The Works of the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Swift ...

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C. Bathurst, W. Strahan, 1784

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Page 79 - We take in none but men of wit or men of interest ; and if we go on as we begin, no other Club in this town will be worth talking of.
Page 9 - I called at Mr. Secretary the other day, to see what the d ailed him on Sunday : I made him a very proper speech ; told him I observed he was much out of temper, that I did not expect he would tell me the cause, but would be glad to see he was in better...
Page 345 - These devils of Grub Street rogues, that write the Flying Post and Medley in one paper, will not be quiet. They are always mauling Lord Treasurer, Lord Bolingbroke, and me. We have the dog under prosecution, but Bolingbroke is not active enough ; but I hope to swinge him. He is a Scotch rogue, one Ridpath. They get out upon bail, and write on. We take them again, and get fresh bail ; so it goes round.
Page 10 - Don't you remember how I used to be in pain when Sir William Temple would look cold and out of humour for three or four days, and I used to suspect a hundred reasons. I have plucked up my spirit since then, faith ; he spoiled a fine gentleman.
Page 10 - I expected every great minister, who honoured me with his acquaintance, if he heard or saw any thing to my disadvantage, would let me know in plain words, and not put me in pain to guess by the change or coldness of his countenance or behaviour; for it was what I would hardly bear from a crowned head, and I thought no subject's favour was worth it; and that I designed to let my lord keeper and Mr. Harley know the same thing, that they might use me accordingly.
Page 393 - ... afraid to knock at the door ; my mind misgave me. I knocked ; and his man in tears told me his master was dead an hour before. Think what grief this is to me ! I went to his mother, and have been ordering things for his funeral with as little cost as possible, to-morrow at ten at night.
Page 115 - ... after the wheat in such a field ; he went to visit his hounds, and knew all their names ; he and his lady saw me to my chamber just in the country fashion. His house...
Page 348 - ... to be a greater loser in all regards. She has moved my very soul. The lodging was inconvenient, and they would have removed her to another ; but I would not suffer it, because it had no room backward, and she must have been tortured with the noise of the Grub street screamers mentioning her husband's murder in her ears.
Page 261 - I saw Prince Eugene to-day at court : I don't think him an ugly faced fellow, but well enough, and a good shape.
Page 426 - I was this morning at ten at the rehearsal of Mr. Addison's play, called Cato, which is to be acted on Friday. There were not above half a score of us to see it. We stood on the stage, and it was foolish enough to see the actors prompted every moment, and the poet directing them ; and the drab that acts Cato's daughter * out in the midst of a passionate part, and then calling out, " What's next ?" The bishop of Clogher was there too; but he stood privately in a gallery.

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