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the pleasant land of glorious liberty and ity will not allow me to run through types, the warning and enlightening voice of nor quote prophecies; hence, I shall enprophecy will in no wise believe, he feels deavour to sum up this part of the subject he can but believe, he must believe, and by referring to the desolation of the landbelieving, he listens to the voice of mercy destruction of the temple-capture of our and love, which kindly shew him both re- precious things—and, our own exile, till medy and security : and obeying, he es- 'he shall come who hath promised to call capes like a dove to the mountains, (Ezek. us out of Babylon; and turn again our vii. 16. Matt. xxiv. 16, where he is to enjoy captivity, as streams to the south.” the light of the morning, according Joel Desolation of the land. By this I mean, ii. 2; and Isa. 1x. 2, with other passages, not only that barrenness we now see, but and there he rejoiceth and blesseth God the absence of the excellent of the earth for the mark in his forehead_the seal of from our pulpits, our churches, our ordidistinguishing love, by virtue of which he nances; so that there is none to bring in is entitled to enjoy a Goshen, while Egypt the bread of our soul, nor any left to cast must be broken with judgments. And no a cord in the house of the Lord. And does other way of escape can I find, than that, not desolation of this kind already stare of seeing, by God's revealed truth, the very us in the face? Are not our synagogues things that now concern us! Revelation is governed by treacherous dealers; and our the door through which the wise virgins chapels ruled by ignorant legalists, or shall pass away from the confusion of the damnable doctrinalists? So that if among dark night, go in with the Judge himself, all these we seek the first ripe grape, that and even sit with him on the throne of our souls may enjoy a little of heavenly judicature, and be both witnesses and jury communion, we must exclaim with Micah, empannelled for the grand assize! Then, Woe is me—there is no cluster to eat! to you, O, ye wise virgins, do I call; and The good man is perished out of the earth; to the chaste virgins espoused, do I cry, there is none upright among men! They and say-Awake, and trim your lamps, all lie in wait for the life, the reputation of for the bridegroom cometh-behold, hé their brother, whom they hunt with a net! cometh with clouds and thick darkness, so The evil is begun, is increasing, and shall that the sun shall not give his light, the increase till the man of Israel that shall moon shall be dark, and the stars shall be left, shall be more precious than the fall: but to you the Lord shall be an ever- golden wedge of Ophir.' lasting light, and your God your glory. Destruction of the temple. The temple of Therefore, fear not, but go with him into the Lord are we. Christ is a son over his the chamber, and hide yourselves for a own house ; whose house are we.' 'The little moment, while the waters of Noah temple of God is holy, which temple YE pass over the earth! Ye are the prudent are. &c. But again, Your body is the who foresee the evil, and hide yourselves ! temple of the Holy Ghost:' which shews Ye are those who fear the Lord, and that the bodies of the saints united in tremble at his word! and therefore, ye shall church fellowship, in the bond of unity, on have a place of refuge. Awake! awake! I the ground of the truth, is the temple of say, and take your Bible, that light that God; and as that temple is defiled by shines in a dark place, and read for your- fleshly and satanic pollution, so destruction selves ; and by its wholesome statutes, is sure! And in how many places do we precepts, exhortations ; judge yourselves see that there is no temple-no ordinance of that ye may not be judged of the Lord. Say baptism, nor of the Lord's supper : so that not, I have Abraham to my father-I am what few stones there are, by their disone of the Lord's elect; for before the Lord jointed appearance, bear awful testimony I assure you that a dead and notional faith to the dilapidations of the house of God, is no guarantee-no little sanctuary from which shall entirely fall by one final shock, the storm of judgment; and that however one fiery stroke ; and when church comclear or deep your experience, sound your munion within the pale of ordinances shall doctrinal creed, or great your past revela- cease; then shall be brought to pass the tions, if your soul is not now healthy, and saying that is written,' There shall not be your faith lively, you will come in for just one stone left upon another that shall not so much of the fiery trial as shall purge be thrown down ! and this, ' Zion, for your away your dross, and burn your fileshly sakes, shall be ploughed as a field ! mindedness from off your bones! Be sure Capture of our precious things. These are of this, my brethren, we must all pass not new covenant kind, for these no man through the fire, and the more dross we can take from us; but they are all those have so much sharper the process of re- we value among the externals of religionfining ! And, 0, as I look around on some our ordinances, privileges, books, preachers, of whom I possess a good hope, how much places of Worship, &c. : and our wisdom of self-indulgence, fleshly gratification, do and patience will consist in making up our I see! How little crucifying of the old minds to lose them, according to God's man! How little death to the world by decree, and not be found fighting against the death of Jesus! And, how loaded with him by ignorant zeal or foolish courage ; weights and sins that easily beset them ! for inasmuch as Jerusalem shall be a

Much, very much, more might be said as burdensome stone, our trying to support it to the judgment passing over us, but brey- | will be at our peril. But if my mind is made up on the ground of the divine will, , would be found to be far more fearful and I can part with externals, and rejoice in awful; and then that on the kingdom of the knowing that my unsearchable riches, my beast far more grand and wonderful. But new covenant gold, silver, precious stones, for the present, adieu. and garments of salvation, I shall carry I am, with the testimony and patience of with me for my comfort during the days of Jesus, a Servant in the Watch Tower, my exile. But these other precious things Brenchley, Nov. 1847.

W.C.P. shall be in the hands of Lucifer for a little space, after which they shall be brought The Last Judgment. back, and the temple builded with far more glory and grandeur than in the HEARD ye not that dreadful thunder? apostolic day.

'Twas the trumpet's awful sound : Our own exile. This will arise not from Lo! it bursts the rocks asunder, ignorance, but rather from our knowledge

Rends the heavens-shakes the ground ! and superior judgment, which teaching us

At the call, the dead awaking;

Burst the fetters of the tomb; to submit to the dispensations of providence,

And their lowly bed forsaking, and to leave body, soul, and spirit, in the

Come to hear their final doom. Lord's hands, we shall find ourselves surely

On a throne of glittering brightness, and safely guided into that state and line Sits the Judge of quick and dead; of things for which, as for an asylum, we Cad in robes of matchless whiteness, shall bless our kind indulgent Father, Radiant glories round his head. because here in the sweet exercise of faith All the angelic hosts adore him, he gives us to hold communion with him

Now he bids the world craw near,

Countless myriads stand before him, self, feed on the pulse of truth, and water

And the solemn sentence hear. of salvation, with our countenance fat and fair, till the set time to favour Zion

First, the righteous are addressed,

Who on earth his name confess'd ; shall come. Nor can I say how far, as “Come! (the Saviour cries) ye blessed, Joseph was exalted in Egypt, Daniel and “ Enter your appointed rest!" his fellows in Babylon, Mordecai in Persia, Then the Judge, in terms reversed, shall certain of the saints rise in pure

B'd the guilty crowd retire political glory, at the very moment that From my face, depart ye cursed they maintain loyalty to Jesus, and non

"Into everlasting fire." connection with any visible form of church

From his presence these are driven,

Fill'd with anguish and dismay; worship! This I cannot say, but with the eyes

But the righteous enter heaven, of my understanding, I can see a channel

There to reign through endless day. J.J. opening up in the midst of captivity by and through which God can visit and exalt Waiting near the Gospel Pool. his people, and make them both happy and glorious, as Daniel was glorious before CLOSE by Bethesda's pool there lay Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, and Darius.

A man both lame and poor, Thus, to me it is most plain, that he who

Who long'd in it to wash away fears God has nothing else to fear; for to

His malady so sore, him the judgment day shall be a glory

But, ah! poor soul no power had he day--a happy day-a day in which he can

To move, though well asur'd,

If in once he could but get, rejoice, because he sees his redemption, and

His sickness would be cur'd. the redemption of the purchased possession

There eight-and-thirty years he laid, drawing nigh! - By the opening buds of the

And no man did he find fig-tree he can see that a glorious summer To give him any help or aid, and the year of Jubilee is nigh! He can see

With actions that were kind. that Cyrus is about to mount his white horse, Till Jesus came along that way, and as King of kings and Lord of lords,

And saw his piteous state, with his sharp two-edged sword, to come

And knew how long he there had laid, forth in all his Father's glory, and hurl

But could no further get. Babylon to the ground! lle can see that

Ask'd him, if he would be made whole? the time is near when all Rachel's sons

With pity in his heart, shall come forth from the land of the enemy

The poor man said-none near the pool

Is there to take my part. Death, and return to their own border Life,

But little did he think so nigh --life immortal, with their elder brother,

Cure was unto him then; whose exit from the grave was the sure T'he Lord who look'd with pitying eye earnest of theirs ! He can see the day is

Heal'd without help of men. near when Jezebel, Hagar, Babylon, and And will he not one day pass by the beasts, and the dragon, shall lose all

The place where l ami laid, their power to oppress; and the great yoke And say, my daughter now arise, of saint-oppression shall be destroyed,

Here long enough you've laid? because of the anointing. But of the many

Yes! yes ! I trist, tho' now opprest sweet views he has of the glories of the

By leprosy's disease,

That Christ one day will give me rest future, my pen must forbear to relate, and

From sins which sorely tease. close this paper by saying, that we have thus tried to speak of the day of judgment

Though like him at Bethesda's pool,

I long may have to stay; only as it concerns us, the house of God; Yet in his own good time I trust, that on the professional world, if surveyed,

Jesus will pass this way.


A Letter to Mr. W. Bidder, Now, respecting deep waters. I have Minister of the Gospel, Bethesda Baptist Chapel

, passed through many within and without, Jamaica Row, Bermondsey.

where I have been overwhelmed with sorrow;

sometimes it has abated zeal, chilled my My Dear SIR-I received your's, and am affections, almost stopt the breath of hope, glad to hear that the God of Israel has placed and weakened the vigour of faith, and I you where you are; and I wish you prosperity should have stumbled until swallowed up in in the church, in your family, in body and in despair, had not the God of Israel delivered soul. Your affliction seems to be of a peculiar me: his own arm brought salvation to me; kind; is it not for the trial of your faith ? out of the depths have I cried unto the which is much more precious than gold that Lord, and he hath heard me, and delivered perisheth, though it be tried with fire, that it me from all my troubles ; he drew me out of may be found unto the praise, and honour, many waters. Oh, that men would praise and glory, at the appearing of Jesus Christ, the Lord for his goodness, and his wonderful and at the present tiine, stand more firm in works! What a mercy we can never drop the power of God, and shine forth gloriously out of God's arms into hell: but there is a in the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ? succession of troubles for the righteous, yet It is evident that the Lord hath his way in shall he hold on his way; and he that hath the whirlwind and the storm, when he rideth clean hands shall wax stronger and stronger.' upon the wings of the wind, and maketh I find there is no drowning faith, nor is it to thick darkness his pavilion, and rideth upon be consumed in the fires; and I have been the chariots of salvation. He was ready to tried by the fiery law, and by fiery devils, and save me, therefore will I sing my song upon by their fiery darts, and with fiery persecumy stringed instrument: the Lord God tions of fiery men with fiery passions and cause you to touch every string of the gospel fiery tongues, that sitteth on fire the whole with the finger of faith, and let your heart course of nature, and are set on fire of hell. sound forth his praise within, as it is written, • But our God is faithful and changeth not, * Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, therefore the sons of Jacob are not conin all wisdom and spiritual understanding, sumed.' But by these things men live, and teaching and admonishing one another with in all these is the life of my spirit. We are psalms and hymns and spiritual songs; sing- going on comfortably at J—, there has been ing and making melody in your hearts to the some wood, hay, and stubble burnt up, and Lord. O, how sweet it is to sing the song some chaff blown away, and fallow ground of salvation in this strange land, and to see ploughed up, and incorruptible seed sownthe goodness of God to pass before us ; then so the work goes on. we glory in tribulation also, knowing that tri- No doubt you wonder I had not wrote bulation worketh patience, &c. : and what a before, but a sense of my inability, deep mercy to feel him precious, while we are sorrow, suggestions of the enemy, and bodily exposed to the policy of devils, the craft of afflictions, have prevented. I hope you will men, the intrigues of the world, with a heart pay us a visit soon. I have some thoughts desperately wicked, and a fallen nature full of coming to see you in the summer. Cof sin ; these things at times cause me to sigh people send their kindest love. Forget not and groan, and weep, and wish for death; but the smoking flax. death flies from me, and I have asked the Yeovil.

G. K. Lord to let loose his hand upon me - but that hand upholds me, and will not let me The Lilly among Thorns. go; and I believe he never will, though I am nothing but a lump of rotten earth - but he can wash me and make me whiter than snow,

MY DEAR SISTER IN THE LORD'S ANOINTED and present me to himself without spot and – Your letter of kindness I received; its blameless.

valuable contents can never be sufficiently You ask me, how I am getting on amidst appreciated, as face answers to face in a floods and flames, foes and friends. Let glass,' so do the soul troubles of one child of the Lord himself answer—for it appears too God with another ; and Solomun says, 'coungreat a task for me; it is so high, I cannot sel in the heart of man is like deep waters

i attain upto it; so deep I cannot fathom it. but a man of understanding will draw it out. I know I have a faithful God, who like the (Prov.xx.5.) And somehow or other you have sun is not affected by changing seasons, but drawn from me more than I tell to one in is the same yesterday, and to day, and for a thousand ; because I find so few professors ever. At times my faith is firm upon this in a real acquaintance with their own heart, rock, and rejoicing in hope of the glory of although they chatter a great deal more about God;' feels a union to Christ, and joy in the it; besides you can see as well as me how they Holy Ghost-then my feet stand on an even lie in wait to deceive, and they eat up the place. Salvation by grace; for of him, and sin of God's people, as a sweet morsel ; what to him, and through him, are all things, to a mercy it would be if they could repent of whom be glory for ever. Amen.'


their own, and watch against their false beautiful scent, and it is good for weak eyes, tongues ; it would not have answered their yea it even opens blind eyes, and causes to see purpose to refer to the Scriptures, nor to try to plainly, only it must be applied — 4th, it restore; the fear and praise of man guided into yields a beautiful oil, called by the apothecalumny and confusion; and I cannot help caries, the oil of gladness. thinking that a people's folly is often the

As myrrh new bleeding from the tree, cause of a pastor's fall, to teach both the folly Such is a dying Christ to me, of living or looking short of a daily depen

And while he makes my soul his guest, dance on the Lord himself; for you know

Thy bosom, Lord, shall be my rest. the great Master says, 'what I say unto you,

Now for the lily of the vallies-1st, this I say unto all, Watch !'

is our Jesus himself, a lily in the valley of Now for something else, -I tried to say a this world, I mean 'formed in the heart the little last Sunday from Solomon's Song ii. hope of glory'—2nd, its scent is overpower1, 2. I believe the Lord was present; per- ing, what overcomes us like the love of haps you will allow me to tell you how I Jesus ?—3rd, how white the lily, how white carried it, and may your soul and mine be the soul washed in his blood-4th, the lily is refreshed by it. I did not consider the rose very fruitful, produces many bulbs :-from figurative of the Godhead of our Jesus. I him is our fruit found: may the fruits of the cannot see it right to compare that to a rose Spirit be ours to enjoy ;-5th, the lily is tall, or anything else : 'unto what will ye liken yet bows its head; our Jesus bowed his, sayme' saith Jehovah : but I consider it figura. ing, “it is finished ;”. O that I may grow tive of his mediatorial fulness, and the lily upwards in him, and bow lowest to him,of his pure and holy nature ; for, dear sister, 6th, lily water restores a lost voice; restore had he not been holy, you and I could never unto me the joys of thy salvation, cried David, be happy-but

so do I—7th, it is good in faintings, I had

fainted except I had believed -8th, lily oil White is his soul, from blemish free, Red with the blood he shed for we;

is medicinal-He only can give health and The fairest of ten thousand fairs,

cure.- Now He says, As the lily among A sun among ten thousand stars.

thorns, so is my love among the daughters”. I tried to look at the root, stem, branch, the daughters I believe to be his people, and bud, and full flower. (Read Isaiah xi. 1, 2.

are we not in the wilderness, among thorns, - Rev. xxii. 2. –Zech. iii. 8.-Hag. ii. 19.) which is sharpest? Oh, the thorn in the

satan, sin, world, professors, and profane, and Yes ! he is David's root, Jesse's stem; this blessed branch did spring in the fulness flesh- briars, brambles, and stinging nettles of time; and who could have thought that are bad enough, but the thorn in the flesh beautiful little bud in which was folded up pricks, shoots, throbs, and festers, and there all the wonders of the eternal Three-One is no getting rid of it till death ; yet the lily God to guilty man, should shoot out and grows among them, and by the grace of our

God the thorns cannot prevent growing, but come forth in a manger ? I never heard of any poor woman being confined, besides are made even to protect them; “Let my Mary, in a stable; I never heard of a beggar's

outcasts dwell with thee, Moab." Oh what a cradle made of a manger: I never heard of mercy, though among thorns yet a lily, for greater mercy, unparalleled love to the vilest Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like out of hell, that the insulted God of heaven one of these; then let us sing,

“Since Jesus has sav'd me, and that freely too, should ever dwell in my manger heart, I feign would in all things my gratitude shew; surrounded with all the uncleau horned filthy But as to man's merit, 'tis hateful to me, beasts of my fallen nature. Change the The gospel, I love it, 'tis perfectly free." figure. Here is the lily among thorns ; but he

Yours among thorns, T. Poock. is Sharon's rose Sharon was the place where David's flock both fed and rested : you and I can only feed and rest in this field

Baptism by Immersion. which the Lord hath blessed; how this grew I8 IT UNSCRIPTURAL, UNNECESSARY, OR in Jordan, in Gethsemane! oh, how it opened

UNBECOMING ? in its bloody-red colour on Calvary! how Extract from a Sermon by the late Mr. John it sprung up from under the stone of death,

Stevens. and ascended in all its richest foliage froni Mount Olivet to glory! there is the blessed “How lamentably does the conduct of many rose for ever interceding for us.

professing christians deny Christ!

They Now the beauty and property of this rose will seek shelter in his mercy, as an atoning is singular - 1st, you can never see a greater Priest ; but His precepts as a reigning King beauty-2nd, its smell is wonderful, it is a in His church, they leave others to obey. To sweet savour to God, it is the odour of the such selfish professors would the faithful church. Faith revives wonderfully in the Apostle say, "I praise you, brethren, that ye garden, for where one grows the other thrives keep the ordinances, as I delivered them to -3rd, when it is distilled, the rose water is al you ? (Cor. xi. 2.) I believe not. And how


can any disciple show his love to his Lord in Christ, instead of preaching down into the better, than in the practice which he en- miseries, corruptions, and conflicts of the joined ? The honoured harbinger of our sinner, that has been the cause of his being Lord was a Baptist. And it is worthy of no- treated so unkindly by many of the so-called tice, that Jesus Christ was a baptist; nor faithful and experimental ministers in the could it be said of you in the fullest sense, British Isle. We feel keenly in this matter ; "These are they that follow the Lamb wither- and being fully persuaded that this dear old soever he goeth, if you remain unbaptised; saint and eminent servant of God has been though in other respects, you should act as more than slighted, by many of our English his disciples ? Did he not say, 'it becometh ministers, and being also thoroughly conus thus to fulfil all righteousness ?' Are vinced that his standing is good before God any of you now present, prepared to tell Him, and men, we feel compelled to speak out on openly and seriously, that He errs; and that his behalf. We do not say he is a perfect baptism is an unbecoming ordinance; inde- man; we shall not attempt to justify all cent, unnecessary, and of hurtful tendency ? he may have said in the pulpit; but, we do Are you wiser than He? or are you more publish it as a most solemn truth, that if Holy?

those ministers and churches who have tossed The Apostles were baptists ; the primitive their heads with an air of contempt and dechurches were baptised on a profession of rision (as we have witnessed) when James their faith. As to what subsequent societies Osbourn's name has been mentioned, if they have been, is not worthy of notice when we did but stand in the same happy liberty as are searching into the ground of obligation, God hath given him to do, we should not and the example of conduct acceptable to have so much strife, derision, popery, bigotry, God. The word of God is the only binding and hardened prejudice as now abounds. rule of our conduct. There we learn that, But we are digressing. We cut the leaves when the Apostles found certain persons who of these “ Letters of Love" open; we began had received the Holy Spirit, they command to read. We found indeed that James Os. ed them to be baptised : and, certainly, no bourn was " in a right good moodwhen he man has any more authority now to alter an wrote them. We found a rich unction atordinance, than he has to institute a new one. tend the perusal of them to our souls; and Yet, to how many may the Lord say, “Ye we said, 'something must be taken out to have changed my ordinances. Neither can make room for a notice of, and a few extracts any man living harmonise infant sprinkling from this work. with the covenant of absolute redemption, Reader ! we have taken some pains to hand and the doctrines of our Lord Jesus Christ. over to you a few scraps from these “ Letters Consider this well."

of Love." May you feed upon them as

have done; and may they comfort and conCHARACTERISTIC SKETCHES OF THE LIFE, commencement of the work, our brother

sole your spirit for Christ's sake. In the EXPERIENCE, PRESENT VIEWS, AND SPIRITUAL ENJOYMENTS OF James writes as follows: JAMES OSBOURN,

“ BELOVED IN THE LORD :-At present I'm

in a right good mood, which is not always Author of the LAWFUL CAPTIVE." the case with for my nature is foul, des

perately foul, and I often fret and stew at a

mad rate ; but still I don't see that it does A NEAT little pamphlet (just published by Mr. A. Charlwood, of Orford Hill

, Norwich,) white or black by it, but so amazingly per

a bit of good, for not a single hair is made entitled “GOSPEL TOKENS; or, LETTERS Of Love, written in a good mood, by James that even when I would do good, evil is

verse and crossgrained is my depraved heart, Osbourn," came into our hands after the Earthen Vessel for April was

"all made up."

present with me. But still, at present, I We, at first sight, therefore, determined to say, I'm in a right good mood, and for the

same I desire to be thankful to the Lord most lay it aside until next inonth. Still, our fingers itched to cut it open, and read it;

high.” for we are not ashamed nor afraid to declare Our extracts will, of course, be unconthat we feel a strong and comfortable union nected. We only select such as are descripof soul to this steady-going, savoury, faith- tive of Mr. Osbourn's experimental standful, and extensively useful servant of Jesus ing, and his views of things around us. After Christ. We do believe it is his firm standing speaking of the state of souls in bondage, in the glorious liberty of the gospel ; his be- he says ing brought to live a life of faith on the Son " For the first three or four months after of God; his simple, yet sincere contention my arrival in England, I was perfectly for the faith once delivered unto the saints ; amazed to see the enthralled state of mind and his preaching up the perfection, and that the preachers were in with whom I beauty, and safety, of the church's standing mingled, and in whom I expected to find



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