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The Day of Judgment.

christian powers, as though Satan trans

formed, would or could assist us in the No. III.

breach wherewith the Lord hath broken

us! Thus matters have gone on till they We have now to inquire if the judgment have brought us to the eve of a fearful has not commenced—if the evil has not crisis—to an outbreak—to an open rupalready began? And if it has not, what ture betwixt truth and error, betwixt means that cessation of power confessed- Christ and Belial: and sure I am that on ly known and felt among churches ? the one hand our strength being gone That famine of the word so keenly ex- from the public ministry, and on the perienced by many, even where they other, by the encroachments of civil auhave the pulpit filled with what they thority, the weakest must go to the wall, think and call a good - a first-rate man! and to the wall of Babylon too, in whose And why that rottenness and disunion temple our goodly pleasant things must that make little bodies of Christians look for a short space be hidden! more like a decayed post than a green Now, from the prevalence of this first olive tree? more like a dilapidated house step of judgment, we see the saints sinkthan a little temple of the Lord ? And ing fearfully into the flesh, so that there why, too, that loathing of the heavenly is scarce a soul or place clean from the manna in its native purity, and a han- nausea of death! Experience is wrapped kering after something wonderful and in filthy mire; doctrine is corroded with marvellous ; if in smiting with judgment dross ; and prophecy, like windows of the Lord hath not made the church sick, agates, are hidden with curtains within, as he saith, “ I have wounded thee with and shutters without; and the mere the wound of an enemy; with the chas- humble attempt to withdraw the onetisement of a cruel one, for the multitude (the ignorance of the mind,)—or remove of thine iniquity, and because thy sins the other, (the letter of the word) is were increased against me. And now, frustrated with the charge of presumpwhy criest thou for thy afflictions ?-thy tion and conceit! And being sunk in sorrow is incurable—thou hast no healing the flesh, the saints say' prophecy unto medicines.” And can a heavier judgment us smooth things;' just such things as happen to us than the suspension of agree with our fleshly judgments, and divine power?-a greater evil, than to lie straight with our traditional notions, have the anointed—the breath of our so that the very man who, in some humnostrils taken from us? Surely not. ble measure, has been qualified to take Persecution is nothing to this, as that the lead, and return to the Lord, is will keep the soul healthy, and the cheeks counted an offender, and his name cast of Jacob like roses; but this makes his forth with contempt; so that he finds the face to wax pale, his knees smite together, case of Jeremiah and Ezekiel best to his loins to be unhinged, his belly to match with his own, and his only comtremble, rottenness to enter into his bones fort to consist in turning from man, and so that he staggers in the street, and falls appealing to his God. He sees that inidown like a drunken man.

quity is the cause, and he would cry aloud And this judgment has began at us! against it; and that sweeping judgments the wine cup has been held to our are the effect, and he would set the mouth, and we have drank thereof; and trumpet to his mouth, and warn the we have eaten the roll of lamentation, people, but he is turned upon, and almourning, and woe, so that our belly is most buried under heaps of obloquy, bitter with the bitterness of death! And sarcasm, and reproach! and thus truth this fearful internal evil has been going falls in the streets, and equity is so barred on for some time, and we even yet wax and bolted out, that it cannot enter ! worse and worse. We may have had

Then, as the saints sink in the flesh, glimpses of our wound, and sights of our we find fleshly principles spring up like sickness, but in our ignorance and sot- gaudy flowers on a dung-hill, or as weeds tishness, we have turned to physicians in a garden, and these are called the that could not help: for we have called fruits of righteousness! Judgment is to Egypt (the world) as though money but hemlock; and knowledge is but could cure the malady. And then, on wormwood! Watchfulness is but prejuthe other hand, we have sent to King dice; courage is but envy; zeal is but Jareb, and had conference with anti-maliciousness ; charity is but self-love;


humility is but legality; and valour for perverted first principles of the oracles of the truth is but cowardice! and the great-God. Else how can we account for those est men are but the greatest babies, ever many little papacies which we see around in fear of being kidnapped by a fellow us, and that universal confusion, of which

Wisdom is arrant folly ; and faith Satan is the author, spreading out its is unbelief; and thus flesh rules instead ground, and laying its basis even in the of spirit: and the old man preaches, circles of living saints: and be sure that writes books, and guides the people, in- in this situation he holds doctrine and stead of the new. And surely our turn- promise under control! Don't start, ing of things thus upside down, shall be reader, but look well to thyself, and see esteemed as the potter's clay; and the if the cockatrice egg is not laid in thy Lord shall wipe Jerusalem as a man bosom; or, what is worse, hatched out

wipeth a dish; wiping and turning it into a fiery flying viper, beauteous, and : upside down, so that after the judgment fawning, and equally treacherous, as

the crooked shall be made straight, and that which beguiled #ve! Art thou a the filthy be made clean. (See Isaiah believer? then all the powers of thy mind, xxix. 16; 2 Kings xxi. 13.)

the passions of thy soul, and the faculties Then, again, as we see Zion sinking of thy mind, are consecrated ground, into the flesh, we see her children all in which, by bewitchment becomes enchantmotion like a disturbed ant hill, like bees ed, and forms the very pavement of Lu. vindictive when their hive is shaken; or cifer's pavilion! Look at certain good like citizens, when they have heard that men-manifestly good men; what contheir city is taken at one end, some flee traction of mind, what narrowness of to hide themselves in the secret cham. judgment, what bitterness of spirit, what bers, some to the house tops, and some grovelling of hope, what declamation of one way, and some another. One cries, speech, what hiding from their own flesh Lo, here ! another, Lo, there !—flee, flee, and bones, what hankering for mammon, haste, save your lives! Thus all is con- what assimmilation to the world, what fusion and ferment! so that with the jealousy of their own popularity, what prophet we may cry, “What aileth thee coldness of charity, what laxity of life, now that thou art gone up to the house and what enmity to unity, do you behold! tops ? thou that art full of stirs—a tu- And whence comes it? from heaven, from multuous city-a joyous city: thy slain men, or from devils? If the latter be men are not slain with the sword, nor the agents, then that which happened in dead in battle! they die not by persecu- type to Israel of old, is happening to us ; tion, either in prison, or at the stake.” the Chaldean robbers have spread them(Read Isaiah 21 and 22, and think of selves over our land, and are taking up Zion in our day.)

the angle and net to catch men, and we Here then is the first step of evil on ourselves are as the fishes of the sea bethe part of Jehovah, a withdrawing of fore them ; and like trees and herbs are the power of his Spirit, which leaves us to we infected, and preyed upon by these the vacancy and emptiness of flesh and flies, bees, palmerworms, and locusts, blood, so that Zion becomes like a cot- till we are become barren and unfruitful tage in a vineyard, a lodge in a garden in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus of cucumbers : yea, like a besieged city: Christ! And these are that great—that Her husband has gone from her, and hasty--that bitter nation that cometh up given up the dearly beloved of his soul from the bottomless pit, with the deinto the hand of her enemy; and as her stroyer at their head, which God will house is left desolate by the departure of bring over his land to possess the dwellpower,

the vacancy has been coveted and ing places that are not theirs, and to seized by another, who saith, 'I am thy gather unto them all nations, and heap husband, and through his cunning crafti- unto them all peoples, so that the whole ness, he has entered the temple of God! world shall wonder after the beast. And - The bodies of the saints, equally pur- concerning this judgment it is we have chased with the soul, are the temple of this astounding exclamation, Oye desGod, and here enshrined in misguided pisers, and wonder, and perish; for I will natural affection and judgment, we dis- work a work in your days, which ye will cover the false covering cherub in Eden, not believe, though a man declare it the paradise of God, and see him there unto you; for lo! I will raise up the empaled both by the natural and the Chaldeans, (literally, robbers or derils),


and these constitute the Lord's great and wondrous army, as made known by the To a Brother in deep Afliction, prophet Joel, which shall usher in the

By a Minister of Christ's Gospel. great and terrible day of the Lord.

Seeing then that we equally come in My Dear Brother in Zion's tribulated path, contact with these, and are subject to and companion in the varied discipline of their power, as Daniel and his fellows God's chosen family, elected, loved, and were, when by the Chaldeans they were precious to Jehovah, Father, Son, and Holy carried to Babylon ; we pause and ask, Ghost, bound up in the bundle of life, in and Is there no way of escape ? Yes; and that with thy loving and loved Lord and Saviour, is spiritual knowledge, as discovered by Jesus Christ; predestined to all the blessings the light of God's truth, relative to the of salvation; appointed to endure-not the signs of the times. But if we do not

soul-destroying judgments of absolute sove

reignty with all the non-elect--but the graknow ourselves, then these religious cious, fatherly chastisements of Zion's chodevils cling to us like burs, by reason of sen sons, whereof all are partakers, more or our ignorance, and our darkness, which less, one way or the other, and all for their is their element; for the true light profit and the Lord's honour and glory. of revelation they can no more endure, This is the preordained track of all that are than bats or owls can endure the light of gone before ; hence, then, it will be our day. And I know that I myself am not, mercy, and our honour indeed, to be followers and by no means can be, free from their of those who through faith and patience are withering paralising touch, only as the inheriting the promises ; and to endure clear light of God's truth shines upon the chastening under the most gracious annointeyes of my understanding : but this truth ings of the Lord the Holy Ghost ;-being is my little sanctuary to shelter me, the divine footstool, with—' It is the Lord,

brought in.reverence and humility of soul to should I flee before them, and come even let him

do whatsoever seemeth him good, to Babylon, so that they cannot hurt me even so Father, for so it seemeth good in thy -cannot devour me, should I go into a sight, – the Lord gave, and the Lord hath furnace lighted up by them, and heated taken away, blessed be his nam.e.' That this one seven times hotter than it was wont way is rough indeed, I need scarcely tell my to be heated.

dear friend, but most surely it is right, ‘For Thus the judgment has set in; the he led them forth by a right way to a city of Spirit of God is deserting us in public habitation,'—blessed leader-blessed object, ministrations; the flesh no longer under and blessed end, -- but still the promise is, restraint, with all its pernicious fruits, is: When thou passest through the fire, I will

be with thee,' which truth was most sacredly growing rampant in carnal reasoning: fulfilled in the experience of the three Heand this flesh —the flesh of the believer, brews, for 'I see four, and the form of the is seized on by the spirits of devils,' and fourth is like unto the Son of God;' and so I the whole course of nature is setin flames see from your letter it has been the same with with anti-christian fire, so that the fruits you, for most truly must the loss of a dear, of righteousness are consumed ; the fields tender, and beloved wife, leaving an infant yield no meat, and joy ; heavenly joy is family, together with contracted means, emwithered away from the sons of 'men, so barrassed circumstances, the claims of dis. that the great bulk of the Lord's people satisfied creditors, together with the fangs of are the most miserable and unhappy of the law taking everything within its grasp, Adam's race! And as a mystical fire, surely this must be a seven-told heated furburns before this infernal army, and after fourth with him-a most blessed eompanion

and yet my brother has had the dear them a flame, so, though the land be as indeed-he that cried out. Foxes have holes Eden, it becomes a desolate wilderness. and the birds of the air have nests, but the (See Isaiah lxiv. 9–12.) I am one of Son of man hath not where to lay his head.' Zion's sons, and the reader's willing He can do what I and many more of the servant.

dear family cannot-go feelingly into the Brenchley.

W. C. P. furnace with you,- for, with all my trials, I There were five monks that were studying brought into a state of real pecuniary insol

have never yet lost a dear partner, and been what was the best means to mortify sin: one said, meditate on death; the second, medi- vency, which from your letter appears to be tate on judgment; the third, meditate of the your present situation, as you say you have joys of heaven; the fourth, meditate on the surrendered all for the benefit of your cretorments of heil; the fifth, meditate on the ditors ; and if there were no probable means blood and sufferings of Jesus Christ; cer- of satisfying all their demands, I should say tainly, the last is the choicest and strongest! it is the best step you could have taken, for, motive of all to the mortifying of sin.



be assured, in my estimation, an honourable Had he not placed me under grace, I must insolvent that gives up his all to the claims have been for ever undone. I was born a of the law, is much more to be respected than captive sold under sin, and should have died a monied rogue that has the means to pay, in my chains, if the Prince of Life had not and yet by all sorts of trickery and shifting, taken pity on me, and found a ransom for me; evades the just and lawful demands of his at the price of his own life he ransomed me, creditors. To be poor, my dear brother, is and I feel that all I am, and can do, and no harm, but to be roguish is a disgrace to suffer, are justly his right. I can never be morality and truth; therefore, try and cheer my own, being thus bought with an immense up, my dear friend, 'the Lord sitteth upon price. My happiest inoments have been the clouds, and reigneth king for ever. The engaged in his service, when he has deigned beasts of the forest are his, and the cattle on

to accompany me in my employment. I am a thousand hills ; the gold and silver is his glad to belong to him, and to know that he alone, and he can, and I doubt not, will in his does not turn away his old servants when own time open up something that will prove a their weakness is increased. means of furnishing you with enough of the Please to assure all my dear friends of my bread that perisheth to satisfy your absolute remembrance of them in my affections and wants, though perhaps in such a way as you prayers, My desires are for their best inmay little think; should the brook dry up, terests, and my hope is that I may be and the ravens cease to bring their necessary strengthened a few days to assist them in supplies, the prophet shall not starve, but be their duties and enjoyments. To yourself directed to a poor widow with nothing in her and all my esteemed brethren in office house but a little oil and a bit of meal, just would affectionately present my sincere enough for her and her son, and both to die ;. thanks for the interest and labour taken by but no, the hand of the Lord was in it,' and you all in the peace and welfare of my bethe meal did not waste, or the oil fail, till the loved flock in the day of infirmity. Lord sent rain on the earth ;' and be assured,

Your grateful pastor, my Brother, there is the same God now to supply thy real wants, and he will, 'for my

JOHN STEVENS. God shall supply all your needs.'

. I have waited for thy salvation O Lord !'

The Death of John Strachan, The late Mr. John Stevens, When at Gravesend, dated July 15, 1847. READER !-How thin is the partition be

tween this world and another! How short MY CHRISTIAN BROTHER, -Grace and peace thing but the breath in our nostrils; the

the transition from time to eternity ! nobe with you and yours, and with all the transition may be made in the twinkling brethren in Christ Jesus. I trust I may of an eye. In the December number I 0bsay that my inward strength is still improv: served recorded the death of Mr. Walter ing, though walking is hard work to me, and Strachan. I write a few lines respecting never was very easy. I thank all my friends the death of his father, Mr. John Strachan, at Salem for the friendly interest taken by who left this vain world to join the assemthem in my welfare, and especially for their bly of the first-born, whose names fervent prayers on my behalf. In my apart-written in heaven, December 23rd, 1847 : ment, and when rambling in the fields I bear aged 68. About eight years since, the good them in remembranee. The good Lord be Lord was pleased to turn his feet Zionwith you on the coming day of our Lord ward; he was baptized and joined the Jesus'; may the Holy Spirit rest upon the church at Beulah chapel, Chelsea, Feb. 28,

1841. Since that time he has been constant good men who may officiate among you, and to the means of grace; a warm friend to render Salem the seat of peace and joy in the the cause; much beloved by bis brethren Redeemer's name, and through the eternal and sisters in the Lord; a steady walker, Spirit of our God.

not much elated with joy, but was led by I hope to return next Thursday, and may degrees to find Jesus precious, and to fix the mercy of God attend my future labours his soul's salvation entirely on him who among you : he can work by feeble means I never casts away his people. In his last know, and this is some encouragement to his illness he was very composed ; never heard feeble servant, less than the least of all saints to murmur or complain; his mind was is my experience; the greatest of all blessings fixed on this motto, 'The Lord does all things is my hope. My mercies seem too large for well. When the writer saw him in the me, but I know they are not too large for last stage of his affliction, he had no doubts

said 'darkness may my Lord to give. O how great is his good return;" he warmly answered me, ' My Lord ness! but how poor and frail are all my ser will never leave or forsake me. He lived by vices for him and his cause among men ! faith on the Son of God; when asked, if he



knew what Job said; he answered, 'yes.'|tain as the throne of God. And in the He said, 'I know that my Redeemer liveth.' evening he preached from “And we know And so I can say it without a doubt. And that all things work together for good to therefore I have not the least fear. The them that love God, to them who are the same blessed testimony he invariably made called according to his purpose," and he to his family and friends. His christian life entered very sweetly into the mysterious was short compared with many; for brevi- workings of providence in the history of ty's sake, I omit the former part of his ex- the ancient saints; particularly with perience, although, like others, he was then Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and of Josubject to changes, from hope to fear, and seph's dreams, of his being sold, and sent from fear to hope. He was interred in down into Egypt; there falsely accused, Brompton cemetery, January 2, 1848, in and put into prison; there being delivered, the same grave in which his son and wife and raised to that eminent station of being were laid-the latter, about twelve months lord over all the land of Egypt; then his ago, and the son last November; there they brethren coming before him, and Simeon rest in hope until the resurrection morn, being taken; while poor old Jacob is crying when all the dead in Christ shall rise to out all these things are against me, but at life and joys divine;

length he was enabled to say "Tis enough, Yes, he is gone, and gone to be Joseph my son is yet alive, I will go down For ever with the eternal three, and see him before I die;" and many other His mansion is above;

circumstances he spoke of in a christian's Chosen, redeemed, and sanctified, experience, which was made a blessing to He dwells with Jesus glorified, many souls, and I for one could say it was Absorb'd in covenant love.

a feast of fat things to my soul; and after Mr. Wallis, who is supplying at Beulah the sermon about 150 sat down to the Chapel, spoke over his grave, and preached table, and Mr. Milner broke bread, and in the funeral sermon from his last words- his prayer and address, he pathetically 'I know that my Redeemer liveth.' J. W. spoke of the mercy, and the consoling, and

supporting presence of God, which he had Restoration of Mr. Samuel Milner.

experienced during his illness, and he spoke of the difference between the painful

and ignominious dying of Christ while DEAR SIR :- As you have noticed in your suspended on the cross, and of the Christian last number the dangerous illness of our lying on a sick bed; for a Christian had esteemed pastor, Mr. s. Milner, of Reho- many little comforts, while Christ, when both Chapel, Ratcliffe Highway, I will parching with thirst, was denied a drop of now state that in the beginning of Decem- water, and to aggravate his painful sufferber, he was brought down so low, that ings, they gave him vinegar mixed with death appeared inevitable; and when this gall; and in all his anguish he had no sad news reached the church, the deacons friendly hand to wipe the sweat from his proposed a special prayer meeting to call agonizing and distorted brow; while a upon the Lord on his behalf; and on Sun- Christians had friends to assist and symday afternoon, Dec. 5th, the church met, pathize with them in all their sufferings and a solemn meeting it was—for I believe and pain; and, more especially the all it was a prayer meeting; for each one felt supporting hand of God being with them, the solemnity and importance of the ex, and giving strength equal to their day, by pected death of a faithful and a beloved speaking comfort and consolation, and minister. But, the Lord in his tender placing beneath them hiseverlasting arms, mercy heard our united supplication, and and giving them resignation to his ungranted our petition; for on the following erring will, and to rest in his embrace, week, he blessed the medical means resorted to, and thus he rebuked the disease, him good, I will trust and not be afraid.”

saying—“Let the Lord do what seemeth and said live; and declare the goodness of Thus we truly had a very solemn, but a God. Hope now sprung upin every breast when the doctor said there was hope of his very blessed time at Rehoboth Chapel on

January 2nd, 1848. recovery.

And now may the Lord's blessing attend Mr. Foreman, Mr. Wyard, Mr. Hewlet, this humble

attempt to exalt his name, is Mr. Bonner, Mr. Killen, and others kindly the prayer of one who feels himself daily supplied the pulpit during his illness, and to be the least of all saints, and the chief on Jan. 2nd, Mr. Killen preached the new of sinners.

THOMAS HALL, year sermons; his text in the morning was

Limehouse, London.. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever," and in this sermon he spoke of the eternal security of every one of God's elect, and that they were saved Anniversary of Surrey Tabernacle. with an everlasting salvation, and that Christ as their surety was responsible for Much of a condemnatory character has every one of them, being called and regen- been said against Anniversaries; and we erated by the Holy Spirit, and of their must confess that very frequently an unfinal appearing with ħim in glory; and holy use is made of these occasions by many. that their salvation is as sure, and as cer- / Nevertheless, we can see no reason why


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