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the Spiritual Sun, or Infinite Vortex of the Divine Mind. Surely, this is an age of Progression! With this statement as a text, the advocates of N. D. Revelations, as well as the “Seer," denounce the Bible as a book of absurdities_the doctrine of the Incarnation as contrary to reason; à violation of law! That is, the Lord cannot come to earth, but "our prophetcould, while but a novice, Mahomet-like, ascend to the seventh heaven; approach, and, “in a degree, comprehend the Almighty ;' and there, in the Audience-Chamber of the infinite “Intelligence-Vortex," obtain the Biography of the “Great Positive Mind," and the modus operandi of his works; compile the Harmonial Philosophy, and a Catechism for the religion of the


Thus the Revelations of this Oracle of the Nineteenth Century assume; and how unlike the meek spiriť manifested by the Prophets of old! They, veiled and bowed before high Heaven, with the profoundest reverence, and a solemn sense of the glory of the Shekinah, softly uttered the name of the Supreme Being. Thus, in the spirit of true devotion, they acknowledged Him whom the spirit revealed as Jehovah, to be the self-existing Lord Almighty, the I AM, whose Throne is Eternity, and whose Glory and Being are incomprehensible, undefinable: from everlasting to everlasting, God over all, and blessed forevermore.

While the Poughkeepsie "Seer" scans the original infinitude of might, intelligence, and the eternity of substance, the Prophets of the Lord, in view of his works, exclaim, "Canst thou by searching, find out God! How unsearchable are his judgements, and his ways past finding out. Who hath known the mind of the Lord? who hath seen his countenance ? or who hath been his counselor? For of him, through him, and to him are all things; to him be glory forever Amen."

“Who hath directed the spirit of the Lord ? or being his counsellor, hath taught him ? Behold, the Nations are as the drop of the bucket, and are considered as the small dust of the balance. To whom will ye liken God, or what likeness will ye compare unto him. The heavens declare his glory, and the firmament showeth forth his handiwork. Lift up your eyes on high, behold who hath created these things, that bringeth out their hosts by numbers." Who hath formed nature that unfoldeth into such inconceivable varieties and in such perfection. Whose evolutions as immortal notes ascend the universal octave of diviner harmonies. "Oh Lord God thou art clothed with honor and might, who coverest thyself with light as with a garment; who spreadest out the heavens as a curtain; who maketh his angels spirits ; his ministers a flaming fire.”

Thus did the holy men of old, who spake as moved by the Holy Ghost, conceive of God; thus make known, to a slumbering world, his Being, Glory, and Omnipotence. And this is the God of the Bible, even the Lord, whom Christians adore. With Him, therefore, and the "Lava-god" of Nature's Divine Revelations, there can be no comparison. Of the eternity of God's existence, the Prophets conceived him an infinite spirit, who before the mountains were brought forth, or the earth was formed, was God; whose throne was established of old; who remaineth for ever, and to whose years there is no end. Of his Creative Power, they conceived him, “The Lord God Omnipotent, infinite in his attributes; who formed the light; who made the earth by his power, and established the world by his wisdom. This is the Creator, by whose Spirit the Prophets wrote; this is the El-Shaddai, or God All-Sufficient, of the Inspired Word. And, need we enquire, which is the most rational doctrine of the First Cause, this, or that of the Poughkeepsie Seer?

There is an eloquence in simplicity, a divinity in meekness, a wisdom in an humble acknowledgement of incapacity, where it self-evidently

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exists; an irrefutable argment for truth in conceding its divinity, and the utter inability of mind to comprehend its mightiness, when its character is such as to impress the soul with its infinitude. The infinite greatness of the Creator is stamped upon all things; not an atom in being but reveals the Omnipotence of God; not one organic form or movement in Nature, no quickning procedure or living thing, but bespeaks the unsearchableness of his wisdom; not one throb in the universal sensation, but leads to the incomprehensibility of his life-giving power; not one thought in the universe of mind but baffles the sense of man, and utters the awfulness of that intellectual capacity forever unknown to created beings. And how shall frail humanity, since so easily and universally baffled in wisdom, presume to comprehend unnumbered spheres, and determine the measure of the Alinighty? 'Tis folly to attempt it, especially since man cannot comprehend himself. This, the crawling worm, sweeping elements, and the wheeling orbs declare. Who, then, is wise ? He that affects to face the realms of unendurable light, and measure the movement of eternal law, and in a degree comprehend the Almighty CAUSE? or that soul, that realizes the majesty of Jehovah, while witnessing the glory and wonder of his works, and seeks of God wisdom to guide to the source of true knowledge and the fountain of everlasting peace?

'Tis not the "Seer" we especially regard in this review of Nature's Divine Revelation, but that system which, in these modern times, bears his name; that system which seems to obtain with many, and to find earnest, and, no doubt, honest advocates; which has won to its cause many, who, for the want of a proper understanding of its.character, have, for its teachings, abandoned the Christian religion, and are seeking heaven by other means than through the Lord our Redeemer; that system which involves the mind in the meshes of its sophistry, and charms the sense with its fascinating magnetism; controlls the affections, and thence the will, by its psychological powers: that system which seeks the child of God in his closet, domestic circle, and in the public assembly; yea, that, which benumbs, if possible, his religious sense, and induces him from the Courts of the Lord, and to the necromantic circles, where the sayings of mesmerized subjects are taken for heavenly truths, and the impulsive dictations of sensitive media are received as the speech of angels!

Such is the system whose errors we seek to expose, and the fallacy of whose reasoning we seek to unveil. Flattering, indeed, when superficially observed, are its ingeniously-wrought in

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