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and the difficulty of bearing it, and urges dence and grace, pass through such trials a little delay at all events.

and meet with such deliverances that When the child of God is first brought the hand of the Lord becomes known into the consciousness of being reconciled towards his servants ; many openly talk to God, he can see the state he was in, against them, who secretly wish to die but is now delivered from, in a light their death. They are chastened in a which affects him beyond all he felt manner no other people are chastened ; when in it. He can scarce believe for an independent spirit often seems to joy that all his enormous sins are for prosper in the world, but in them it is given him, and yet he cannot feel them smitten and maimed, they find that God as he did, there is no longer wrath upon is a jealous God who will not give bis his conscience when he looks at the honour to another. He calls upon them blackest of them; they are his sins, and to trust in him with all their heart and yet not his; they looked fearful before makes them feel that all other trust when he was under their weight, but proves a broken reed. He is their rock they look more base and hateful now - their strong tower

- their dwelling they are laid upon another. Mercy place in all generations. If he shuts through the blood of Christ, has differ- them out from his presence, they get no ent effects to those generally supposed. rest till restored ; rebellion or sullenness A light frothy joy such as stony ground only add to their pain. This people are hearers delight in, is altogether different a peculiar people, travelling a narrow to the joy and grief of a pardoned sinner way and proving the word of God from While under these feelings of mercy, in year to year, they go from strength to what a pitiable condition do those ap- strength. Their trials are used to pear, who are in the state of ignorance strengthen them for trials; their afflicand death we have so lately left; they tions are means of preparing them to were our companions, we are deeply in- glorify God in hotter furnaces and to be terested in them still, we would gladly patient under severer trials; their vicawaken them if we could, but as no one tories are to encourage them to attempt could quicken my soul but the Lord, so greater conquests ; they go on conquerI cannot quicken the soul of another. ing and to conquer till at last they are

What miracles of grace are those who more than conquerors through him that were for years hurrying on in the crowd, loved them. as ignorant as the rest, but who have [The above extracts are made from Mr. been stopped from going into the pit by Tryon's last work, entitled the Almighty grace of God, quickening Special Providence for the Children their souls, shewing them the road they of God; or the Principle of General were in, bringing them to cry for mercy, Clubs and Insurances considered." and at the appointed time blotting out And these extracts we have found their crimes in the blood of the Lamb. valuable, and feel a desire that our • Blessed is the man whose sin is co- spiritual readers may profit by them vered.'

also. If the Lord permit, we will These people whom Ged has chosen notice thc other parts of this work, for himself, and whom he has formed to but as we are now confined to our bed, shew forth his praise, are brought into we cannot.] the nearness of actual relationship to God, they are sons and daughters of Al- HEB. vi. 19, 20.– Which hope we have as mighty God. He that sanctifies them an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedand they who are sanctified are all of the vail; whither the forerunner is for us

fast, and which entereth into that within one, so that Jesus Christ is not ashamed entered, even Jesus.-Hope is the anchor to call them Brethren. He was made of the soul, but this anchor must not be flesh of their flesh and bone of their bone, cast as the mariner casts his, who, that his and he gives them his spirit. If any anchor downwards to take hold in the man have not the spirit of Christ he is earth. We must cast the anchor of hope none of his.'

upwards, and fasten it in heaven. Our Now, all things are to have a special hope must enter into heaven, and fix there. bearing upon their welfare. They are the best of the earth is not ground good the salt of the earth - the light of the enough, nor sure enough for our anchor world—the witnesses for God. And in bold. Whatsoever we make our hope, we order to bring this about more and more earth good enough to be our God f.Caryl's

make our God; and is there any thing on clearly, they are so dealt with in provi-' Bible Thoughts.

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Happy and Triumphant Death of Ir. ROBERT CREASEY.

Minister of the Gospel, March, Cambridgeshire.


Mr. James Creasey, of Sleaford, has just , fixed on the Rock of Ages; and would often published a neat shilling work, under the say, above title, from which we make a few

“ How can I sink with such a prop, extracts. We are constrained to premise,

That bears the world and all things up?" and express our gratitude to the God of all his dear servant has left behind any hent

. “He said the Lord had given him that couraging to us poor sinners who are yet in promise in the beginning of his illness, that

he would strengthen hiin on the bed of the wilderness; but, who, through grace, are

languishing, and truly it was verified, as will looking for a better city, that is a heavenly

There are two things that we have appear in the sequel.' He was almost conoften been tempted to fear ; first, that death his wife, • Don't be afraid when you see me

stantly in fervent prayer, and would say to would be very dreadful, and that eternity thus engaged ; I am perfectly sensible ; I would be eternally awful. But in our late know what I am about.' He would often illness, we certainly did realise that blessed mention the following words, Mighty to nearness to heaven, and solid assurance of

save ;' and, ‘His own arm brought salvainterest in heavenly things, that makes us to tion. I want to see his blessed face; I rejoice, and join in with two sentences ut

want to see his blessed face.'

• Leave me tered by this dying saint. He said —" It is not, dear Lord, to self and sin, but have nothing for a saint to die ! There is nothing

mercy on me.'

And under a sense of his terrible in death to a believer.These things own sinfulness, he would say, 'I will bear we believe; and record them for the com- the indignation of the Lord, because I have fort of Zion's travellers as they onward pass sinned against him ;' 'but, oh ! let me exalt to glory. But we come now to the account

a precious Christ, who shed his blood for of Mr. Creasy's death, which is given as fol

me; not one drop was shed in vain : 0, solows:

vereign grace. After mentioning the above “The subject of the following account, passages, and sweetly commenting upon was well known in different parts of the them, he appeared to be much exhausted, country as a faithful servant of the Lord; and dropped asleep; after dozing a few and where known was highly esteemed. His minutes he awoke with these words on his health had been on the decline for the last lips, ' Arise, shine, for thy light is come, and twelve months of his life. The change in the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.' his state of health was painfully noticed by At another time, and indeed many times, the several of his friends after his return; but eighth chapter to the Romans was very prethey did not apprehend that his end was so cious to him, and he sweetly commented near as the event proved it to be. He was upon different parts of it, but especially, and in a sweet spiritual frame of mind ; very spi- very frequently, upon the first verse, “ There ritual in his conversation ; had much dead- is therefore now no condemnation to them ness to the world, and the things of the world. that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after He was never laid aside from his beloved the flesh but after the Spirit.' He said his work of preaching the Gospel ; but preached end was near ; but he was not afraid of death : three times the Lord's-day before his death, he longed to die. He said, I am washed and administered the ordinance of the Supper. and cleansed in the blood of Christ; I am When preaching he was so much helped as clothed in his righteousness; I shall stand to appear as if nothing ailed him, but was before the throne without spot or blemish.” so weak that he was obliged to lie down on Sometimes when about to take any refreshthe bed between each service. His last text ment, he would say, 'I want the blood of was, “We are the clay, and thou our potter.' Christ in every thing I take and do: I want It was a solemn and weighty discourse. On his precious blood in every thing.' About the Tuesday evening following he attended four o'clock the morning before he died, he a prayer meeting at the chapel, and engaged wished his wife to read to him that chapter in prayer at considerable length. He was in Isaiah, beginning, 'Who is this that comout of doors on the Wednesday and Thurs- eth from Edom, with dyed garments from day, and came down stairs on the Friday Bozrah,' &c. ; before the chapter was finished morning, but was taken so much worse, that he appeared again exhausted, and after waithe was obliged to go to bed again, from ing a little time, he said, “Satan pushes hard whence he never came down. During the against my soul. His wife replied, “Thou last week of his life, his conversation was hast proved, times without number, the truth truly heavenly. He said he was firinly of that passage, 'When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord lifteth up passage, (Rom. viii. 1,) and shortly after a standard against him.' He answered, “ Yes, that other passage in Timothy, Now unto yes, mighty to save, mighty to save.' He the king eternal, &c.; and said he wished then told his wife she might finish reading to be alone; he was not afraid to die ; but the chapter, and afterwards he would try to said, “Though I pass through the valley of go to sleep. He wished to be alone, he said, the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for but as he got rapidly weaker, his few minutes thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff they of sleep were broken and wrestless. He tried comfort me.' Being asked how he felt, he to raise himself up in bed, and repeated the said, 'I am a dying man,' and shortly after following hymn :

repeated part of that well known hymn of

Cowper's, beginning,
• Weary of earth, myself, and sin,
Dear Jesus, set me free,

•God moves in a mysterious way,
And to thy glory take me in,

His wonders to perform ;
For there I long to be.

He plants his footsteps in the sea,

And rides upon the storm.'
Burden'd, dejected, and oppress'd,
Ah, whither shall I flee,

“He was again restless for some time, But to thy arms for peace and rest ; and afterwards about six o'clock in the For there I long to be.

evening, he commenced praying, as he lay on Empty, polluted, dark, and vain,

his bed, in a loud, clear, and distinct voice, so Is all this world to me;

as to be heard at the foot of the stairs. First, May I the better world obtain ;

for his wife and family, solemnly committing

them into the Lord's hands. Then for his For there I long to be.

own church and people, commending them Lord, let a tempest-tossed soul to his Father's care ; and earnestly wrestling That peaceful harbour see,

with the Lord to gather them and keep them, Where waves and billows never roll; that they might not find the Gospel of Christ For there I long to be.

a vain thing; and pleaded earnestly with Let a poor labourer here below, the Lord for his blessing upon them. And

When from his toil set free, lastly, for Zion's prosperity universally : for To rest and peace eternal go;

all the servants of the most high God in all For there I long to be.'

places and in all circumstances ; and for the

Lord to bless their labours abundantly: and “He again repeated the following passage, that he would arise and appear for his poor • There is therefore now no condemnation to church in her present sickly state, to remove them that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not what was amiss; and that there might be a after the flesh but after the Spirit.' He would plentiful outpouring of the Holy Spirit both often say, 'The sting of death is taken away; on ministers and people, &c., in the most It is nothing for a saint to die ; There is no- solemn and weighty manner.

His prayer thing terrible in death to a believer in Christ ;' lasted about two hours, with only one interand many times in the course of the day mission for a short time, when he appeared would repeat that blessed portion of Scrip- quite exhausted ; but after a short pause for ture, ' Now unto the king eternal, immortal, rest he began again with that passage, There invisible, the only wise God, be glory and is therefore now no condemnation to them honour, for ever and ever.'

that are in Christ Jesus,' and went on for a “ His wife, on going to his bed-side to considerable time ; and cohcluded his long, hear what he said, for his speech was much full, and very comprehensive prayer, which altered, heard him say, 'No, satan, no.' On appeared to contain, or include, nearly all asking him if satan was permitted to harass that could be named or needed, with these him, he replied, he would if he could, but very solemn words, Now to the King that he was the father of lies, and had no eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise power over him; for he could truly say, God, be glory and honour, for ever and ever, The most high God was his refuge, and al- Amen.' (1 Tim. i. 17.) He then said, though he was base and vile in himself, the Amen and Amen.'— I will now gather up weakest and most unworthy of all saints, yet my feet and go to sleep.' He did so; and he had a firm reliance on Christ, and a blessed went into a sound sleep, and about ten trust and assurance at that moment, that the o'clock died in his sleep without a struggle Lord was his God ; and that he would be the or a groan, on Lord's-day evening, January most ungrateful being if he did not say, I 2nd, 1848, aged forty-four years, having know these things for myself:-I know them been upwards of twenty years in the minexperimentally:- :-I know them to my soul's istry. satisfaction. He then said, I should like a How


similar was his death to the little sleep if the Lord will: he said, 'I | death of good old Jacob. It is said, “ After should like to fall asleep and sleep till I die, he had done blessing his sons, he gathered or rather till I live. He then repeated that up his feet into the bed, and gave up the

ghost.' The Holy Spirit has left upon record months had been thirteen months of great the manner of Jacob's death; and why not anxiety to him ; for within that short space record the happy deaths of other of his ser- of time he had attended the funerals of four vants to his praise and glory.”

aged servants of God; and the recognition

of six. He would call this meeting a sort Beside this brief record of Mr. Creasy's of testimonial meeting-a thank offering death the work contains a number of letters meeting, and a prayer meeting, that after from which may be gathered some idea of his this night they might live in peace. character as a minister and a christian. We Mr. Bonner then rose to give an account subjoin a few sentences, and in doing so, of his call by grace, &c. would observe the profits of the sale will be [The outline of what Mr. Bonner delivered as devoted to the widow and family. The fol

descriptive of his experience and call to lowing striking description of his character

the ministry was put in type, and a proof is found in a letter written by Mr. Morgan of

of the same presented to him; but, since Leicester :

that, we have received a note from Mr. B. strongly

protesting against its insertion “I believe many can testify, I think I may in the Earthen Vessel; therefore we have justly say, that he has, at the age of forty- | withdrawn it; we have done so, simply befour, fallen as a martyr to the cause of closely cause we have no desire to do violence to and conscientiously adhering to his Master's any man's feelings in cases like this; at revealed will in his Word; in addition to

the same time it is due to ourselves to Satan's fiery darts, &c., aiming to know no

state, that a Minister's experience, when man after the flesh; and not flinching to de

thus publicly declared, is public property, clare the whole Word of God; not excepting

and no man bas any right to attempt to that part now so much neglected, the pre

wrap it up in a napkin, or keep it back

from the church at large after he has cepts; which has raised up carnal, graceless

openly and publicly declared it. Mr. B. professors to oppose and withstand him, so

indirectly charges us with acting under that bonds and afflictions have attended him

the influence of self-interest; this is cruel; in all places at different times ; some even of no minister or christian friend who is the real family of God, through prevalent car- acquainted with the heavy outlay and innality at times could not endure this part of sufficient returns connected with this sound doctrine. The great adversary has publication (and many such there be) been permitted to try him with fiery darts and

would throw such an unjust accusation cruel temptations to an amazing extent; and

in our face. The one leading desire of our no wonder Satan should have been so violent

heart is, to serve to edify-and to be

useful to the churches of Christ. This an adversary, seeing he was raised up to des

desire we most solemnly believe was imtroy, as a means, his works of darkness.

planted in our breast by the Lord him

self: in the working out of this desire, we Recognition of Mr. W. H. Bonner, have freely sacrificed time, ease, and AT UNICORN YARD, TOOLEY ST., LONDON. money; many are witnesses, however,

that while we have hitherto been great

losers on the one hand, we have been NEVER since the Farewell Services of Mr. richly rewarded in the use the Lord has Denham, has Unicorn-yard Chapel assumed made of us on the other. We should not so interesting an appearance as on the have deigned to notice this petty affair, occasion of which we write.

but we find in many parts of the country, Tuesday evening, November 7th, was the Ministers (professing to be christians) are time appointed for the public recognition doing their utmost to injure the character of Mr. W.H. Bonner, as pastor of the church of the Earthen Vessel. In the strength of assembling at Unicorn-yard Chapel.

the Lord we shall persevere; and sincerely At five o'clock a very large body of per- do we pray that his blessing may still sons sat down to tea in the chapel; and accompany our labours.) before the tea could be cleared away, the The church publicly acknowledged Mr. B. chapel doors were beseiged by persons anxi-l as their pastor in the usual way, and he ous to obtain admission.

assented to the call. Mr. Jones offered up The gas burners in the pulpit and body of the Recognition Prayer. the chapel were decorated with evergreens Addresses were then delivered in the and flowers; and on the front gallery was following order :hung a long strip of holland, on which was Mr. Milner, on The Duties and Rights worked with evergreens in large letters the of the Christian Pastor." words“ Jehovah Shallom."

Mr. Felton, on “ The Duties of the ChrisShortly after six o'clock, the services of tian Members towards their Pastors." the evening commenced by singing and Mr. Dickerson, on “The Dangers, Diffiprayer; after which Mr. Foreman, (who culties, and Discouragements of the Paspresided) rose to state the purposes of the torate." meeting.

Mr. Curtis, on “The Scriptural DistincMr. Foreman said there was a deal to be tion between Pastors and Deacons ;” and done in a little time, and therefore they Mr. Wyard, on “The Means of preservmust say a great deal in a few words. He ing the Peace and Purity of the Church, then remarked, that the last tbirteen 'and promoting Prosperity.”



The Work of God's Grace stood erect; and I trembled at the awful

state of those who could thus tamper with

CORBITT FROM the immortal souls of their fellow creaERROR AND LEADING HIM INTO TRUTH. tures; mock God, and deceive man. This

one circumstance spoiled all my churchWE make the following extract from the going religion, and I never went to church Second Part of “ A Memorial of the Good-after; for I was fully assured that there ness of God towards John Corbitt." This was no more real love to God manifested is, indeed, an original and interesting por- in these abominable deceptions, than in tion of the work :

the regions of darkness itself. I knew “Thus I went on with my piety a little that this was the blind leading the blind, while, but the Lord soon brought me to and if they lived and died in this state of observe that there was much more form deception, they must all fall into the ditch than reality. I could not learn when to of eternal perdition. kneel, or when to bow to the East; when “I now became much more than ever to set down, or when to stand; and as for concerned about which was the right way, the lessons, prayers or collects, I could and commenced a strict search through all never find them; thus I became the gazing the bodies of professors, to see where was stock of the company, and the ridicule of the most perfection; or who approached the discipline, for I could not keep rank. the nearest it; and finding some in every I did not know when to halt; or retreat society, whose conduct would not bear the right or left: indeed, I was almost ashamed strictest investigation, I became very jealof myself, for I seemed like a hog in ous of them all, and I wondered whether armour; not but I could soon have learned there was any true religion in the world my discipline if that had been all, but I or not; (for indeed I had no notion of perwanted to learn how God could be gracious fection at this time, but in the flesh ;) to so great a sinner; and while I was and as I could find 'none in others, nor listening after that, the people would be none in myself, I was ready to conclude up and down, right and left, until I was there was none; and indeed if I could have quite lost; but the dear Lord soon put a got rid of my inward desires after holistop to this, in the following manner :-ness, I could well enough have believed One day, a farmer in the town had a child that there was no such thing as vital godto be christened, and I having never seen liness. Now I was driven to my wit's end; this trick played off before, was all atten- and could say nothing, but God be merciful tion, hoping that surely I should learn to me: Lead me in a plain path, and make me something now: and so I did; for the first know thy salvation. In this distress, the thing that particularly struck me was the dear Lord was pleased to lead me in a minister's request to the Godfathers. 'Dost plain path, by giving me to see that thou renounce the devil and all his works : JESUS IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND the vain pomps and glories of the world: THE LIFE; and the complete Saviour of with all covetous desires of the same; and all the chosen of the Father. Under this the carnal desires of the flesh; so that consideration, I was led to consider that thou wilt not follow, nor be led by them?' as Christ is the Saviour, so hath he left Answer. 'I renounce them all. This declara- proper directions for his children to walk tion of the sponsors run me through and by. At this time my mind was turned to through, and my heart trembled at the the four Evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke, consequence: for I knew the person that and John; believing that if I read them had made the vow, to be a wanton, carefully, 'I surely should find the right drunken, swearing sabbath breaker; and way of Salvation; this resolution to search I really pitied the minister, for I thought the word was no sooner formed, than put him a good man, and secretly wished I in practice, and to my satisfaction, I found could get at him, to tell him what sort of it to be the word of God, and the word of a man this was, that made this vow. I Life; and truly with one of old I could say, thought the minister was deceived: for he 'I found thy word, and did eat it; and it appeared very grave, and solemn on the was sweeter to my taste, than the honey matter, but when the official part of the or the honeycomb. Here I found the everbusiness was over, I learned to my astonish- lasting love of the Father, in choosing to ment and sorrow, that like priest like salvation, a number which no man could people. At the conclusion, the minister number; the gift of them to Christ to rekneeling down, said, ' we yield thee hearty deem, and their eternal security in his thanks, most merciful Father, that it hath hands; the quickening influence and power pleased thee to Regenerate this infant with of the Holy Ghost, assuredly and effectually thy Holy Spirit; to receive him for thine coming upon and dwelling in them; inown child by Adoption, and to Incorporate deed I was so entirely enveloped in these him into thy holy church; and humbly truths, that they not only filled my soul we beseech thee to grant that he being with love, but they clothed me with the dead unto sin, and living unto righteous- garments of salvation; they removed the ness, and being buried with Christ in his cares of the world, and many a time I have death, may crucify the old man, and set from dinner-time to tea-time, reading utterly abolish the whole body of sin.' and talking of these blessed things, and My heart cried within me, Mockery! Lies ! have not known that the time was gone, Deceit! and Fraud' my hair felt as if it' until my dear old mother has announced

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