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6. But I truft that 6. As to my self, I doubt not, A. D. 57: ye

Thall know that we but when I come among them, are not reprobates. to show my own Apostleship, by Characters plain enough in the Punishments I am like to inflict upon them. 7. Now I pray to

7. In the mean while, I pray God that ye do no God none of them may remain evil; not that we so obstinate, as to give me the sad should appear approv. Occasion of showing my Autho- . ed, but that ye lhould do that which is ho- should reform, than I take the

rity ; I had much rather they neft, though we be as reprobates.

Opportunity of proving my Pow

them. 8. For we can do 8. Only be it never so severe, nothing against the I must promote the Honour of truth, but for the the Gospel Religion, and cannot truth.

neglect it. 9. For we are glad 9. 'Tis a much greater Pleawhen we are weak, sure to me, to have my Hands and ye are strong: held from punishing, by their and this also we wish, timely Repentance. For it is even your perfection. the spiritual Good and Benefit of you all that I chiefly aim at, and most heartily wish for. 10. Therefore I

10. And therefore I give them write these things be- this previous Notice, to prevent ing absent, left being the severe Use of my Apoftolical present I should use Authority upon them, which I Tharpness, according always endeavour to manage in to the power which so tender and prudent a Manner, the Lord hath given me to edification, and

as may best aniwer the wise Ends not to destruction.

for which Christ invested me with

it, viz. the Reformation rather than the Punishment * of Offenders.

11. Finally, bre- 11. And thus, Dear Brethren, thren, farewel : be I take my present Leave of you. perfect, be of good Regulate + and perfect whatever com



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Chap. x. 8.
+ Ver. 11. Kerastiese, Be perfe&t, or be reformed. 'Ara-
Tangle Ta'adirovla, Mend wbar is amifs. Cbryfoftom. And
Lee Le Clerc upon this Place,

with you.

A. D. 57. comfort, be of one is amiss among you, exhort and

mind, live in peace; encourage one another to it; enand the God of love deavour to become an uniform and peace shall be and peaceable Society, and then

God, the Author of Peace and Love, will not fail to support and bless you.

12. Greet one ano- 12. Salute one another with ther with an holy your usual Kiss of Love and Chakiss.

rity. 13. All the saints

13. All the Christians of these

Parts, falute you. 14. The grace of 14. The Favour and Love of our Lord Jesus Chrift, CHRIST JESUS, the Love and the love of God, of GOD the FATHER, and and the communion the Communion of the Gifts of of the holy Ghost, be the HOLY GHOST, be with with you all. Amen.

you all. Amen. 9 The Second Epic The Second Epistle to the CoAle to the Corin

rinthians, written from Phithians, was writ

lippi, a City of Macedonia, ten from Philip

by Titus and Luke, Anno pi, a City of Macedonia, by Ti.

Dom. 57, the latter End of

the Year, tus and Lucas.

Salute you.

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