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was not the bliss of earth. He that dwell-, dead, loathsome creature by nature. O eth in love, dwelleth in God; I cannot tell Lord, thou mightest have said of me, as you my love, nor describe the faith that Abraham said of Sarah, "bury the dead out works by love.

of my sight.” But glory, glory, glory to rich, “These are not all the expressions he ut- free, eternal, sovereign love, thou saidst tered; but from that day Providence took ' live, live!” And that I might live, thou away his reasoning faculties. Mr. I. always saidst to the Father, I wilt die for him; had a strange fear of death, a nervous ap- and all mine elect, my spouse; that they all prehension of it, and it seems to have been may live, though they are more loathsome a wise provision of the unsearchable God than Job, or Lazarus, with boils and sores, that his thoughts should not be influenced or any dead carcass, with vermin.” O love by this fear; for he died without being that passeth knowledge! O, all heaven aware of it, gently, and without a groan." sing, sing loudly the high praises of our

glorious, precious, dear and ever to be a

dored Jesus! My soul praise, praise him, The Precious Blood of Christ.

for ever and ever, amen and amen!

My dear Brother :-May the good Lord

bless you, is the prayer of your ever affecMY DEAR BROTHER IN CHRIST JESUS OUR tionate, but unworthy brother in Christ, LORD:-I have been led to meditate upon the precious blood of Christ, this morning. O

Hull, August 28, 1848. D. WILSON. what heights, and depths, what lengths, and breadths, of love, there is in this all precious blood! What'sweetness and blessedness to the soul renewed by grace! What Receiving of Christ by the Holy Ghost. infinite wisdom is manifested,

in the blood. shedding of Jesus, for such guilty, hell-de- To the Editor of the Earthen Vessel. serving creatures as we are! Who but the Dear Sir,-Allow me to submit to the coneternal God, could have found out a way to sideration of your readers, a few things which reconcile justice and mercy; and satisfy both their demands so that we might be appear to me to be of vast importance in saved ? No created being could ever have reference to a sinner's first receiving Christ devised the plan. But glory for ever, to revealed in his soul by the Holy Ghost. the Most High ; his infinite wisdom has As I find that some of high standing in the discovered a way, to satisfy both justice church have described this matter in such a and mercy; to punish sin, and yet pardon way as (in my view) to puzzle and perplex the sinner; to maintain the honor of the many sincere and upright souls. The few law-giver, and to give life to the law-break- extracts enclosed are to this end, that others er. Xereby mercy is manifested in sparing, may judge for themselves. On this subject and pardoning the rebel, and at the same I beg to offer a few remarks, which are these: time glorify justice more, and make sin to appear more odious than if the sinner him

Although the characters speaking in these self had been eternally damned for it. o dialogues may not be intended to mean any what riches of grace and glory, are seen in two persons in particular, yet, presuming the blood shedding and dying, of the only that the name of Instructor or Senior is to be begotten Son of God! This blood being the applied to the author of the dialogues, and blood of God, (Acts xx. 28) hath an infinite that he is supposed to be one who can go virtue in it, by which the church of God is before and explain to Junior the way of God purchased. This precious blood hath un- more perfectly, then is it plain that this is speakable effects-it pleads for the guilty, Samuel Eyles Pierce's Experience. But I and obtains pardon of sin, peace with God, am somewhat like Junior, “I am very dull of nearness to, and fellowship with the Fa- understanding, and I want a more clear views ther. It cleanses, heals, satisfies, and beau- of the subject." For if a sensible sinner tifies the soul; it overcomes our enemies, liberates the prisoners, opens heaven's groaning under the burden of condemnation gates, and gives boldness to enter in; it in his conscience can pass from this miseraprotects and covers from wrath. Exod. xii. ble state of soul into a state of peace, pardon 13; Rom. v. 8–11. This blood can help in and salvation, without experiencing any senall straits, deliver from all fears, and is sible comfort when brought to believe in Jesus, able to save to the uttermost. It hath saved I confess I am at a loss to account for that many, who have been brought, (under the deliverance which I trust the Lord the Spirit Spirit's teaching) to see, and feel them- wrought for my soul some years ago, when I selves unworthy of salvation; it hath given was first freed from a state of guilt and conrelief to their consciences, when the terrors demnation by an application of the peaceof the Almighty have made them afraid it hath extracted the sting of death, and speaking blood of Christ. But as I concarried them safely through its dark val- ceive that the state of a convinced sinner, ley, and landed them triumphantly on the prior to his receiving Christ, is a state of felt glorious shores of heaven. Oh, amazing guilt, and apprehended condemnation, I love of Christ Jesus! What am I, that thou cannot receive that for christian experience shouldst die for me? A vile, ugly, diseased, which knows of no comfort and consolation

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at the time when he is first brought to hear I have heard many say it is as hard a work and to receive the good news and glad tidings to believe as to make a world. of salvation by Jesus Christ.

Senior. I have nothing to do with what I am, Mr. Editor, your's sincerely, you have heard or with what others say. I Brabourne.

Elihu. can but speak according to my own knowledge [The following is an extract from a work and experience thereof. entitled, The Riches of Divine Grace

Junior. My good sir, I dare say nothing Unfolded and Exemplified, in twelve Dia- against what you have said. I know not but logues.” By Samuel Eyles Pierce. it may all be truth. All I say is, it seems to

Junior. I could wish to request you in make no difficulty of believing :-it appears the most simple and clearest manner to give to me from what you have said, that you me an account how you received Christ.

found no difficulty in believing on Christ for Senior. I most certainly will, and with

salvation. the greatest pleasure. You are to know that Senior. My dear friend, I have said all the Lord had wrought effectually on my soul you suggest, and it pleases me well that some years before I knew Christ, as he is set you have so clearly perceived what I have forth in the everlasting gospel of the blessed delivered. I have made no difficulty of beGod. When I was permitted, through his lieving it was not in all my thoughts whegood pleasure, to hear the everlasting gospel, ther I had interest in Christ or not; so that it was under the ministry of the truly excel you have clearly understood my words. lent Mr. Romain.- When I first heard him

Junior. But did you not feel some very I was exceedingly struck with the subject. sensible comfort in your soul when you first He was at that time constantly speaking con

believed ? cerning the covenant of the Eternal Three. Senior. No. Christ was the object of He used to express how the Father had laid my faith. His salvation was the subject my on Christ all sort of sin-that Christ had faith was exercised on. I was therefore taken offered himself as the sacrifice for them off myself entirely. I was not led to think that his offering had perfected for ever the concerning myself. It was no subject of putting away of sin." That the Father was importance with me what I was or what I infinitely and everlastingly well pleased with was not; but who Christ was and what he the life and death of his co-equal Son, and had done. These, in my view, were the only well pleased with that sinner who was well subjects I had any concern with. pleased with Christ. That the Holy Spirit

Junior. It may all be very right; yet if bore testimony to the truth of all this in the it be, I am confident I want a more clear word—and that there was now nothing to be view of the subject. done for salvation.

Senior. Possibly so. I can only inform I used to be all ear in hearing these im- you how I was brought to believe on the portant sentences: and my whole attention Lord Jesus Christ to the saving of my soul, being most powerfully arrested with a con- and what I believed concerning him. It sideration of the importance of what was may be, were I to tell you all I believed recontained in the subject; my mind was led garding him, and what the substance of my secretly and imperceptibly to believe on the faith is or what it consists in, you would righteousness and most precious blood-shed-think still less of my faith. ding of the Lamb of God and the Father's infinite and everlasting delight in him, and we will not enter upon this subject nowacceptance of his work, without any thought

only advise our friends to read Bunyan about faith or interest in the subject. This

and Huntington on the same.-ED.] is the way in which the Lord the Spirit led

John Bunyan says, “There is a faith that me to receive Christ. It was thus Christ men may have; and yet be nothing like was formed in my heart, and hereby I was

the saints of God." led to rest and centre in Christ for my whole time ago, written by a very great man who

Huntington says, “I read a book some salvation.

seemed to cast all law-work aside; and said Junior. But did you not experience some- it ought not to be regarded; but I trust I thing very remarkable and particular when shall be enabled to set that forth in a scripyou received Christ?

tural point of view. We know there must Senior, No, I did not. My whole mind be a beginning, and a labour too, before was engaged with the subject. Christ was there can be a birth; and so it is with my one object; all my thoughts were exer- God's children; there is a labour, sooner cised on the everlasting perfection of his or later, more or less, to bring them all righteousness and the eternal worth and vir- forth; as it is written, they are begotten tue of his blood.

with the word of truth," James i. 18; they Junior. It seems that faith is nothing ac. Micah iv. 10; are born again of the Holy

are “in pain, and labour to bring forth," 'cording to your account. I always con- Ghost, John iii. 5; and then “perfect love ceived it a great and surprising act to believe casteth out fear," and glorious liberty from in the name of the only begotten Son of God. I bondage takes place."

Mr. Skelton's Farewell Sermon at Aldringham.

(Concluded from our last.) I COME Now, secondly, to call your attention in heaven. And here I would bear solemn to the holy, solemn, and comprehensive testimony to the most awful fact our mind avowal standing in the text-'I am pure can reflect upon : namely, that every testifrom the blood of all men.' And here, be- mony declared by any man in the name of yond doubt, the apostle was reminded of Jesus Christ, which makes not, or sets not the solemn fact, that the Lord had made forth the Lord Jesus Christ as the first and him a watchman on the walls of Zion; and the last, the Alpha and the Omega, the great was forcibly arrested in the consideration all and in all” in the matter of the salof the responsibility attatched to, and con- vation of lost sinners, and thereby fails to nected with the holding of such an im- set forth fallen man as being utterly desportant office, concerning which we have a titute of will and power in the matter of full account in the chapters we have read the salvation of the never-dying soul, such this afternoon in the service of the Lord; a statement, or testimony, renders such a (the second and third chapters of the book man (as far as his testimony is concerned) of Ezekiel's prophecy) in strict accordance chargeable with the blood of all his hearers with which the Holy Ghost has declared in who give heed to, and are deluded by his Hebrews xiii. 17, when speaking of the sent uncertain, and therefore, his erroneous servants of Christ, Obey them that have the sound. And so in the consideration of this rule (that is the guide) over you, and submit solemnly awful truth, we may conclude yourselves for they watch for your souls as that every free-will preacher, every prothey that must give account, (and herein is pagator of the universality of the atonethe office and its responsibility set forth) ment, every promulgator of the so-called that they may do it with joy, and not with 'universal scheme of redemption, and grief, for that is unprofitable for you. And every teacher of the base and anti-scriptherefore Paul speaking of himself as one tural error that Jesus Christ died for the whom the Lord had made a watchman whole race of mankind, and so put, or among them, and in reference to his hav- brought mankind into a mere salvable ing for a time sustained and filled such an state, leaving the advantages or blessedoffice immediately among them, in the ness of his death to be realised according most solemn manner declares, 'I am pure to the casualty, or caprice of man's prefrom the blood of all men ;' seeing that as a sumed free-will either to choose or refuse; watchman, in the execution of my office, ! such a man, (be he who he may,) is under have given a certain sound; have not failed the very curse of God; for the Holy Ghost to blow the trumpet of alarm; and withal, saith in Paul, and by Paul—Though we, or have not ceased to warn and to caution you an angel from heaven preach any other gosagainst whatever evil has presented itself pel unto you than that ye have received, and to my view. And, therefore, as far as my which we have preached, unto you, let him be office character is concerned, and inasmuch accursed? Secondly, in such declaration of as while sustaining the same among you, the whole counsel of God he had unceasa solemn and important responsibility de- ingly pointed out and shewed the real and volved upon me, seeing I have not shunned awful state of the sinner before God, as he to declare unto you the whole counsel of is found, cursed by his law, he having God,”. “I am therefore pure from the blood failed to continue in all things written in of all men. There were three things in the book of the law to do them, and that which the apostle felt an honest and a living and dying in an unregenerate state, clear conscience, and which enabled him whether professor or profane, whether thus to acquit himself before the people, openly immoral, or touching the rightand in the sight of an heart-searching God. eousness which is in the law strictly First, he had declared the whole gospel of moral, yet it was utterly impossible that Christ, preached salvation in the name of unregenerate characters could enter into Jesus Christ, as having been eternally pro- the kingdom of glory. And thirdly, in the vided for God's elect in the person of Christ course of his ministry among the church at Jesus according to the sovereign, free, un. Ephesus, he had not ceased to warn them, alterable grace of Jehovah; and that Christ and that with a real gospel feeling of love had in his own person, and without human for their soul's sake, he being not ignorant or angelic co-operation fully and com- of satan's devices in his own heart, nor of pletely made atonement by the blood of his the crafty workings and deceitfulness of cross for the sins of all his elect family; sin in his own flesh, ceased not to warn and by his righteousness, as the righteous- them against its subtle workings, its preness of the God-man,the same being imputed vailing influence, and consequently its unto him had completely, perfectly, and just- baneful effects ; for although he well ly justified those whose sins he bore in his knew, and rejoiced in the holy belief of the own body on the tree, and that he having fin- fact and truth that no child of God could ished the work which was given him to do possibly sin himself into hell, yet he on the earth, was gone to prepare a place well knew that a child of God may and did


through the prevalency of that inbred sin to follow, and enabled to take, on his leavand corruption which abounds in his flesh, ing the church of the Lord Jesus Christ at sin an hell into his conscience, which no- Ephesus. And though I cannot say with thing short of a fresh application of aton- the apostle, in the verse preceeding my ing blood could possibly remove; and text, And now behold I know that ye all therefore in the midst of a felt sense of his among whom I have gone preaching the own infirmity, and with an holy zeal in kingdom of God, shall see my face no the cause of Christ's gospel, and being ac- more, yet circumstances have transpired tuated through the power of the Iloly and taken place among you, according to Ghost, by a fervent desire to see in the which, it bas been settled upon by you that walk, life, and conversation of his holy I am requested to resign my pastoral office brethren the fruit of the Spirit exempli- among you; since which conclusion I have fied, he ceased not to warn them against this day finished my three months (warnall innovations or inroads of error either ing) service, according to the original comin doctrine, principle, or practice, taking pact between us. This being, under present occasion at all times to expose its God circumstances, the last time of my occudis-honouring prevalency, its baneful in- pying your pulpit, so that a kind of nefluence and tendency, and withal, its des-cessity is laid upon me publicly to refer to, tructive effects, as being eventually the and state things which have taken place cause of the wrath of God coming on the among you, relative to my coming to you, children of disobedience, and intermedi, and hitherto remaining among you in the ately (the same being followed after and office I have hitherto sustained in your stood in) destructive to all the comforts and midst. And of this, one thing I am posiconsolations of God's living family. And tively assured, that the hand of the Lord so according to the third thing as stand- was evidently displayed in the case of my ing in the text, and proposed for our con- coming to you, as has been generally, alsideration, he took the elders of the church most unanimously, acknowledged. Well, at Ephesus, and by, and through them, after my having been with you in the took the whole church over the which the ministry by the space of six months I was Holy Ghost had made them overseers, to invited by seventy-two of your members to record, or to bear witness to the truth of accept your call to the pastoral office; the his assertion, 'I have not shunned to de- which, in the name of the Lord, I accepted, clare unto you the whole counsel of God, and consequently I became your acknowand in so doing, I am pure from the blood ledged and recognized pastor. But a few of all men; and he now made such solemn months had elapsed after these things, and assertions in the sight of God, and in their an eruption broke out among you, said to hearing, that they all fell on his neck, and have arisen from personal quarrels between kissed him, and wept sore sorrowing, most some of you, so that some of your members, of all for the words which he spake, that (headed by one who had been for many they should see his face no more; thus years considered a prominent man among establishing the fact of their giving full you) wholly deserted your ranks by withassent and consent to the solemn truths drawing their attendance, and proceeding, contained in his most pathetic and affec- as a divided party, to assemble themselves tionate farewell address.

together in a separate place, to hold prayer O! brethren, facts are stubborn things; meetings, the principal man among them and the great truths of God, and the de- undertaking, at times, to expound the claration of them will admit of calling God, scriptures; these all declaring the reason and angels, with the whole hosts of men of their so acting was on account of my and devils, and a man's own conscience to ministry ; since which period some of such witness to them, and for them. And party have been separated from your comwherever there is a man sent forth to munion as a church for various reasons, minister in these holy things among the well known to God and to us, and all the people of God, in the name of the Almighty others by the reason of their acting conand Omnipotent Jesus, he having received trary to the order of this church, and in his message and mission from the Lord my soul's judgment, according to the order himself, such a man shrinks not from an of the gospel, they have been adjudged to investigation of all the things he has been be under your censure for disorderly confound preaching in the course of his min- duct, and consequently have been susistry, while a consciousness of the purity pended from your communion as a church, of his motives, the integrity of his heart, until an acknowledgment of their error be and the holiness or uprightness of his made manifest unto you. Now in the pursuit, inspires him with such boldness midst of all these things, the one party that he is enabled to rejoice that the glo- has been laying the blame and the fault rification of Christ in connection with the upon the other in vice versa manner, while edification of the church, was, and ever in the main, it is generally represented will be, the great object he aims at. that it is on my account the absenting

I come now, in conclusion, to the fourth party continue to absent themselves. But, proposition, as proposed in my discourse; to come to the point, some of your members, which was to follow the same line of things still in full communion, being fearfully on my leaving you, as a church of Christ, apprehensive that the congregation has at Aldringham, as the apostle was prompted | fallen off, as to numbers, since my coming among you, have considered that by my firming that 'Except a man be born again, removal the congregation would increase, of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the and a returning of others would be seen, to kingdom of God; and, concerning the their satisfaction, they have upon these con- Lord's living family among you, I have siderations, by a majority of two, three, or not ceased to warn you day and night, not four, signified their request and desire that concerning a liability of your falling into I should resign my pastoral office; which, endless hell, or the danger of your falling according to their request, I now do, beseech- from the grace given and secured unto ing the Lord, that in his holy eye-sight, you, as by the oath of each divine Person I have been the means of causing discord in the Godhead in the Person of Christ, or division among the people, by any con. who is your eternal living head, and ye trariety on my part to his truth, either in members in him, but I have warned you my ministry, in my public, or private life, against all the inroads of error, not shunto make it manifest in my removal. And ning to point out the evil of those things, if the wishes of a majority of the members into the which, if permitted to fall, brings of this church has been inspired by him- guilt into the conscience, darkness into the and if his glory be the chief object they mind, leanness into the soul, and woe into have in view, in my removal-may he the feelings. And therefore, in the words abundantly bless their undertakings by of my text I conclude my present minisfilling this chapel with crowded congrega- trations among you-'Wherefore, I take tions, and bringing back absenting mem- you to record this day, that I am pure bers with weeping and with supplication, from the blood of all men, for I have not and restoring them to the communion of shunned to declare unto you the whole this church ; and may he add continually counsel of God.' And may the Lord add to your numbers daily such as are saved his blessing, for his name and mercy sake. in the Lord Jesus Christ with an everlast- Amen and amen. ing salvation. And here, in the discharge of an honest conscience, I testify to the satis

W. SKELTON, S.S. faction, joy, and comfort of my heart, that I feel happier in leaving this church, under existing circumstances, by a dismissal

Spiritual Desires. than to have been permitted to fall into the trap and snare which many a man in the

One sight of thee, dear Lord, ministry has fallen into; that is, to have

Destroys the love of sin, gone about to seek out, or to look up, either

Do thou that sight afford, in a direct, or indirect manner another

And keep the conscience clean. place and people, and having secretly

Oh draw the heart above, settled and arranged matters to the gra

To find its all in thee; tifying of the flesh, then tender in what I

Fix, fix it in thy love, call a canting, lying, hypocritical resigna

And say “abide in me.' tion to the church among whom they have

As branches in the vine been, therein stating that they see the

Themselves can nothing do, hand of the Lord in such matter, and that

So they who, Lord, are thine, it appears to them to be the mind and will

This feelingly must know. of the Lord that they must so resign. Now, bless the Lord, I have been blessedly pre

Teach, teach the secret, Lord, served from such a deceptive line of things,

What 'tis to abide in love; in the midst of all my temptations; and

Thou living, quick’ning Word,

Let us the mystery prove. having come to you honest, through the good hand and grace of my God, I shall

Turn thou our souls away leave you honest in the sight of God and of

From self, the world, and sin;
But enough of these things; per-

And say, oh Jesus! say, haps some will say, too much. But in the

My word hath made you clean, midst of these things, I take you to record

Preserve us, Lord, from all this day, that I am pure from the blood of

That would our souls beguile; all men, for I have not shunned to declare

We at thy footstool fall, unto you the whole counsel of God,'having

In mercy, on us smile, had but one object in view, in the whole

Oh, let thy joy remain ! tenor of my ministry, from the first day

Our hearts, Lord, with it fill, until now, and that has been to declare the

We would thee, Lord, detain, whole counsel of God in preaching the glo

Give strength to do thy will. rious gospel of the blessed God. But to conclude, having not shunned to

Fruit, fruit's the proof of life,

It glorifies the Lord ; declare unto you the whole counsel of God,

Purge, purge us with thy knife, I take this church and congregation, this

Thou circumcising Word. day, to record, and to bear witness that 'I am pure from the blood of all men ;' hav

Unfruitful souls, ere long, ing fully and constantly declared the state,

Thou, Lord, wilt take away ;

Then keep our souls among condition, and danger in which the dead in

The few who watch and pray. sins are found whether professors, or openly

G. H. profane, moral, or immoral, constantly af


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