagan idolatry! Not in Mahomedan imposture ! Not in Papal superstition ! Not in Jewish unbelief! But in the writings of Moses and the Prophets; in the sayings of Christ our Lord and his Apostles. The latter do but confirm what was foretold by the former; and there is no truth in any system of religion that is not taken from the Holy Scriptures, or cannot be proved thereby. (See Art. VI. of the Church of England.)

“Dear children, you live in an age, when, through mistaken views, or rather through pride of heart and love of sin, and this present evil world, many reject those Holy Scriptures, and even deny their inspiration. Therefore, as your faith, if you live, may be assailed, I think it may be of use, through the Divine blessing, if I give you a few simple evidences of the truth of the Holy Scriptures. Then let me call

your attention, 1. To Prophecies fulfilled. Though they be numerous, time will only allow me to advert to two or three. Look at the history of your own people, as foretold by Moses, in Deut. xxviii., and see it in their past history, and in their present dispersion, and thus fulfilled before your eyes.

“ Look at their justly celebrated city, JERUSALEM, and hear our Lord declare of the magnificent temple, there shall not be one stone upon another that shall not be thrown down.' Above seventeen centuries have shown the truth of this, and Jerusalem has been trodden under foot of the Gentiles.” (Luke xxi.)

“ Look at another wonderful prophecy, that of

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Egypt, as recorded in Ezekiel xxix. It was then a tourishing nation. There was no human probability of its grandeur departing, yet it has become subjected to slaves, it has become, as there foretold, the basest of kingdoms.

“Once more : look at the prophecies which went before, of the coming of the Just One,' and read the history of our Saviour, as recorded by the four Evangelists, and you will see the minutest circumstances accomplished in the conduct of the Traitor ; in the vinegar and the gall, and the spear : in the casting of lots on the seamless garment; in the dying agonies and dying confidence of the ever blessed Messiah. The twentysecond Psalm, and the fifty-third chapter of Isaiah, alone are sufficient to show both the sufferings, and the success, and the joy of our Lord. They are like a record of a past event, but they were in the hands of your people many centuries before Christ our Lord was born.

I will not dwell on Daniel ix., though it fix the period of Messiah's advent, of his sufferings, and of the capture of Jerusalem by the Romans.

“These are enough to show that He only, who sees the end from the beginning, could have dictated those sacred writings. “Let me now call your attention

2. To miracles wrought.. “ The blind received their sight, the deaf heard, the lepers were cleansed, and the dead were raised : and these miracles were not denied by the enemies of our Lord, but were maliciously attributed to an evil source; but one, free from prejudice, gave the true judgment : 'No man can do these miracles that Thou doest, except God be with him.' (John iii. 2 )


But, dear children, true believers have an additional and most powerful evidence of the truth of the Scriptures, in the adaptation of them to their own case.

Let me therefore call your attention

3. To the effects produced. “ Blind idolators were led to the worship of the true God. Men, convinced of their sinfulness, found peace in the Saviour; the slaves of Satan were set free; and Christians walked in the path of God's commandments. And so it is

True believers in our Lord Jesus Christ hate sin, love holiness, follow


with all men, and conscientiously discharge their several duties. Their faith worketh by love, purifieth the heart, and overcometh the world. Thus true religion carries its own evidence, like the light, and is a blessing for time as well as for eternity.

“ I have been showing you the evil of unbelief. Happily there have been unbelievers who, on fairly examining evidences, have been converted. Two

very learned men in our own country, Lord Littleton and Mr. West, undertook to prove that Saul of Tarsus never was converted, and that our Lord never rose from the dead. But Lord Littleton, on examining all the evidence, rose up deeply convinced of the truth of the conversion of Saul; and Mr. West, on examining evidence, was as deeply assured of the truth of our Lord's resurrection. And both wrote books to prove these truths. Thus Christianity has prevailed against the power of princes, the craft of priests, the wisdom of philosophers, and the prejudices of the people. And nations that have persecuted it, or corrupted it, or neglected it, have experienced the judgments of Heaven. But individuals who have received it in the love of it, have led holy and useful lives, and died peaceful and happy deaths.

“ Dear children, read the Scriptures daily. Treasure them up in your memories, lay them up in your hearts. And may the Holy Spirit plant and nourish in you faith and hope and love, that true religion may be your happy portion, and you will give glory to God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost for ever and ever.”

The children then sang the following hymn before they left the room : “HOSANNA to the Prince of grace !

Zion, behold thy King ;
Proclaim the Son, of David's race,

And teach the babes to sing.
"Hosanna to th' Incarnate Word,

Who from the Father came :
Ascribe salvation to the Lord,

With blessings on his name. Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord ! Hosanna in the Highest !”

The Honourable Mr. CowPER in the course of his address remarked :

" At this moment, when we see so much gloom hanging over all the nations of Europe-when they are shaking with apprehensions of civil discords, wars, and tumults—when they scarcely know what to look for on the coming day—when, in all directions, “men's hearts are failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are coming upon the earth,'—when, over all the nations of Europe, I say, this gloom is hanging, I

see that the prospects of one nation, and that the despised nation of the Jews, alone is bright

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