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Second. Baptism being secondary to set my post by the Lord's post, and my repentance only, and it being well known thresholds by his thresholds, and I will that babes having no consciousness of not become a pilgrim unless I am allowed sin, cannot repent, so it follows they can- to throw Bunyan's wicket gate off the not be the characters to be baptised : and hooks ; is it not likely I shall be guilty besides, while this ordinance can confer of other alsuses after I am in the church? on them no real blessing, it may confer | Or, if I am so pharisaical, I cannot submuch evil by making them to believe a mit to the righteousness of God, do you lie, as is the case notoriously both in the not think that exclusion is the wisest churches of Rome and England. Also, course a faithful door-keeper in God's it brings the church herself into a most house can pursue ? ruinous and wilderness condition, like a Thus much for reason; but still we do field covered with briars and thorns, not make baptism a 'spiritual ordinance, thistles and nettles; and that because the because we know it is not ; nor do we seeds of all these are sown by the act of wish to set the standard so high in order infant sprinkling. This is the little back to keep out impostors—to keep out bond door by which the world, with all her children; as to exclude the least of the base characters in embryo, have crept little ones of the Lord's family, which we into the house of God! And, Mr. grieve to say is the case with many; for Editor, you well know that as the temple baptism, as we have said, is but a first had no back door, so you dare allow of principle, and proper too, and for all those

who feel that they are sinners-that they Third. Baptism implies a washing, are helpless and hopeless in and of themas it is written, and now why tarriest selves, and so are constrained to look to thou? arise and be baptised, and wash Jesus, as set forth in the gospel, for that away thy sins, calling on the name of the salvation and pardon they need. The Lord. But will sprinkling a thing wash following is our Master's order, and to away its filth! I trow not: therefore, that we implicitly bow :— Repent, and to baptise is to dip, to plunge, to bury; be baptised every one of you, in the and if I refuse to go down into the water, name of Jesus Christ for the remission I refuse to follow my Lord, and to fulfil of sins, and ye shall receive the Holy all righteousness. And if I refuse to Ghost.' (Acts ii. 38.) take up so light a cross at the onset, is it I am, dear Editor, your's in the service at all likely I shall endure hardness as a of truth, good soldier? This, making void the March 9, 1848.

AQUILLA. least commandment of our dear Lord, has been the preliminary step to all that awful abuse of truth, and wilful disobedience, which in the shape of iniquity DANIEL Ives, one of the Buckinghamnow runs down our streets like water.

shire Baptist Pastors published some The devil begins in little things; and little time since a work entitled, The succeeding in opening a little back' door Strict Baptists Vindicated. It is written he has pushed many of hisinto the midst of in a good spirit: but we cannot say that the family of Jesus. And, surely, the we think it a very able Protest. Åt the men who are fervent in spirit can

end, however, Daniel Ives comes never cooly look on, and sanction these speak of the apostolic ground of union, awful pranks of the wicked one,

quoting Ephesians iv. 4-6, and this is Fourth. If I refuse to join a church certainly handled well, and is worthy of of strict baptist principles 1 shew myself the most prayerful consideration of Apoleither ignorant of God's way, or proud

: we

as follows:and self-willed, or rebellious, or pharisaical; and as long as that is the case “ In the apostle's foundation for union, the church will be better off without me; there are seven stones on which Wisdom for, if I am ignorant of the nature of may build her house of seven pillars. the mere first principles, (and baptism is Prov. ix. 1. one) my knowledge cannot edify: if I “1. There is one body. Now, if this am proud and self-willed the world is my applies, as by analogy it must do, to the best place ; because in the church. I outward and visible fellowship of Chrisshould strive for undue dominion, in- tians, this body is constituted of such as stead of humbly sitting down to learn : Ware baptized into Christ: for by one spirit if I am so rebellious that I must needs are we all baptized into one body. (1 Cor.




xii. 12.) Excellent and pious as many , baptism of the Holy Ghost is only a figuunbaptized persons are, they do not form rative, and not a real baptism. Now, if a part of the visible body of Christ. you consider this baptism a mere figure, Candid reader, let sectarians ridicule yon must, by analogy, make the one (for they are the true sectarians who Lord, the one faith, the one hope, and would recognise all the sects as the true the one body, mere figures also. All the body of Christ,) but do you seriously other six points of union are real facts, ponder whether we are to take our ideas and so must this one baptism be.—2. of fellowship from the scripture declara- That to make this one baptism mean the tions, or from the vain philosophy of baptism of the Holy Ghost is to confound

this point of union with the one spirit “2. There is one spirit, even the spi- before mentioned : for such interpreters rit of adoption, crying Abba, Father.' mean (though they are not correct) by This one spirit anoints and seals the true the baptism of the Holy Ghost, the gift believer, and gives him the earnest of of the Holy Spirit in conversion or adopthe everlasting inheritance.

tion. There would then be a useless re“3. There is one hope of our calling; petition. All the other points are diseven that good hope which is the result iinct from one another: the one body is of the experience of God's truth in so- not the one spirit; the one hope is not lacing our sorrows, and which makes the one faith; the one Lord is not the not ashamed; because the love of God one Father : and why, then, should the is shed abroad in the heart by the Holy one baptism be the one spirit previously Ghost, which is given unto us. Rom. mentioned? There was no such confuv. 4, 5.

sion in the apostle's mind; and but for “4. There is one Lord, even Jesus sectarianism, there would be none such Christ, Emmanuel, who is constituted head in our's. over all things to his church; who is 67. There is one God and Father of the head of his body, the church; who is all, who is above all, and through all, Lord of all, highly exalted in our nature, and in you all, even the source of all our possessing a name which is above every blessings; who so loved the world as to name, that at the name of Jesus every give his only begotten Son for our reknee should bow, of things in heaven, demption; by whose wisdom the whole and things on earth, and things under plan of mercy was devised, and whose the earth, and that every tongue should glory all its operations must ultimately confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the display. Here then, is a glorious and glory of God the Father. Phil. č. 9—11. perfect foundation for Christian union.

5. There is one faith, even a cordial The stones that will not square with this belief in the operation of God, who raised foundation must be rejected. This plan Jesus from the dead; a faith which is of the great Master Builder alone will not of ourselves, but is the gift of God, answer, and finally secure the desired inasmuch as he furnishes the things to union ; but every plan of human devising, be believed, and induces the heart to however seemingly fitted to the exigency believe.

of the times, will only tend to the confu“6. There is one baprism, even the sion of all that place their hopes upon immersion in water into the name of the Here, then, dear ' Apollos, we for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; present, leave the matter. We candidly which is in token of the remission of sins, confess that, to us, the Ordinance of Bapa and constitutes that birth of water by believe in Jesus, appears to us to be so

tism by immersion of all who profess to the Spirit, that cleansing of the church plainly and repeatedly commanded, and by the washing of water, by the Word, authorised in the Word of God; and that, and that laver of regeneration connected too, quite distinct from the baptism by the with the renewing of the Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost, that we stand oftentimes and that saving, symbolically, by water, amazed at the blind prejudice of even good in allusion to Noah's deliverance, which men, who will even dare to ridicule and cast are so often referred to in Scripture, and noured of God, and so strictly observed by

contempt upon an institute so highly ho so little understood even by some Bap- thousands of the Lord's faithful servants tists as well as other professors of the in every age. Our only concern is, that present day. Sometimes men argue that with clean hands and a purged conscience, this one baptism is the baptism of the we may stand fast by, and in this holy

ordinance. As a church we know it sets à Holy Ghost, but that is impossible for limit to our numerical increase, but with two reasons, among others.--1. That the' that we have nothing to do.-Editor,



the truth."

To the Members of the Church and Congregation meeting for Worship in Crosby Row :ACTING under what, I trust, is divine direc- First-the church is called, the church țion, I am now about to lay before you a of the living God.? I will not play with the brief outline of the discourse at baptizing, figure; but simply notice the materials of and of some things said at the Lord's Table, which this house is built. The principal when several souls were added unto us; and materials of which Solomon's Temple was who are, I hope, of such as shall be saved. built, were trees and stones. Trees of high During the four years we have been at and long standing were cut down; and stones Crosby Row, we have had many baptizings deeply buried in the bowels of the earth, and additions; but I do not recollect ever were raised up. Of such materials (figubeing so inwardly blessed and supported in ratively speaking,) is the church of God and through the services as on this occasion. built. Sinners that have stood long, and I do, therefore, desire (as did good old grown high, and become hardened in sin, Peter,) in order that you may have these are, by the righteous law of God cut down, things in remembrance (2 Peter i. 15,) to as Saul of Tarsus, and thousands like him present you with a more permanent record have been ; and poor souls deeply sunk in of them; and I do this the more willingly, darkness, in disgrace, in torments, and misbecause I do believe that herein are con- ery, are raised up; and these trees and tained some few things that are calculated stones being cut and squared, and made fit (uader God) to be useful to Zion, and to for the place they are to occupy, are built such as are attendants on her holy courts. upon the foundation of the apostles and

The night previous to baptizing, as I was prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the retiring to rest, (my mind being much so- chief corner stone.'. This is that building lemnized with the thought of the work that of mercy; that habitation of God in which laid before me,) these words were spoken in he delighteth, and by the Spirit, he has prome with some little light and power-: mised to dwell.

“ That thou mayest know how thou oughtest to But I leave this part, and come to shew behave thyself in the house of God, which is the why the church is called, the pillar of church of the living God, the pillar and ground of truth.'

A pillar is for manifestation : for entrance : Throughout the next day, they were up- and for support. permost in my mind, though I certainly did 1. For manifestation. The truth is made not think I was to preach from them at the manifest by the church, in that God's minbaptizing.. No. I did not think them isters are raised up in her, and are called to suitable; and, therefore, I set to work to proclaim the truth : and her members by find a baptizing text; and a very nice one I grace divine, are called to abide by the orthought I found in the first chapter of John's dinances of his house. Thus, ministers and Gospel, 33rd verse, " And I knew him not; members standing together in the faith and but he that sent me to baptize with water, the fellowship of the gospel, they do make known same said unto me, upon whom thou shalt the wondrous grace and truth that is in see the Spirit descending, and remaining on Christ Jesus the Lord. him, the same is he which baptiseth with the 2. A pillar is for entrance. Solomon Holy Ghost.”

made two pillars before the house; and beI was well pleased with this text; and tween two these persons entered in. One had some hope of making out a sermon from great part of the church's business is to it; but I could not get rid of Paul's words gather in sinners from the world, and to to Timothy—"That thou mayest know how bring them unto Christ. By a declaration thou oughtest to behave thyself,” &c. of the whole counsel of God, under the

My mind was at last rivetted to these power of the Holy Ghost, and by the church's words. And I began to consider

walking in the same, sinners are led to a First. – That here the church is called knowledge of the doctrines, a realization of “ The house of God; the church of the the experience, and a practical observance of living God."

the ordinances of the ever-blessed gospel. Secondly-I began to inquire why she is The church's posture should be one calcucalled, " the pillar of truth ?

lated to invite, to encourage, to instruct, and Thirdly-Why, the ground of truth? And to lead on those who, in any measure, are

Fourthly—to notice what kind of beha- asking the way to Zion. viour becometh the house of God.

3. A pillar is for support. The church Of course, it can only be a summary of|(instrumentally) holds up the truth. Let what was said.


but the Lord cease to raise up ministers,, which seem to me to carry fresh weight with let the Holy Ghost cease to bless their min-them. First, he said—'I'AM THE WAY.' istry, and down comes the truth. But, That is, 'I am your Leader, your Pattern, blessed be God, he goes on to take the poor your door of access.' And all this Christ is out of the dust, and the beggar off the dung- unto the church. He leads her in the way. hill, and to set them among the princes of He is her pattern of behaviour; and ultihis people; the Holy Ghost goes on to make mately her door of access, and final entrance his word precious to his ministers' souls into the kingdom of God. Let then our and powerful in their lips. He goes on to eyes be upon him. Secondly, Christ said, make it life and power in convicting, call- 'I have given you AN EXAMPLE that ye ing, sanctifying and delivering sin-bound should do, as I have done to you. Now, souls. He goes on to form a people for WHAT IS THE PATTERN CHRIst gave, as rehimself; and to preserve and unite them in gards coming into the Church ? the truth; and thus the church of God be- There were three things in Christ's pubcomes a pillar to bear witness; an instru- lic entrance into the church and the mental door of entrance ; and a great mean work of the ministry, that I believe are safe of support to the glorious gospel of Christ. things to follow. First, he came to John.

And, for that, she is called the GROUND Really and truly regenerated souls, who are of the truth; I will only say, that the whole made to hunger and thirst for righteousness, intent, cause, design, and end of the truth, will be sure to come to the gospel, and they was to bring up the church from the fall, will cleave unto, and feel much affection for and to take her into glory. For her the the real ministers of Jesus Christ. When covenant of grace was made; for her the sinners come voluntarily, lovingly, and Son of God was manifested; for her the steadfastly unto the gospel, depend on it, gospel is preached; for her Jesus ever lives. there is hope of such souls. Secondly, John She is, therefore, the ground wherein truth saw the Spirit of God descending from is sown; and on which, and in which, the heaven, and it abode on Jesus. (Read John pillar of truth is erected.

i. 29 to 34.) This is an essential thing to Reader! art thou an inward possessor of, discover in persons who seek to enter into and an outward witness to, THE TRUTH ? It is the church. Have they the Spirit of God well; and that soul bids fair for heaven, in upon them? Have they the work of the whose experience the truth abides, and whose Holy Ghost within them? Where nolife witnesseth to the purity, power, and pre- thing of the Spirit's work can be traced, ciousness of the same.

we may well hesitate and fear; but where the Now, the last and principal thing that I life, the breathings, the revelations, the have to speak of, is the behaviour that be- wrestlings, and the anointings of the Spirit cometh the house of God. This is an im- can be traced, there may a hearty welcome be portant point. I wish I had two things. given. Thirdly, Christ requested John to Ability to set it out fully, and the power of baptize him. John, with a solemn sense of the Spirit of God to impress it upon the his meanness, compared with Christ, at first children. But I can command neither. I refused. But Jesus said, 'Suffer it to be so must content myself with just casting my now: for thus it becometh us to fulfil all morsel of bread upon the waters, beseeching righteousness.? And while this,THUS the Lord to work his own blessed will by it. IT BECOMETH US' stands where it does,

This behaviour, I may say, layeth princi- I can never believe that a entering into pally in two things :

church communion, or, sitting down to the First, In the divinely appointed way of Lord's Table, before the sinner has been entrance into the house. And,

baptized in water, is following the pattern Secondly, In attention to the prescribed Christ has given. I wish to make no more rule for walking therein.

of baptisın than it deserves; and by the help Let but these two things be duly examined of God, I will not make any less of it. and weighed up in the soul; let them be prayer- This, then, is the divinely appointed way fully and carefully carried out in practice, of entrance into the gospel church. and we should not have such confusion, care- to the prescribed rule for walking less behaviour, and vile loose living as now in and with the church, you have this laid so awfully abounds.

in seven things, in the second chapter of the First, as to the divinely appointed way of Acts of the Apostles from verses 42 to end. entrance into the church, my words are to Believers in Jesus Christ ! Members of be but few; but they shall be God's words; the gospel churches ! Hear THE SCRIPsuch as have been dear to my heart, and de- TURAL RULE by which you are called to cided in my soul's experience ; and if you walk. Let your behaviour in God's house despise these words, remember what you be measured by this. The may expect. See Revelations xxii. 18, 19. First, is, STEADFASTNESS. Oh, it is a

There were two sentences which fell from good thing to find a man or a woman steadthe lips of our Lord in the days of his flesh, fast, firm and constant, in their attendance on,' and observance of God's holy ordi- the poor of Christ's flock is certainly here nances! How much, now-a-days is flesh inculcated. consulted, and God insulted in these things ! Lastly, 'Gladness, singleness of heart, and

2. Abidance in the Apostle's doctrine is praising God,' are things which will flow another part of this rule of good behaviour out of a diligent and faithful perseverance in in the church of Christ. Men are shifting the good old ways. But I add no more. and turning about in all directions: but See here the prescribed rule of walkingsteadfastness in the truth is a most beautiful that thou mayest know how thou oughtest, evidence of having come in by the door ; to behave thyself in the house of God.? and of having vital union to the living Head. I then baptized nine men, and six woThe truth once wrought in a man's soul by men; and never did I more enjoy that truly the Holy Ghost, can never afterwards be gospel ordinance. either disliked or forsaken.

I will now add a few words respecting 3. Fellowship, or conimunion with God

RECEIVING THE and his people, is very essential for a right and proper walking in the house of God. New Members into Church Communion. The man that talks with his God in secret, and participates in his love and mercy, is On Lord's day evening, June the 4th, we well fitted to hold communion with saints, and assembled at Six o'clock; and commenced such poor sinners as are troubled in their souls the service by singing, reading and prayer, about their eternal state. In fellowship with There were sixteen brethren and sisters God, a man's conscience becomes eased by sitting around the table, waiting to receive faith in the Redeemer's blood; his heart is the right hand of fellowship. It was a warmed, his faith is strengthened, and he pleasing and encouraging sight. Before can speak with contidence of the goodness receiving them, I was led to speak a few and mercy of the eternal God. Oh, for moments from the words in John's first much of this internal fellowship, be you, heard, 'declare we unto you; that ye also

That which we have seen and my friends more than ever concerned.

may have fellowship with us; and truly 4. In breaking of bread.' This do in re- our fellowship is with the Father, and with membrance of me, (said our Lord.) How his Son Jesus Christ.” I was enabled to shew many, even of the Lord's people, are hin- that the ground-work, origin and strength dered from an observance of this sacred or- of all vital godliness laid in fellowship dinance because they feel they are sinners; with God. Where there is no fellowship and feel they are unfit to sit down. But, with God, there can be no spiritual fellow. in connection with your sense of unfitness, ship with the people of God. That man, or is there faith in Christ's fulness? Do you ship with God, and totally ignorant of

that woman who is living without fellowbelieve he is able to save unto the uttermost what it is, is not a proper person for church all that come unto God by him ? Then do

communion. Here two questions arose in not turn your back upon the table. But as my mind. First, What is this fellowship? dear Hart has it,

Secondly, How may I know that I really have “ Venture on him, venture wholly,

this fellowship with the Father and with the Let no other trust intrude;

Son? Fellowship lays principally in two None but Jesus, none but Jesus

things. In Association, and in Participation, Can do helpless sinners good.”

By the power and grace of the Holy Spirit, 5. 'In prayers.' This, I apprehend, not the sinner is brought to fear, and (by faith only includes private, but public prayers. in Christ) he is drawn near unto the Lord; Meeting with the church and unitedly sup- he pleads

for pardon, and this pardon he

he seeks for mercy; this mercy he finds ; plicating the Majesty of heaven to pour down his blessing on our souls. Many of receives; he asks to be sanctified, preserved, my most sober, solemn, and really happy and though these blessings may be long

and raised into communion with the Lord; moments have been found in 'meetings for delayed; though they may not be so fully prayer. And it looks well when members of realised, as the soul may desire; though the churches feel and find it to be their privi- seasons of enjoying them may be few and lege to be constant at the time for seeking far between still, they that wait on the their Father's face. How many I have seen Lord do find a renewal of strength; and who run well in these things for a time, but they are frequently raised up into much afterwards fall away. Reader! how stands solid nearness and happy communion with this matter with you ? Many hearers of the Lord. No sinner can be brought from the gospel never darken the doors of a sin, and ignorance, and enmity, into these meeting for prayer. Can this be called good blessings and not know it. behaviour ? Think of what the Lord hath fellowship is, there will be a manifestation

I was also led to shew that where this said — I will make them joyful in my house of it; and a desire that others may realize of prayer.'

the same. That which we have seen and 5. They parted to every one as they had heard, declare we unto you;

that ye also need. Christian charity, and sympathy for may have fellowship with us," &o.

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