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As there is a difference between an apple

The Good Old Way. tree, and a tree full of apples, so is law to gospel : and this ministration is a tree full

A letter addressed to Mr, Thomas Poock. of apples, it gives life, righteousness, and peace; and with its fruits Jesus fills the DEARLY beloved friend, and often thougbt treasuries of his people.

of, may grace, mercy, and peace attend II. But now we have the gifts and qualifications. In the 68th Psalm we are told you and yours through this vale of tears. that Jesus received, but here that he

I have had it in my heart a long time to

gave gifts. Well, this is blessed; he gives to us write to you; but have never until now what his Father hath given him. But he let it come out. And what has made it gives them to whom he will; he gives by fresh upon my mind is, a friend of mine measure, and in proper order, so that some in London has sent me some numbers of ministers are as feet, others as hands, the Earthen Vessel, and in perusing others as eyes, or ears. Some like the feet must walk in mud and miro; but such I do them, I find a letter there written by you; not envy. But still I know that sometimes namely, 'The Lily among Thorns,' which one man must be feet, eyes, ears and all, endears the name afresh to my mind. or else he will not meet the case of his O how often have I to look back to the people.

III. Work. You must work, my, brother. days of fair Eden, when God met with Do not let it be said that he always preaches my soul under your ministry; when first the same sermon; neither say, 'I had no I heard the sound of saved from the text till I came into the pulpit; for this damning power of sin;' when I longed often savours of pride. If you have no for the return of the Sabbath day. When matter, then take the natural sense of a passage which is full and rich : and abide my tramels of sin were knocked of, then by the scope and drift of the subject. Give my soul was set at liberty; then af

my yourself plenty of room, and be careful in fections were raised to things above; then taking detatched words, lest you injuro or I could run in the ways of God with lose the connexion. And to ensure variety pleasure and delight. It was then I lived of idea, and vehicle for thought, read all beneath his smiles, and part of heaven you can, and what you can, and thus you may collect much that will serve for box, possessed: and up to this very day I look bag, or basket to convey treasure to the upon you as the honoured instrument in people. Get as many scullery maids as the hands of God for building me up, you can to wait on her majesty the queon. and establishing my soul in the doctrines As a tutor, do not let your pupils overtake of grace. I look back sometimes to that you ; learn by night while they sleep: nor happy period, and think what peaceful pulpit of loitering away an hour you owed hours I then enjoyed, to the people ; for the Lord's servants have • How sweet their memory still.' no time for loitering: "Iv. The ends and designs. And first since we parted, and chequered has been

Nearly seven years have rolled away the perfecting of the saints. word perfect has various applications; viz., my pathway since then : often like the to number, to quantity, to quality, to sta- Israel of old my soul has been disture, to the knowledge of any science, trade, couraged because of the way; but I or business. If the people have wrong think the Lord hath helped me; he that notions they are imperfect, &o. Secondly, first taught me to pray, he has still heard build; and this is done by collecting ma- my prayer, and having obtained help of terials, and laying them on the rock ; by my God, I continue unto the present. You nursing, babes, by feeding, and by edu- are well aware, my dear sir, that what cating them, “In the evening it devolved on brother with the church, what with the devil, and

with business, what with the world, what Foreman, from the absence of others, to address the church, which he did from what with self, there is plenty to dis. James ii. 12, 13; and through the goodness courage : and I have thought sometimes of the Lord he was enabled to say many that if I had not a throne of grace to go precious things. On the subject of adop- to, and a friend to tell my misery, grief, tion he was very clear and beautiful; but and tale of woe to, I should be of all men as space fails me, can only say that the

the most miserable. It is there my sorday closed very pleasantly; and the congregations, which had been very good rows sometimes subside, and I am helped through the day, dispersed. And may the to leave all things at the bottom of the blessing then in a measure enjoyed, richly hill; and sometimes when so dark in my rest on our friends and brethren at Had- mind that I cannot see my way, the Star low. Amen.

W. C. P.

of Bethlehem shines with more than angel brightness, my prospects again look cheering, and I thank God and take when He shall be a consuming fire to courage. what a friend is Christ to the wicked; then his mindfulness to his me! If we could take our walks a little saints shall be as new and fresh as ever ; oftener to the mount of Calvary, and to and when millions of poor sinners shall Gethsemane's sacred grove, and gaze groan out under the justice of the eternal upon that tragic deed, and see our Lord God, may it be your happiness and mine to wade through seas of blood, in order that join the assembly of the first-born! Ah, we might bathe in seas of bliss, me-thenthinks it would sweeten the bitters of life, and help us to consider him that en

O how pleasant the conqueror's song. dured such contradiction of sinners

The Lord prosper you in the great against himself, so that we should not be work of the ministry, if it be his dear so weary, and faint in our minds. What will. While I subscribe myself a debtor a mercy to look prospectively, and to to mercy alone, brought to know it by have a good hope through grace, that Thomas Poock’s preaching at Eden when this poor body shall sleep in the Chapel, Cambridge, dirty tomb, the spirit shall mount to the

plains of paradise, and gaze with extatic
pleasure on him that died for me- Cottenham, June 15.

This is the man--the exalted man, [An experimental Letter by, dr. Puock, in
Whom I unseen adore;,

answer to this, in our next.)
But when my eyes behold his face,

My heart shall love him more.
I have been thinking of the Lord's

Consolation for the Christian. mindfulness to poor sinners before time, in time, and after time. His mindful- | “But ye are a chosen generation, a peculiar people.' ness before time shines conspicuous in

Ye are a holy nation, the sacred page: the fixed, unalterable,

Ye people of the Lord, determination of the Trinity was, that

À chosen generation the church of his love should be saved;

For so declares his word;

How wonderful the features and his busy thoughts ran upon the plan,

That unto you belong,

The firstfruits of his creatures, and the way in which it was to be

To him address your song brought about; and that blest covenant that is the stable base of my soul, was

A royal priesthood bearingthen found

Come pay your willing vows,

As lively stones appearing-
In all things ordered well.'

A spiritual house,

Jehovah's favoured dwelling, This shews the mindfulness of God before

Where he will still abide, the wheels of time began to move, and

And in his eyes excelling

Each dwelling place beside. in the fulness of time the God-man Me. diator steps forth from his hallowed

Ye are the Lord's own portion,

Ye happy, happy few, secrecy, and clothed himself in the rai

Of all earth's wide creation ment of feeble flesh, and shrouded his

He loveth only you;

He form'd you for his glory, glories beneath the form of a man of

Ye shall show forth his praise, sorrows, and laid himself under obliga

And tell the blissful story tion to cancel the mighty debt, and al

To everlasting days. though it cost him his life and blood;

Oh Israel ! blest for ever, yet he, by his omnipotent arm, hurled

Who can with thee compare, the mountain into the depths of the sea

Thy King will thee deliver

From every hurtful snare; of sacrifice, there to perish from the

His mighty arm around thee gaze of God and man, and, as I have

Is placed for thy defence,

And though thy foes surround thee, heard you say, Satan can't find them ;

They cannot pluck thee thence. the church can't find them; and God, blessed be his dear name, will never give

True, the mountains may depart,

The hills become a plain, himself the trouble to look for them. O

But on thy Saviour's heart bless the Lord, my soul! Ah, my friend,

Thou ever must remain;

Thy God rejoices o'er thce, and when time shall cease to be, and a

As the bridegroom o'er the bride; confused world shall tumble into a dis

He will bring thee safe to glory,

And in love rest satisfied. ordered chaos, and the wheel of time shall be swallowed up in vast eternity, Portsmouth.


Prosperity in Zion.

Cave. (Ah, my brother, you and I know A Scrap from Cave Adullam, High Wycomb.

from whence such inclinations proceed.)

Well, he came (although he had often WITH respect to our little cause, we have wished the chapel burnt down); and, as great reason for thankfulness, for the God would have it, a spark from the Lord has done and is doing great things gospel anvil, darted into his soul, which for us, whereof we are glad. "When bro-caused such a revolution there, as he ther Evans first came amongst us we had never felt before, so much so that his were sunk very low indeed; for at that old enmity, and prejudices, and free-will time we could scarcely muster twenty at was cut up root and branch, and he besupper time, but through the tender came very zealous and willing to be usemercy of our God we have greatly in- ful in every way he could, and very soon creased: during little more than the three became a teacher in the Sabbath school, years that brother Evans has been here, and in less than a year became a candihe has baptized twenty-one, I believe ; date for baptism, and was baptized as besides, several have been added from aforesaid: so that these evidences, with other churches ; and others which had many more that might be mentioned, are wandered away in the cloudy and dark day great cause for thankfulness. Our conhave returned, so that now when all the gregation has also very much increased, family come together at supper time, we so that often at the evening service we muster, I think, sixty-one, so we are con- can' hardly find room for them; and, strained to say, what hath God wrought? blessed be God, we have great comfort May we not justly conclude, that we are and peace among ourselves, and very about midway between Mispeth and Shen? evidently feel the Lord's presence among for in turning over the leaves of Reve- us. And now may our crowned Lord lation, we have found the old monumen- accompany with his blessing the contents tal stone “ Ebezener !” and we have had of the Earthen Vessel, is the humble many blessed opportunities of pouring prayer of an unbleached village preacher, fresh oil upon the top of it, and adopting Wycomb, Aug. 11, 1848. W. Steers. . the old motto, “ Hitherto the Lord hath helped us." One of our happiest_seasons was on the first sabbath in July,

The Fountain of Life. when brother Evans baptized two men; one a widower, whose wife, before her [The following lines were composed by a death, regularly attended with us, but

young man on the eve of his joining a

Baptist church, but who was taken home was consumptive, and gradually wasted to glory before that event took place. away, but witnessed a good confession, They were given to us by Mr. Gwinnell, and died in the faith. Her husband at

of Greenwich, for publication.] that time was in a state of ignorance, but FARE ye well, ye phantom pleasures, after the death of his wife (which affected That lave held my heart so long !

Fare ye well, ye cankering treasures, him very much) he attended with us very

That inspire the worldling's song! regularly, and it appears, got entangled Vain your efforts, vain your efforts, in the gospel net, and was baptized as

My departure to prolong. afore stated. The other man was not

Pure immortal pleasures flowing

From Immanuel's wounds I see; Alexander the coppersmith, but Joseph Boundless treasures, rich and glowing, the blacksmith, whose history is some- Every day more full, more free. what remarkable, as it will appear. His

What a mercy, what a mercy,

I can say they are for me. wife, about two years ago, was constrained

Yes, on me that precious fountain by a power unknown to her, to come to

Has its efficacy proved ; the Cave, where the Lord met with her, Though my sins rose like a mountain, and after a time she was a candidate for

By it they are all remov'd.

And what thousands, and what thousands, baptism ; her husband at that time was Through it have their title prov'd. exceedingly mad against her being bap- Yes, what myriads, now in glory, tized; he abused her, and threatened to

One another oft remind,

With the never--dying story beat her, so that the poor thing was at her wits end; but she persevered, and And with rapture, and with rapture, was baptized, and he did not put his

Join the worship so refin’d. threats into execution, but was more calm Every day to this blest river,

May í ne'er forget to go;
than could have been expected; however,
not very long after her baptism, he felt That could love a sinner so.
inclined to come with his wife to the

Blessed fountain, blessed fountain,
May it ever near me flow.

How he first their hearts inclin'd.

And when cleans'd adore the Giver


What is a Heavenly Call ? vanity and vexation of spirit ; it looks,

at God, and trembles with filial fear,

lest he, the Judge of all the earth, KIND, affectionate, and sympathising should one day cut him off as a cumberer friend, and sister too, I trust, in the faith of the ground; indeed, from its very of God's elect; saved in the LORD JEHOVAH with an everlasting salvation; that Scripture fulfilled, They that be

movements and breathings you shall see called to be a saint by an holy and hea- lieve shall not make haste.'

Again, the venly calling, through the abundant soul thus made sensible and sensitive, grace of our Lord, and that because he being actuated by or from a divine prindelighteth in mercy,

But is this the truth Miss Mary—That you are called fies from that which is bad, and comes

ciple, power, or supernatural influence ; with an heavenly calling ? Have you forth to the light with an earnest desire been quickened into eternal life by the to be instructed, led, and guided in the Eternal Spirit of all truth? Raised

right way, and so it waits and listens at from a state of stupor, lethargy, wretch- the posts of the doors, and gates of righedness and woe-brought, I say, now teousness, if so be it may meet with a to be a poor penitent sinner at the foot- token for good; it hears of God, as the stool of mercy, with weeping and suppli- great and terrible One, He who can dash cations? Is mercy all your plea ? Is whole worlds to death, and make them blood and righteousness all your plea? when he please, and none dare say,' What Are you constrained, by the love of God, doest thou? Further, this living soul hears being shed abroad in the heart, to wor- of a decree and purpose gone forth from ship God in Spirit and in truth ? Has the everlasting on behalf of a people formed Holy Ghost so convinced you of the sin to shew forth his praise, and wonders if it and depravity of your own evil heart,

was there; it hears of God giving them that you have been obliged from real ne- to his dear Son, and wonders if it was cessity (like poor Lot of old) to fly for there ; it hears of their names being refuge and shelter in the Rock of eternal written in the Lamb's Book of Life, and ages, and with ardent desires, from a wonders if it was there; it hears of bearbroken and a contrite heart, to cry

ing them on his heart, and wondersRock of ages shelter me,

Am I there? it hears of God the Son beLet me hide myself in thee”. coming incarnate, and thus making maOther refuge have I none,

nifest the union to his people, and Hangs my helpless soul on thee?” wonders if it was there; it hears of his But, perhaps you will say, 6. What is a dying the ignominious death of the hearenly call? And how shall I know cross, the just for the unjust, and won. it ? To this I answer, by the effects or ders if it was there; it hears of his rising consequences which immediately follow. again for their justification, and wonders First, the call is triune, the love of God if it was there; it hears of his ascending the eternal Father; the grace of God upon high to make intercession for his the eternal Son, made known, or be people to plead his own merits, blood, and gotten in the soul by the quickening in- righteousness for those who cannot pray Anence and power of God the eternal for themselves; yea, for those who someSpirit of all truth, the third person in times are afraid to pray, and wonders if the ever-blessed Trinity. Secondly, the he rememberd me, wretched meeffects or consequences. This call by

“The vilest of them all.”' grace, conquers, subdues, and overpowers My dear sister-this I believe to be, in heart; sets the man on his feet; illumi- measure, the movements, breathings, and

desires of a regenerated soul, and to such nates the mind; gives a seeing eye; an God says, ' My son, give me thine heart ; hearing, listening, and attentive ear; be- I will fulfil thy desires, I will hear thy sides writing death and destruction every thing short of God and godliness, cry, and I will save.the soul becomes like one just awoke out

“ His heart is made of tenderness,

His bowels melt with love." of deep sleep; it stands, and looks, and wonders what has befallen it; disturb- But I do not say that he will not hide ance takes place in the mind as to what the purpose of his grace to make it better had better be done, and where to go. It known. looks around, and pronounces all to be May the Lord, in his mercy, keep,


guide, and lead you into all truth, and whelm him; and he fell, almost lifeless, to give you praying breath and sincere de- the ground. When he had revived a little, sires for his honor and his glory. And I all he could do was to raise a fervent prayer say get wisdom, and with all thy getting him, or that he must sink under a view get understanding, that thou mayest of his ineffable glory. When able to reflect know that good and perfect will of God. on his situation, he could not but abhor

And while it is his glory to conceal a himself as a weak and despicable worm, thing, may it be your honor to search it and seemed to be overcome with astonishout. Read his word, and seek his face insufficient, had ever dared to attempt the

ment that a creature so unworthy, and by prayer.

instruction of his fellow men, in the nature “Let not thy heart despond and say,

and attributes of so glorious a Being. OverHow shall I stand the trying day,

staying his usual time, some of his elders His sacred word declares to thee,

went in search of him, and found him prosThat as thy day thy strength shall he. trate on the ground, unable to rise, and

incapable of informing them of the cause. “The Lord whom thou seekest

They raised him up, and after some time Will not tarry long:

brought him to the church, and supported For to him the weakest

him to the pulpit, which he ascended on Is dear as the strong.

his hands and knees, to the no small as"Remember one thing,

tonishment of the congregation. He reOh, may it sink deep,

mained silent for a considerable time, Our Shepherd and King

earnestly supplicating Almighty God to Cares much for his sheep."

hide himself from him, that he might be

enabled to address his people, who were by All these things, with more than I can this time lost in wonder to know what had ask or think, may he grant unto us, and produced this uncommon event. His prayers his name shall have all the praise. So were heard; and he became able to stand prays your unworthy companion, and up by holding the desk. He now began

the most affecting and pathetic address servant for Jesu's sake,

that the congregation had ever received JOHN COATES. from him. He gave a surprising account

of the views he had of the infinite wisdom A Ray of Glory from Heaven: of God, and greatly deplored his own in

capacity to speak to them of a Being so SATAN. infinitely glorious beyond all his powers

of description. He attempted to show MR. EDITOR :—Believing you are greatly something of what had been discovered to exercised in your soul at times by some of him of the astonishing wisdom of Jehothese fiery darts of the enemy, and that vah, of which it was impossible for human many servants of God are readers of your nature to form adequate conception. He useful publication, I have thought that the then broke out into so fervent and exfollowing narrative would be read with pressive a prayer, as greatly to surprise great thankfulness to him who hath said, the congregation, and to draw tears from by the mouth of his apostle, 'But will with every eye; a sermon followed ; which conevery temptation make a way of escape, cluded the solemn service, and made a lastthat ye may be able to bear it.-W. F.

ing impression on many of the hearers. Mr. W. Tennent, late minister of the A short period after this, on an evening gospel, at Freehold, New Jersey, in Ame- preceeding the Sabbath, he was led to dweli rica, was eminently owned and honoured on a subject which he intended to speak of God in the work of the ministry. So from the following day, and though favored deep were the exercises of his soul, that he with further insight into the subject on was at times greatly weakened by the the morning of the day, he was all at once way. On one occasion he was attending assaulted with the temptation that the the duties of the Lord's Day in his own Bible, which he then held in his hand, was congregation, as usual, where the custom not of divine authority, but the invention was to have the morning and evening ser- of man. He instantly endeavoured to revice with only half-an-hour's intermission, pel the temptation by prayer, but his to relieve the attention; he had preached endeavours proved unavailing. The tempin the morning, and in the intermission tation continued, and fastened on him with had walked into the woods for meditation; greater strength, as the time advanced for he was reflecting on the infinite wisdom of public service. The thoughts and openings God, as manifested in all his works, and up of the word on his pre-meditated subparticularly in the wonderful method of ject were gone. He tried other subjects, salvation, through the death and suffer- but could get nothing for the people. The ings of his beloved Son. This subject sud- whole book of God, under that distressing denly opened upon his mind with such a dispensation, was a sealed book to him; flood of light, that his views of the glory and, to add to his affliction, he was, to use and the infinite majesty of Jehovah were his own words,' shut up in prayer;' a cloud, so inexpressibly great, as entirely to over-| dark as that of Egypt, oppressed his mind,






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