New description of Blenheim [&c., by W.F. Mavor.]. [on large paper. cm.22].

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Slatter and Munday, 1803

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Page 121 - The language of our fathers. Here he dwelt For many a cheerful day. These ancient walls Have often heard him, while his legends blithe He sang ; of love, or knighthood, or the wiles Of homely life : through each estate and age, The fashions and the follies of the world With cunning hand portraying.
Page 88 - Yet hence the Poor are cloath'd, the Hungry fed; Health to himself, and to his Infants bread The Lab'rer bears: What his hard Heart denies, His charitable Vanity supplies.
Page 103 - Troops. The Battle was bloody : the Event decisive. The Woods were pierced : The Fortifications trampled down. The Enemy fled.
Page 94 - Reconciled various, and even opposite, Interests; Acquired an Influence Which no Rank, no Authority can give, Nor any force, but that of superior Virtue: Became the fixed important Centre, Which united in one common Cause The principal States of Europe; Who by Military Knowledge, and irresistible Valour, In a long Series of uninterrupted Triumphs, Broke the Power of France, When raised the highest, when exerted the most; Rescued the Empire from Desolation; Asserted and confirmed the Liberties of...
Page 94 - Bavarians, Near the Village of Blenheim, On the Banks of the Danube, By JOHN DUKE OF MARLBOROUGH, The Hero, not only of his Nation, but of his Age ; Whose Glory was equal in the Council and in the...
Page 95 - III beheld this formidable Union of two Great, and once Rival Monarchies. At the end of a Life spent in defending the Liberties of EUROPE, He saw them in their greatest danger. He provided for their security in the most effectual manner. He took the Duke of Marlborough into His Service. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary To the States General of the United Provinces, The Duke contracted several Alliances, before the Death of King William.
Page 95 - General of the United Provinces, The Duke contracted several Alliances, before the Death of King William. He confirmed and improved these, He contracted others, after the Accession of Queen ANNE: and re-united the Confederacy, which had been dissolved at the end of a former war, in a stricter and firmer League.
Page 46 - ... delightful prospect of the declivity descending to the water, and the gradual ascent of the groves which cover the opposite hill. NB In the Galleries of the Attic Story there is a large Collection of Family Portraits, by different Masters. THE CHAPEL. This is one of the wings : in which is a superb Monument to the memory of the first Duke and Duchess, by Rysbrack. They are represented with their two sons, who died young, as supported by Fame and History. Beneath, in a basso relievo, is the taking...
Page 12 - This victory being atchieved on the second day of August, 1704, it was enacted, " That on the same day of every year for ever, the inheritors of his Grace's honours and titles should render at WINDSOR to her Majesty, her heirs and successors, one standard or colours, with three fleursde-lis painted thereon, as an acquittance for all manner of rents, suits, and services due to the Crown.
Page 102 - Lisle was animated by Assurances of Relief. The French assembled all their Force. They marched towards the Town. The Duke of MARLBOROUGH offered them Battle, without suspending the Siege. They abandoned the Enterprize.

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