Princess Azelin: Princess Azelin and the Hidden City

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2007 - 132 pages
Millions of people from around the world flock to the Needles District of Canyon Lands National Park, where the story of Princess Azelin was inspired. Spending many lonely hours during the day in the beautiful wilderness, I was able to capture personal experiences, and create a magical story for children. Princess Azelin is a lonely young girl who is tired of feeling captive to the castle walls. One day while she is out doors picking flowers four playful fairies appear to her. The fairies talk the princess into going on an adventure with them to the Hidden City where they might find a hidden secret. Their journey leads them to many different adventures where they meet fictional characters in real places. First they meet a cat who is a Goddess. The cat helps them begin their journey and gives them advice to follow as they travel in the new land. The flowers come alive and the animals talk to them. They run into Goblins who live in the underworld below mushroom rocks. They meet a Pegasus and the princess receives a gift from this beautiful animal which helps them overcome obstacles as the cat had instructed. When they finally reach the Hidden City the princess and the fairies discover the secret which they will soon share with others. On their journey, homeward bound, they meet dwarfs who they help fight the goblins. The Goddess cat shows up to remind everyone that fighting is not the answer. Then she helps the princess and the fairies back to their own land. The story is filled with poetry, magical experiences, and lessons on love; to fight hate with love, not hate. Each fairy has a unique personality to guide and captivate young readers into this magical and adventurous story.

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