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of light and love into our souls that can | lasting year, where sin, sorrow, and death make us willing and pleased to drop this are never known. vile mortal flesh to be with Christ in Well, beloved, the old year, 1847, is open vision. A proof of this you may gone, gone for ever! and 1848 salutes see in the last number of the Vessel, by our eyes. Thanks be unto God for the the Obituaries from Wolverhampton and many mercies in the past; the Lord Hull.

multiply his mercies in this which has Beloved, this is that precious faith appeared ; and give us grateful hearts, wrought in us by the power of the Holy praying «pirits, and a new year's song of Ghost

, that can only fortify our trembling praise. Yes; the old man' has lost ansouls against the fears of death, that other old year; but the new man's new terrible death now stalking round the year's day and year began on the day of world in various forms-sword, pesti- his new birth; and is eternal life, grace, lence, and famine. And now, ye dear and glory begun in the soul. • He that rosy-faced youth, whose youthful blood sitteth upon the throne saith, and behold runs warm and swift through your veins, I make all things new;' a new birth, a and you dear brethren, who have arrived new heart, a new man, a new creature, at sober and refreshing manhood, should a new name, a new heaven, a new earth. you, by God's preserving mercy, escape When a woman marries she looses her old these things, death, in old resistless time, name; that is cut off; she takes a new brings on hoary headed winter and gal name, the name of her husband; and lerous old age winds up her tale' on the name of the church's husband is earth. Therefore, we would not attempt called Wonderful, the Mighty God ; to charm your souls with politics, vain and the bride, the Lamb's wife, is wonderphilosophy, worldly glory, and a fancied fully beloved, redeemed, and provided for; perfection, in this dying corruptible state, she is heiress of all things, and joint heirbut endeavour to point you to the dying, ess with the God-man. The Son is the rising, reigning glory of the Son of God. Father's delight; and the bride is the , Brethren, though we have much here to Father's delight in the Man; and the cause thankfulness to God, there is no. woman is the delight of the Man for ever thing in this life worth soul.glory. This and ever, Amen. O, glorious bride! life is but a lingering sickness, termi- Thou shalt be called Hephzibah, and nating only in death. Disease and death thy land Beulah, for the Lord delighteth are in all things around us, and in our in thee, and thy land shall be married.' poor mortal flesh.

If we look to the And as the bridegroom rejoices over the east, on the old continent, in Russia, bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee.' there is pestilence, and thousands dying O holy church of God, rejoice in the of the cholera—in Switzerland, insur-Lord ; and again, I say rejoice. Sing rection, blood-shed, and death by the hosannah, hallelujah! to God in the sword-and if we look to the west, to highest. Amen and amen. the American continent, in Mexico, there

WILLIAM GARRARD. we hear of bloodshed, and wholesale

Leicester, Dec. 3rd. 1847. death-and near home, in that poor, neglected, priest ridden, sister country, Ire

The Divine Faithfulness; land, there murder, pestilence, and partial famine have been seen-and at home, dis- ITS PRECIOUSNESS, PERFECTION AND PERPETUITY. tress, oppression, and crippled commerce. So that like Ezekiel's roll, • lamentation, Thy faithfulness shalt thou establish in the very mourning, and woe,' is on both sides heavens.”—Psalm lxxxix. 2. written. Still, amidst all this, no natural To all the loved and learned of the man, in the world with all his woes, saith, Father,• Where is God, my Maker, that giveth How truly blessed is it when the Holy songs in the night But, O, dear saints Ghost, the testifier and glorifier of Jesus, of the Most High, who know your God, is graciously pleased to cause us to reamidst all the death without, and heart- member the rock whence we plague of the old man felt within, Christ's hewn, and the hole of the pit whence we presence will give you a song in the were digged,' and is also pleased to enable night of affliction, and cause you to sing us to review the land through which we in the last night of death; and the new have travelled-10 regard the hand by year's song of glory begins in the ever- which we have been conducted—to re

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hearse the mighty and righteous acts of divine faithfulness then implies, that the Lord, in saving us from Satan's certain engagements have been entered snares, preserving our steps while pass. into, which are, that Jehovah, Father, ing through perilous places, and deliver- Son, and Spirit, will be the God of his ing our souls out of dangers, difficulties people Israel, even their God for ever and and distresses innumerable, and to re-ever; and they, his people, shall be his count the manifold proofs and matchless portion, even his eternal inheritance ; gifts of love bestowed upon us, in order answerable to the inspired statements of that we may record his faithfulness who the prophets, Hosea, Moses, and David. has followed us with favour day by day, | (see Hosea ii. 19, 20; Deut. xxxii. 9; thereby fulfilling that sweet and sacred Ps. xxxiii. 12.) Again, that certain propromise, penned by Isaiah (58 chapter, mises arising out of the solemn engage8 verse), ' Thy righteousness shall go be- menţs previously mentioned, have been fore thee : the glory of the LORD shall be made, viz., to bless with all spiritual thy rereward.

blessings, to comfort with all heavenly The divine faithfulness is abundantly consolations, to save and strengthen, to declared in the revelation Jehovah has sustain, supply, to pardon and pacify, to been mercifully pleased to give of his direct and protect, yea, to satisfy and mind and will concerning his church. glorify the objects of Love's eternal choice, It is brightly displayed in the redemption with the glory given to them in Christ wrought by Jesus, even a complete re- Jesus before the world began. Also, demption from sin and Satan, law and that certain offices have been created for justice, death and hell. It is also bless- Him who is our surety, substitute and edly discovered in the regeneration of sacrifice, viz., the offices of Prophet, sinners, in renewing their souls, and Priest, King, Shepherd, Advocate, and raising them up from the horrible pit, or Judge, in all of which he is found faithpit of horrors, and revealing in them ful, not as a servant only, but as a son • the Christ of God.' And it is gloriously over his own house, (see Heb. iii. 1–6.) developed in the ultimate reception of all Moreover, he is the Mediator of the such renewed and redeemed sinners into New Testament, the Messenger of the the blissful presence of the Three-one covenant, the Messiah promised, and the Jehovah, there to abide, and therein to Minister of the true circumcision, making rejoice ever and ever.

manifest in the fulfilling of these sacred In attempting a glance at the divine offices his eternal power and godhead. faithfulness as spoken of in the above- And, finally, that certain relative characnamed text, let us notice :-1st, The ters have been and are sustained by him, preciousness of the doctrine; 2nd, Its he being our master, friend, brother, perfection; and 3rd, Its perpetuity. father, husband, and head, in all of which

First-Thy faithfulness. There is a his goodness shines, his greatness stands peculiar preciousness realized in the soul confessed, his love abounds, his tenderof the believer when contemplating the ness' appears, his constant care is felt, fact, that whatever the Lord in his infinite

And his faithfulness both strong and sure, wisdom may suffer, permit, or allow, we

Abides the same for evermore. are assured he will not suffer his faithfulness to fail, verse 33; from age to age Thus then, to those that believe, and do the righteous seed have found amidst all the truth of God receive, this doctrine the treachery, trickery, twistings, and is precious, and daily experience of the turnings of ungodly and unfaithful men, same will render it increasingly precious. from which they have sadly suffered, and In the second place let us notice the sorely smarted)' the faithful God,'(Deut. perfection of the divine faithfulness as vii. 9,) has been their alone rock, refuge, expressed in our text, thy faithfulness and resting place. In order that we may shalt thou establish. To establish, sigbetter understand the subject, let us first pifies to settle, confirm, ratify; or, in observe what is involved in, or implied plainer words, to make good; therefore, by the term faithfulness, viz., 1st, that to establish his faithfulness, Jehovah certain engagements have been entered must make good all that relates thereto, into; 2nd, that certain promises have been thereby proving its perfection to all such 'made ; 3rd, thatcertain offices have been as know the preciousness of the dootrine, created ; and 4th, that certain relation. To aid us in understanding more fully ships have been and are sustained. The what is intended by God establishing his


faithfulness, let us observe these four | tolled in their songs of pure affection, things :- 1st, he will establish his cove- and true adoration; while they sing, nant, or make good all his engagements His name proclaims the mourner's peace, as he assured our father Abraham of old; It makes the righteous bold;. see Gen, xvii. 7. 2nd, he will establish

It gives the wounded spirit ease, his word, according to the desire of Though faith be tried as gold. Elkanah, see 1 Sam. i. 23; or make good

It is our refuge in distress, all his promises which are blessedly de

Our plea before the throne ; clared by the Holy Ghost, and as bless- We never can be comfortless, edly found by all the saints, to be yea


While his dear name is known. amen in Christ Jesus the Lord. 3rd, he will establish his work, by fulfilling every

In the third place, let us notice the office he sustains to the utmost satisfac- perpetuity of the divine faithfulness :tion of all interested therein; hence our

thy faithfulness shalt thou establish in deeply and divinely taught brother Paul the very heavens.' This implies four was confident that the good work which things with reference to the sons of God, God had begun in the hearts of the be- the servants of Christ, the subjects of the lieving Philippians, he would perform or Spirit's work, who are the seed of Jacob, perfect until the day of Jesus Christ, and sought out and separated by him that most blessedly did our adorable Lord in sanctifieth all that sanctified are. 1st, it the days of his flesh, appeal to the autho- implies, their entire preservation as the rity of this infallible and indubitable mystic body of Christ ; 2nd, their comwitness—his work-saying, the works plete purification as the manifested bride that I do in my Father's name, they bear of Jesus'; 3rd, their ultimate presentation witness of me. If I do not the works of in heaven as the mighty body of the great my Father, believe me not. But if I do, I AM; and 4th, their eternal participathough ye believe not me, believe the works' tion of glory as the married bride of the John x. 25, 37, 38; surely, then, we who glorious Lamb; hence their preservation can say with David, 'thou, Lord, hast is of love, their purification by blood, their made me glad through thy work,' Psalm presentation in righteousness, and their xcii. 4 ; can also say with him, his work participation according to truth; and thus is honourable and glorious,'Psalm cxi. 3. the purity of love divine, the preciousness And hence, as he is the rock, and his work of blood divine, the perfection of rightis perfect, (Deut. xxxii. 4,) we may cheer- eousness divine, and the power of truth fully sing,

divine, are proved and established in the The work that wisdom undertakes,

very heavens, eternally unfolding, exhiEternal mercy ne'er forsakes.

biting, and illustrating the glory of the

divine faithfulness. and also,

I close these remarks by observing, that Grace all the work shall crown,

salvation is so evidently alone of God, that Through everlasting days;

it requires the love, blood, righteousness, It lays in heaven the topmost stone, and power of the Lord Godomnipotent to

And well deserves the praise. effect it, and be it solemnly written, and as Fourth, he will establish his name in solemnly remembered, that as the most -the estimation and experience of his be- powerfully formed arm would become gotten, beloved, and believing family, motionless and inactive without blood, so making good, and making manifest his even the arm of omnipotence, without inviolable faithfulness as their Lord and blood, would prove inefficient to save one master, their bosom friend, their elder sinner from death deserved. Herein, then, brother, their everlasting Father, their is the righteousness of God revealed to ever-loving husband, and their ever-living the eye of faith, that love has decreed and head:

determined that the merit of the blood of

Jesus, and the might of the arm of Jehovah Thus will he give them cause to bless

in Jesus should meetin the salvation of the His love, his truth, and faithfulness.

church. And thus mercy and truth have and thus doth his name become great in met together, and pardon and peace from Israel, and glorious in their salvation; thence proceed. Concerning truth, consiyea, his name is exalted in their soul's derthree things in its reference to Christ;a realization of its sweetness, strength, 1st, truth is the garment of his soul! suitability, and sufficiency; and is ex- 2nd, truth is the girdle of his loins ; and, 3rd, truth is the glory of his life ; also he was almost left solitary. He said, "broconsider these three in its reference to ther Combe is gone; brother Stevens is gone, the saints : 1st, truth is the ground on and now brother James is gone. I was alwhich they stand; 2nd, truth is the guide

most ready to ask the Lord to spare them a by which they walk, and 3rd, truth is the little longer, that we might all go home togoal to which they run.

gether.' He spoke at some length on the Maythe God of grace and peace, whose body being dead because of sin, but the spirit

being alive because of righteousness; shewtestimonies are sure, and whose faithful- ing that it was but of little importance as to ness and mercy for ever endure, grant when, or where a man died, whether his was unto his dear children such blessed dis- a laying affliction, or a walking affliction ; coveries of his love, blood, righteousness, but the grand thing to be considered was, and truth, that they may feelingly adopt whether he had the Spirit of Christ ? for, the language of David, 'I know, O LORD, 'If a man have not the Spirit of Christ he is that thy judgments are right, and that none of his. Now, (said Mr. Foreman) I Psalm cxix. 15; and of Jeremiah, ' It is dead because of sin, he is not lost, but is thou in faithfulness hast afficted me,' am well persuaded that brother James had

the spirit of Christ, and although the body is of the Lord's mercies that we are not

gone a little before us into the mansions of consumed, because his compassions fail not; bliss ; for Christ gave body for body, and they are new every morning : great is thy soul for soul, and there was a divine certainty faithfulness.' Lam. iii. 22, 23; and of of both being in heaven, for there was now Isaiah,' O LORD, thou art my God; I no condemnation to them that are in Christs will exalt thee, I will praise thy name ; no, nor any separation from him. He befor thou hast done wonderful things : thy lieved his dear departed brother was an honest counsels of old (or thine ancient counsels) man; one who loved and preached the TRUTH. are faithfulness and truth.' Isa. xxv. 1. Some did not think him experimental; or Even so, Amen. JOHN STENSON.

just in that line of things which pleased Chelsea, Dec. 9, 1847.

them; yet he never attempted to please mans

but went on to preach CHRIST ; and if he Death and Burial of the late Mr. James, tion anything about me, but Christ, who is

was here to speak, he would say, 'do not menall in all,' with whom he now is, and of whom he knows more than all of us put together ;

Mr. F. For some time past the Lord's dealings with so that he has outstepped us now. Mr. James have been very mysterious ; his concluded with prayer, after which the body usefulness in the vineyard of the Lord was placed in a vault under the vestry. appeared to be at a stand ; but few perhaps anticipated that his end was so near, or that

WHAT IS THE SOUL P his departure to another and a better world, The soul is the breath of God, the beauty should be so sudden, although the nature of of man, the wonder of angels, and the envy his complaint was such as must necessarily of devils ; 'tis of an angelical nature, 'tis an lead to this ; it being a disease of the heart. heavenly spark, a celestial plant, and of a Nov. 28, 1847, was the last Sabbath that he divine offspring ; 'tis capable of the knowspent in the wilderness. It appears on that ledge of God, of union with God, of comday he was engaged to preach, but was too ill munion with God, and of an eternal fruition to go, being in bed the best part of the day ; of God; there is nothing that can suit the soul but on the following day he was a little better; below God, there is nothing that can satisfy about nine or ten o'clock at night he com- the soul without God; the soul is so high plained of violent pains in his inside and went and so noble a piece that it scorns all the into his garden, where staying longer than world; what are all the riches of the East or usual, Mrs. J. went after him; and, poor thing, West Indies ? what are rocks of diamonds, was just in time to hear his last groan, for he or mountains of gold ? or the price of Cleohad fallen down, and, breathing his last, en- patra's draught, to the price that Christ laid tered, we trust, into his eternal rest. The down for souls ? 'Tis only the blood of him funeral took place the following Friday, that is God-man that is an equivalent price December 3rd. Mr. John Foreman, of Lon- for the redemption of souls. Silver and dor, and Mr. Curtis, of Homerton, officiating. gold hath redeemed many thousands out of The chapel was quite full. Mr. Curtis Turkish bondage, but all the silver and opened the service by giving out that well gold in the world could never redeem one known hymn, Why do we mourn departed poor soul from hellish bondage, from hellfriends ?' after which, Mr. Foreman read the ish torments. Souls are a dear commodity, 9th, 10th, & 11th verses of the 8th chapter of he that bought them found them so; and the Romans, and gave a very suitabie and yet at how cheap a rate do some sinners solemn address. He began hy stating that sell their immortal souls. --Brooks.


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A Few Words to our Readers on the Opening of the New Year.

THROUGH winds, waves, and difficulties, (of sovereign care and power shall be with our life often in apparent jeopardy, made ? Nor does it matter, beloved, to have we struggled thus far to work our those who are with our glorious Christ, way; and by the good hand of our God seeing all things must and shall work upon us, have reached the solemn point, together for their good; and that though 1848! Here we pause; we thank God; the earth be removed, and the mounand take courage. We bless his holy tains be carried into the depths of the name for the past, the present, and the sea, they have a river of peace, the streams future; for, in reviewing the retrospect, whereof shall make glad the holy place our life and standing seems a miracle-a of the tabernacles of the Most High. In trophy of mercy, and all-conquering this we exult--in this we triumph! grace! And under their benign smiles But we wish to speak to a few points we would unfurl the banner of love, and that concern the Earthen Vessel ; and display its crimson colours because of these are, the work itself—its corresTruth. We would plant it on the top of pondents,-its readers,—and its Editorour sweet Ebenezer, and joyfully reite- ship. rate the ancient inscription, ·Hitherto T'he Work itself. It purports not to hath the Lord helped us! And then as be an iron vessel, of steam power, colour eye falls on the future--the dark- lecting and accommodating the wise, the the gloomy future, with all its vast dis- mighty, and the noble of this world : plays of divine and satanic skill brought nor a golden vessel, possessing nothing into fearful contact, our souls rejoice to but what will stand the test of fire ; but find themselves with Jehovah Jesus in an Earthen one only, which may soon the ark of covenant protection ; so that be broken and perish; and which, therehowever great or terrible the stroke by fore, may be found at times like the which the heavens and the earth shall be kingdom of heaven itself

, catching and shaken, we are on safe ground! We carrying fish both good and bad. The ride secure! The little sanctuary of in- Earthen Vessel contends not for perfecvincible truth will shield us from the tion either in her contents or managejudgments that will make the unfaithful ment; nor does she aim to rival other to quake, the wicked to howl, and devils vessels of superior show and quality now to rage; so that only with our eyes shall plying on the face of the mighty waters. we behold, and see the reward of the Her grand object is to convey to virgin wicked. Nor are we at liberty to put souls that unspeakable gift THE far from us the evil day, nor say, 'Our TRUTH-in all its vastness, richness, Lord delayeth his coming,' seeing the and variety. The glory of Jehovah's word of truth bids us to watch and be great name, is her sole,-her noblest ready; the signs of the times exhibited ambition. Nor has she cause to fear his in the past year, especially that shock of frown, seeing that the Lord himself has the commercial system-(the very back- often made choice of earthen vesseis to bone of political power)—which has carry the tidings of his rich grace, unto his spread, and is still spreading distress own elect who are scattered up and down around, seems to say · Behold, the Judge on the face of the earth, and has endowed is at the door! Another, and growing them with a heaven-constructed comsign is the progress of Puseyism as linked pass, at once so true and faithful, that its with the changing policy of the crafty guidance may be termed infallible proand insidiously working Pope of Rome. vided the eye and judgment of its captain And surely, the ambition of the rival make no mistake: by the aid of this vicegerent will by no means allow him to compass, we wish to steer betwixt the stop in his measures, till they have fairly miry waters of lifeless Calvinism on the placed him on the top of the mountain of one hand; and the gaping whirlpools of our Zion! Towards this erminus the Arminianism on the other. We desire events of the past year have hurried us that all whom this work may concern along. Who can tell the velocity of may be found contending for a lively FORTY-EIGHT ? Who can say what faith, as the Spirit's work, and also for events shall transpire; or, what displays the fruits of that faith, by showing that

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