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assume form, the action of the great Positive Power was necessary to impel it to higher states of progression."

These statements confirm the foregoing conflicting propositions, and also maintain that, “ Matter contained all the attributes, characteristics, essential qualities, and peculiar combinations which the univerccelum manifests," and must therefore, of itself, have constitued, and yet evolved, as actor and agent, all substance, essence, life, motion, power, wisdom, goodness, justice, mercy, mind, spirit, affection, cause, purpose, ultimates, and deity.

This diagram of Nature presents the universe as an immensurable anatomy; the soul and body of the Almighty, whose elements are self-begotten and self-modified to conditions; that these several conditions assume forms, and these forms, although many and various, are separate organs of one body, and so properly adjusted as to prefigure an enormous and universal Creature. The universe of Mind and Matter, Power and Motion, is, then, agreeable to this theory, and, which accords with that of Ancient Pantheism, an animal of illimitable dimensions: a leviathan, vast in proportions, endued with Omnipotent Might; whose uncreated motion engendered its eternal motion; whose infinite power created its own omnipotent power; whose life breathed forth its eternal vitality, and, hence, whose vast and original vortex evolved itself into universal being: that is, the universe, although eternal, is represented as self-originated, self-formed, and self-disseminated throughout the illimitable vacuum--thence, is floating in space!

These deductions are abundantly sustained by the “Seer” throughout his expatiations, as he breathes forth his profuse declarations relative to the Eternity, Power, Wisdom, Goodness, Justice, Mercy, and Truth of the original Vortex. And also his majestic scheme of Nature's birth, or the birth of the unbegotten Univercoelum, as especially unfolded in his lofty utterance, N. D. R., page 673.

“Of the body and constitution of the material sun the univerccelum was born into being, caressed, nourished, illuminated, and perfected in universal order and harmony."

66 This displays the order and harmony of the Divine Mind, and this is one body of one Immortal Soul."'!! *

If this system of Creation represents Nature, then Nature is the perfection of chaos, and can

*NOTE --A marginal note on the page from which the above is taken, informs us that the discovery and revelation of this last august statement, for the time being at least, well nigh cost the “Seer” his mental equilibrium, since, to obtain it, “He was elevated to such close proximity to the sphere of the spiritual sun that the light was beyond endurance."



not as yet have obtained to any very worthy end by her long and wearied routine of progressive unfoldings. She still greatly stammers in her utterance, and has not approached her youthful maturity: or learned the order of speech. She slumbers in her swadlings and is cradled in nonentity.

Such conclusions inevitably force themselves upon the mind while perusing “N. D. Revela

Indeed it seems impossible that it should be otherwise, unless the sense becomes so psychologized by its transcendental display, and bewildered by its involutions as to accept discord as harmony and assumptions for causes: imaginary movements for magnificent procedures of Nature, and glaring illusions as her grand results.

But the scale of Nature as revealed by Mr. Davis, is not yet complete, since his discovery and comprehension of the beginning and of the works of Nature manifest throughout all pre-existing time, only indicates a more grand result. And therefore, his Omnipercipient vision must penetrate the unfathomable and mysterious future. Hence, he overspans that duration of whose infinity no finite mind has any power or means to conceive, and determines the results of whatever has been, is, or is to be, in this eternity. And in that great day which witnesseth the sublimation, mentalization and spiritualization of

all the materials of the First Univercoelum, and the present existing Universe, also whatever shall henceforth unfold from it, he pauses, takes a precursory review of its incomprehensible, inconceivable and eternalized conditions: defines and arranges them in the Sanctum of his intellectual Tabernacle, and thence epitomizes on this wise. "And by immutable and eternal laws originally established, it" (the Univercoelum) "will continue to reproduce and recreate

ew worlds of supreme excellence and exalted states of material perfection, until every particle that composes every sun and every system of suns and Worlds of worlds, extending infinitely beyond the power of human thought, and infinitely beyond all that has been yet produced and organized-until these and all their particles become the very essence of vegetable and animal existence! And the latter, with the active energies inherently accompanying it, not only will pass to the perfection of spiritual essence, but will work its mighty influence upon every thing below it, until all things arrive at an exalted state of spiritual and celestial perfection!” “And then Deity and Spirit will be existing only!“Thus all Matter and Motion will finally become what they originally were” (!) “will be resolved into one grand and glorious Sun, more refined and perfected, more excellent in all its qualities and



compositions, that it may again bring forth a new system of suns, and an infinite corresponding creation throughout space! And as there is in all things a constant evolving and emanation, development and progression, from the centre, of refined essences which dispose themselves in concentric circles, this is a representation of the great circles that surround the infinite sun-and of the great Circle of development from the beginning of time (or of the present formation) to the final arrival of every particle at the Great Center and Parent from which they all emanated! This may be termed the beginning and end of ONE

" And the final resolution of the present creations in infinite space, will be the consummation of the glorious End contemplated. And then the Great Sun, becoming more perfected, will breathe forth new and more refined elements, and roll into space successively a corresponding, yet more, far more perfect Univercoelum!” Thence the “Seer" does not proceed to "unföld.He is not "impressed” to bestow upon us the priceless gems that shall cluster in the crystal groves of that Immortal Age. Sufficient for our sphere is the delineation of this preeternity of our existence. Boundless enough the region already explored for the range of our awaking undeveloped intellects. Scope, quite adequate to the wants of our dull apprehensions,

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