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Manchester, May 30, 1843. in forming this cause? To which we anDear Sir, I had put in my hand a letter swer, that our motives were the most of your's to a person in Manchester, seek- solemn, imperative, and overwhelming, ing information respecting the new cause, arising from that which is most dear to which calls for a reply on behalf of my God and to man-the well-being of our self and friends, the said person's conclu- never-dying souls. And we ask, can there sions being erroneous. It is not a party be any human considerations that ought squabble, as he is pleased to term it; but a to outweigh the claims of eternity? And stand made for truth. The late Mr. Nunn's we mean no reflection when we say, that people have nothing to do with the cause; the ministry which had been useful to us nor anti-backsliders : nor yourself either, in times past, the Lord had now ceased to which is evident; seeing you have no know- bless to us; nor can there be any who hold ledge of our present movement; nor does in greater respect the memory of the hoit emanate from a party spirit, in opposi- noured servant and minister of God to tion to any other cause. We have been whom we allude. But what were we to members of a church in the town; but of do?-where we so far to confer with flesh late only occasional hearers. A variety of and blood as to be content without a circumstances have been instrumental in ministry by which we could profit? Had our present movement. We have been we substituted profanity in the place of waiting and watching, and have availed the gospel of God—had we substituted ourselves of the present position of the error for truth-had we given up the ways church of Christ; and so far as our judg- of God, we might have been entitled to the ment goes, we greatly lament its present revilings which have been cast upon us; state. We can say from an honest con- but as à cause we have been preserved ; we science, in the fear of God, our only mo- have sought our God, and he has been entive is the Lord's honour, in the spread of treated of us; we looked unto him, and we truth, the good of his people, and the pros- were enlightened, and our faces this day perity of Zion at large in this large and are not ashamed. By the help of kind populous town.. We are desirous of covet-friends, in temporal matters, we have, ing the best things through the ministry through many difficulties, arrived at our of the word of God. Your ministry was present position; having had supplies till useful to the writer and others of his Mr. Bidder settled among us in April, 1844, friends when you visited Manchester. The and resigned his pastoral charge June 23, ministry we have heard ceased to be useful 1847. After this time, we had supplies to us. We do not disrespect the minister till Mr. Corbitt first came, August 8, 1847, the less. No; we pray for him, and for his and supplied us during the month; and it prosperity; we hope to meet with him in was proposed he should be sent for again, heaven, and join together in singing the and on Friday evening, October 15, 1847, same song: 'To him that hath loved us, we held a special church meeting, when the &c. We have no wish to fall out by the members then present expressed their way; but helpers of one another's pros- affection to, and desire of having Mr. Corperity. Believe me your's in the truth, bitt for their stated pastor. We met again

To Mr.J. Wells. E. GOODFELLOW. on the Lord's-day following, when the same “I cannot let the present opportunity evening the matter was laid before the

unanimity of mind prevailed, and the same pass without giving my humble testimony congregation, who unanimously, united to the disinterested labours of Mr. Wells with the members of the church in their on behalf of the cause of truth in and decision. Mr. Corbitt was sent for, and around Manchester; the Lord has blessed them

in an eminent degree, as hundreds supplied for us in the month of December, can at this day testify. Many have been 1847 ; towards the end of which, his mind turned from darkness to light,' and to a

was decided to accept our invitation to the saving knowledge of themselves

as sinners, felt and saw was divinely adapted to our

pastoral office. Mr. Corbitt's ministry we and have been built up in the faith of the circumstances as a people; the cause had gospel of Christ; and not a few have been become weak and thinly attended through brought out of the yea and nay system of the day, that are now decided for truth as had as a church been called to pass through;

a variety of distressing circumstances, we it is in Jesus, and an honour to the same. Notwithstanding opposition, and of this we were a few, by the help of the Lord, there has been no lack, to stay the progressed to the saints, and for a living experi

striving together for the faith once deliver of truth, we have this testimony,

that the mental ministry. We were favoured with word of the Lord is not bound, and that it is in vain for men to lay down a rule a spirit of prayer, and the

Lord graciously where people ought to worship; for if the Corbitt came among

us, our mourning was

And when Mr. Lord designs to bless his word at Oldham turned into joy—there was a noise and a Street, or anywhere else, 'who shall stay shaking among the dry bones - new life his hand, or say what doest thou?'

was ministered, we felt the power thereof, God moves in a mysterious way

we have been raised up into fellowship His wonders to perform.'

with the Father, and with his Son Jesus It may be asked, that if all these asper- Christ. sions be false, what then was your motive “ The word by Mr. Corbitt has been at

tended with power, so that we know what the congregations around them, in order to manner of man he is; and not only so, that exhibit what they call littleness, for the purothers have been called out of darkness pose of swelling their own consequence. Do into light and liberty, and peace of the such persons know that they may be fattengospel. The congregation has been con- ing some proud minds, for the slaughter of siderably increased, and the Lord has the great day? Or, admitting that much wrought by him, and made him manifest in our consciences, and we hope still in good is doing; do they shew that grace christian love to hold him, and to honour reigns? Why all this bragadocia ? Surely him, for his work's sake, with earnest and if it is the work of God, the God of the united prayer.

That he may still go on to work ought to be honoured. The entire minister among us the unsearchable riches glory should be laid at the foot of the cross ; of Christ; and that many souls yet unborn but is this the case ? Let observing minds may have reason to bless God that Oldham give an honest verdict. I am only surprised Street Chapel was ever opened as a place that Godly, sober-minded men, should counof truth."

tenance such baneful practices. I can truly (To be continued in our next.)

say, if the whole gospel of Christ be preached,

whether of envy, or of good-will, my soul Disunion among Ministers. will rejoice ; but, if in these wonderful places,

the entire truth came out; how soon would To the Editor of the Earthen Vessel.

the dust fly! Let a Triune Jehovah be faithDEAR BROTHER IN BONDS OF GRACE :-I fully proclaimed ; let the Holy Spirit's teshave it laid upon my mind, to send you a few tiniony be clearly set forth, in his solemn thoughts upon a subject, which appears to awakenings; quickening the soul to life ; me of great moment. We live in a day of great stripping the soul of all its native repose; profession; excitement is doing wonders, ministering the law in all its killing power but whether for a lamentation or triumph, is upon the mind, and thus exalting the wonvery questionable to thinking persons ; much drous mediation, blood, righteousness, and complaint is made that ministers who are delivering mercy of the Great Surety of preaching the everlasting gospel, should evi- covenant love. I am no advocate for law dence so much distance from each other: but terrors merely. I believe that it is possible the cause is really in the ministry itself; aided to apprehend the torments of the damned, by those unthinking multitudes, who will say without a particle of saving grace; but I will Amen to almost any nonsense, or fanciful in- contend that a soul must see its ruin, before terpretation of God's word; besides, there is it will cry for a refuge. To be really lost, is such a want of honest dealing in many quar- the true road to know we are found; I thereters, which prevents an upright mind from fore affirm, that where a man is led to deal an association with such double dealing. faithfully to the consciences of his hearers, Some men have a sermon suited to such a the Holy Ghost will honour such a minister. place; others, to please their admirers, will Let the sinner be laid in the lowest place ; hold up men who have been sworn foes to the let the God-man be ever exalted, whether we grace of God, as really sound in the faith, speak doctrinally, experimentally or practhey will quote lines from certain hymn books tically, it is safe to begin and continue our containing precious truth, as evidence of what ministry, by insisting upon the Spirit's work they affirm, and could you but whisper to in the new-born mind, then we shall have them to shew you the other side, what an faithful reproof'; the conscience searched; awful comparison would appear. I stand in the mystery of Godliness defined ; and headoubt of that man's religion, which rests ex- venly consolation administered; false religion clusively upon the verse of an uninspired will be exposed; the pharisee solemnly warned; hymn ; and valuable as are some of our poet- and the real child of God will be able to trace ical compositions, yet let the infallible Book the way marked with the worth of the cross; be ever more prominent: "To the law and to but this, I am confident, would thin the ranks the testimony, if they speak not according to of many, and curtail their salaries; my lord, this word, it is because there is no light in or my lady would not like it, and therefore them."

some lulling opiate must be introduced, to Again, we cannot but lament that sordid keep the fleece together. But what saith the trickery, practised by some would-be faithful scripture ?' He that hath my word, let him ministers of the word ; tampering with the speak it faithfully, taking forth the precious members of neighbouring churches, to induce from the vile as God's mouth,' distinguishing such persons to join their ranks; regardless mere renovation from regeneration, mere of all consequences, as to who they disturb terror from true broken-heartedness; natural or distress. This is called zeal in the cause excitement, from felt pardon of sin, and inof God; whereas, its true character is simply, ward peace with God; distinguish the Lord's "come, see my zeal for my own glory ;' they bringings from men's draggings, we shall then will point to their numbers, as a proof that know the voice of the child from the servant. God is with them; and impudently count Let us have volunteers, such as will bear wit

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ness to the power, quickening grace, redeem- , coming together will promote the good ing love and melting mercy; we shall not cause, whatever has a tendency to keep us then need to call upon such, and pray them apart, should be avoided. No minister to be baptized. They shall come which are should be left to pay his own costs; but, ready to perish. Such are not satisfied to beyond that, he ought not to stir in reserhear pretiy tales, and amusing anecdotes, ence to money; at least, not amongst the in lieu of the gospel of the Son of God. i poor of the Lord's household. I would know it will be said—but we shall not get so suggest that writers to ministers should almany hearers ;' no, I reply, nor be allowed to ways enclose a stamp, or expect no reply to amuse so many pocrites.

their communications. I often write seven These my remarks, are only personal to or eight letters in a day; but if it be but those who are verily guilty ; and to such I three-pence in a day, on an average, it is just say, if the cap fits you, then wear it; and may eighteen-pence per week, or £4 per annum. the great Master of assemblies make you This is a serious task upon £80 or £90 ashamed of your work; and teach you the per annum. good and the right way.

I mean no offence to the honest soberAnother ground of disunion amongst minded christian with others, I am not ministers, is the covering up a wrong con- concerned. I have written in the sincerity duct. The Lord knoweth, we are all frail, of my heart, and what, through grace, I hope and fall before himn seven times a day; he to practice. who walks nearest to God, will need the felt Wishing you much success in your many blood of atonement upon his best performed labours of love, believe me your's in the love service; but when men trifle with sin, nd, of our great Immanuel, having fallen, justify themselves in it, from

Wm. FELTON. such we are to withdraw; this they call per- New Town, Deptford, Nov. 18th, 1848. secution ; the Lord knoweth, the great sinner who writes these lines, has need to magnify [We have read the above communication with the amazing riches of divine mercy; and to a

painful feelings; and if we were not fearfully fallen but recovered brother, I feel it a sacred persuaded that bold, presumptuous, unpleasure to hold out the heart and hand of clean, and covetous men stand in the friendship. We should rejoice, at the return- ministry in what may be called our deing of the prodigal ; and those whom we be- nomination,' we should not have inserted it. lieve are restored by the Lord, we should hail But, we know it to be as much our duty as our brethren. Forgave it Í, saith Paul, in to warn the churches against spiritual the person of Christ:' but to justify the wicked wickedness in high places, as it is our desire for a reward; and to cover nien's sins because (instrumentally) to pick up poor downof their purse, is awful conduct in a professed cast souls out of low places. Our brother minister of truth ; are there none such in our

Felton has spoken faithfully; but we have denomination? Let us make diligent search,

long desired to see Paul's conduct withand each put that soul-rending question to standing Peter face to face carried into himself, 'Lord, is it I ?' We ought also to practice. Ed.] be extremely careful how we recommend a minister to a people, without a full knowledge

On the Close of the Year. of his character ministerially and practically. Again, it is cause of sorrow, that those of

AMIDST the cares of every day, our brethren, whose talents are calculated for

The weeks, the months, they pass away, more public employ, do not study to serve And brings us, though we often fear, the churches as free of charge as possible;

Safely to close the present year. this was the glory of the apostle Paul. I How vast the blessings to us given, deem it extremely wrong, that where a

While we are on our road to heaven;

Tho' death we know is very near, minister is well supplied with temporals, say We're spar'd to close another year. to the amount of £200 per annum, that such should take 10s. for merely preaching an

Many who join'd with us in prayer

In the beginning of this year, anniversary sermon, from a collection mostly Have laid their clay mud cottage down, drawn from the pockets of poor working men,

And took possession of their crown. or industrious tradesmen; such conduct Ideem The crown prepared by God above, wholly unbecoming a servant of the living God.

For all who know a Saviour's love;

For those who live to him on earth, Whilst we preach against the love of money

And prove they are of heavenly birth. in our hearers, we should be anxious to pre

(), happy change-0), blessed day, vent their having occasion to say, 'Thou When we shall leave our sinful clay, art the man.' I have always ranked amongst Our happy spirits then shall rise, the poor ministers of our denomination; but

To join the chorus of the skies, I have aimed in my labours from home, Shall meet our friends that went hefore, especially amongst the poor, to make the

And God in Christ we shall adore ; gospel without chargé. And if our often

Shout victory, through redeeming blood,
And bask before the throne of God.-E. W. E.

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being under the doctor's hands, and I find “ Nevertheless."

that No affliction for the present is joyous, but grievous;' yet I would desire to feel

thankful for the nevertheless.' Oh the sweetUpavon, near Persey, Nov. 11, 1848. ness of those neverthelesses ! Solomon proved My Dear BROTHER :-Grace be with thee, I will I not take from him,' after his back

the blessing of the 'Nevertheless my kindness amen. I embrace this opportunity of sending you a line, and I trust that it will finā sliding. Nebuchadnezzar proved the sweetyou in the rich enjoyment of the blessing of his

root in the ground, when the rest part

ness of that ' Nevertheless leave the stump of the gospel of Christ. I am truly thanks of the tree was to be cut down, his fruit and ful, that, in the order of providence I leaves scattered, and his boughs and branches was directed to Trowbridge: truly, if ever broken off;' and those who are in the furnace I felt at home any where it was with of affliction shall assuredly prove the blessedyou. And what a mercy! all the dear children of the Lord being taught by the same

ness of that, “Nevertheless afterwards it

yieldeth the peaceable fruits of righteousSpirit, are led into more or less the same things; and the same truth which suits the ness to them who are exercised thereby.' souls of the Lord's regenerate family at the thankful that I am not out of Zion when I

Moreover, my brother, I would wish to be uttermost parts of the earth, is the very am in the furnace of affliction : His fire is same provision which the saints feed upon in Zion, and his furnace in Jerusalem ;' and and love who are nearer home. And blessed the name of that city, from the day of its be the Lord I have often found it very founding, shall be Jehovah Shammah: the strengthening to my own soul that when I Lord is there. Yes, he is there as a refiner have been supplying miles from my own and purifier of silver; and, mark, he sits place, I find that the testiinony I preach, as to the discriminating grace, love, and mercy there and saith, • I will turn my hand upon

there, not walking to and fro, but he sits of Jehovah is received by some, and by thee, and purely purge away thy dross, and others rejected, so that I am a sweet savour and take away all thy tin.!

Behold, I have unto some, and an ill and stinking savour refined thee, but not with silver: 'I have unto others. And further, the preaching of chosen thee in the furnace of affliction;' and these things, when received, is sure to bring this in order that the soul may bring the about union of soul between the saints of Lord an offering in righteousness. God and the servants of God; and it is such

But how few there are that know anything an union as cannot easily be broken. And

about this track. There is a generation of these things strengthen and confirm the souls of the Lord's ambassadors in the midst of professors who are clean in their own eyes,

but who have never been washed from their the conflicts and trials of this waste howling filthiness;' and, again, there are a few who, wilderness.

Truly, my brother, it is a waste howling though in their feelings are black as the wilderness, and lost and cast away should

tents of Kedar, are accepted in the beloved, we be were it not that Salvation is of the and are comely through the comeliness of Lord.' Hence for our encouragement it is Christ

, which is put upon them. written, 'He found him in a desert land; time and strength warns me to conclude. I

But, much as I could wish to enlarge, and in the waste howling wllderness he led

heard yesterday from dear Mr. Banks; if him about, he kept him as the apple of his eye.' And into what awful places should we get regards to him. I desire also to be remern

you see him, give my warmest love and my friend, if the Lord was not about our bered to brother Prior, and the Lord make bed, and about our path; and did not in him a blessing to you—friends Davis and much mercy keep us night and day. True, and Simons, with all those who love our the Lord's people do slip and slide, some of Lord in sincerity. I purpose dropping a them into open sin, all into secret sin, so line to brother Prior in a day or two. that they have need with the poet to exclaim,

I have not forgotten what you said about Nothing in my hand I bring,

that sermon for the Vessel; it has exercised Simply to thy cross I cling;

my mind, and, if the Lord see good, I may Naked come to thee for dress,

send it to our friend and brother Banks of Sinful plead thy righeousness,

the Vessel. Black I to the fountain fly,

I conclude, desiring that your cause may Wash me Jesus, or I die.”

prosper, and your soul be fruitful in every

good word and work. With kind love and My pathway, at the resent, is very dark, christian regards to you and your dear and lies through much tribulation ; but it is partner in life, believe me, dear brother, to the appointed way to the kingdom. My ill- remain very truly your's in the gospel,

JOSEPH RUDMAN. ness has very much increased since I left Trowbridge, so that I am obliged to lie by, To Mr. Joseph Purnell, Trowbridge.


The last Moments of Mr. Coleman. there is no bottom to it except despair : so

you will be able to judge a little of my feelDEAR BROTHER :- I have forwarded you ings. I began with all my might to work the account of the death of our aged bro- myself out of this very miserable place. I ther Coleman, as it may be of interest to was then sitting under preaching that did the readers of the Vesseł, whose edification not profit me; and as the minister was about I desire. Your's, &c. JAS. BLAKE. leaving, I was in hopes that one would come 14, Southampton Row, New Road, London. that would be a helper to me; but, alas ! I

was quite disappointed; for they bind On Wednesday, October 4th, our brother heavy burdens on poor weak souls, grievous Coleman, pastor of the Baptist Church, to be borne.' I found this last man's little Bexley Heath, Kent, fell asleep in Jesus. Of his last moments it might, indeed, be finger more weighty than the whole body of said 'his end was peace.' Four things his the other man's ministry, which made me

But dying breath gave expression to as being cry out for help from a higher source. sufficient for him, 'love, blood, power, and I had not then learned, as I trust I have righteousness. Úpon the experience of now, that it was not then my time for these he was enabled, by grace, to breathe deliverance; "for there is a set time to his soul into the hands of that God whose favour Zion. Thus I had to go through covenant stands for ever sure.

seas of sorrow before I came into the place Sabbath, October 15.- His death was im- of rest that I longed for. proved at Bexley Heath Chapel by Mr. Hamblin, and at Lessness Heath by James you, for I secretly began to fear that it

Now, indeed, I have something to tell Blake. It was at the latter place where would soon be all over with me in this world, our late brother Coleman was first set apart to the ministry, nearly forty years

as I felt my bodily health and strength fast since. Thus, while he is before the throne, declining, and thought I should never have wearing the crown bought with blood, the the privilege of hearing a gospel ministry scenes of his labour remain for others to any more, and that I should be a cast away occupy. May the Lord continue to be after all; and my case appeared to me much gracious in raising up his own servants worse than that of those who had never heard to preach the gospel in this truth-barter the gospel, nor known God at all. Oh dear! ing and Christ-dishonouring age,

I cannot tell you one-third of my feelings, Lessness Heath..

J. II. B.

for the dismal forebodings in my mind almost

drove me to distraction. And the minister Letter addressed to Mr. Garrard. and people being all up in arms against me

because I did not like his ministry, thus I My dear MR. GARRARD:-I had proposed had no spiritual friend on earth to speak writing to you a long time ago, but was with ; for, while in this weak state, the hindered on account of my being entangled doctor's orders were that none should come in a snare ; for the minister I had sat under to speak with me. So it was dark with me had a strong aversion to his members speak-indeed, even as darkness itself; and worse ing in favourable terms of other ministers, than all, I really began to fear that the Lord especially those who were not his favourites; himself had forsaken me; but I am thankand as you did not appear to be one of those, ful to say that the Lord is as good as his I was fearful that some one of the people word, for my hope was not quite removed would tell him that I had written to you, and from me, therefore I had a little anchor thus I be the cause of a disturbance; and at hope. Oh, how full of mercy in the midst that time there was no other place that I of judgment is the Lord! Had not this could conveniently attend. But now, having been the case, I think I must have sunk for full liberty and a seasonable opportunity, I ever into black despair; but to the praise will endeavour to relate to you some things and glory of his great name, he brought my that have befallen me since you left. In- soul up again from the depths of the earth; deed I have a copy of a letter which I did and now I ought to have nothing to do but intend sending to you, ever since Mrs. A. to praise him, for he has brought the gospel Johnson told me that you did wish to hear to be preached in our own house, which is from me. I cannot communicate to you the delight of my soul. And though my with ink and paper all that have transpired poor body is much better, I am still very concerning me since you were amongst us; weak, but hope the Lord will raise me up to but I can say, that I have had many, very glorify his holy name for all he has done for many sore conflicts with the world, the flesh, my soul. But whom the Lord loveth he and the devil,' even as others that have correcteth, even as a father corrects his travelled this road; but, through the tender children, whom he loveth ; and I have found mercy of God in Christ, am preserved until his chastisements very profitable to my soul,

For I found that all things appeared though for twelve months I went bowed to make against me (as I supposed); and down and weeping excessively for all my oh, I found myself lodged in doubting folly and foolishness, and was led to feel and castle,' which is indeed a doleful place, for' see the 'exceeding sinfulness of sin.'


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