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Books published by Sherwood, Neely, and Jones.


15. Bell's Travels from St. Peters- 21. Barrow's Travels in Southern

burgh to Pekin

Pocock's Travels through Egypt 16. Bruce's Travels in Abyssinia Wood's Journey to Palmyra Maupertuis and the FrenchAcademicians' Journey to measure a Degree of Latitude in the Arctic Circle Maupertuis'Journey to Lapland Hamilton's Tour in Calabria 17. Smollett's Travels through France and Italy

18. Brydone's Tour through Sicily and Malta

Swinburne's Travels in Spain Wraxall's Tour through the Western, Southern, and Interior Provinces of France Wraxall's Tour through the Northern parts of Europe, particularly Copenhagen,

Stockholm, and Petersburgh 19. Moore's View of Society, &c. in France, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy

Coxe's Travels in Switzerland 20. Pallas's Travels through the

Southern Provinces of the
Russian Empire
Macartney's Embassy to the
Emperor of China

21. Le Vaillant's Travels in Africa Brown's Travels in Egypt and Libya


22. Sonnini's Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt

Denon's Travels in Upper and
Lower Egypt

Park Travels in Africa

23. Forster's Travels in India, Persia, &c.

Buchanan's Travels into the Interior of Hindostan

24. Hearne's Journey from Fort Prince of Wales in Hudson's Bay to the Northern Ocean Weld's Travels through North America

Liancourt's Travels through the United States of America Mackenzie's Travels from Montreal through the continent of North America, to the Frozen and the Pacific Oceans 25. Bourgoing's Travels in Spain 26. Kotzebue's account of his Exile to Siberia

Kotzebue's Journey from Berlin

through Switzerland to Paris Kotzebue's Travels through Italy Whittington's Travels through Spain and part of Portugal 27. Carr's Stranger in France Carr's Travels round the Baltic Carr's Tour through Holland 28. Valentia's Travels in India, Arabia, and Egypt

The Voyages in thirteen volumes, or the Travels in fifteen volumes, may be had complete by themselves, with separate Indexes, at the rate of Six Shillings per volume; and Cock's three Voyages Round the World, printed verbatim from the original Quarto Editions, may be had by themselves, with a separate Index, in 7 vols, price Two Guineas.

Printed (from p. 264) by James Gillet, Crown court, Fleet-street, London.

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