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To the Right Honourable WILLIAM

Earl of PORTLAND, Viscount of WOODSTOCK,



Knight of the Most Noble Order of

the GARTE R.

Have endeavour'd to set in a true
Light, one of the most difficult

Parts of Holy Scripture, following the Footsteps of the Learned Grotius, as far as I find him in the right; but taking the liberty to leave him, where I think him wide of the

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Prophets meaning: The Name of SCRIPTURE, I know, is abundantly sufficient to recommend this work to your Lordships perusal, who have a just Veneration for every Thing that hath any Relation to God, or bears the . Sacred impress of DIVINITY.

But there are two Things, which I hope will contribute not a little to your Lordships Satisfaction, in turning over the ensuing Sheets.

In the first Part, your Lordship will find the Prophet drawing the Picture, and fore-telling the Fate of an overgrown Tyrant, the Plague of Mankind in his Days.

In the second, promising a great Redeemer, who should fet at Liberty an oppressed Nation, restore them to the free Exercise of the Religion of their

Ancestors, and the Priviledges they were born to. When your Lordship


reads of the Assyrian Monarch setting himself above God, it will bring to your Thoughts the presumptuous Infolence of a Prince, who is not. asham'd to be called by the incommunicable Name of God.

When you find Sennacherib Plundering, Burning and Ravaging, the defenceless Dominions of his weak Neighbours, it will bring to your Mind One who has all his Life-time, acted the same bloody Part, and Sacrificed to his boundless Ambition, Millions of bis Fellow-Creatures : When you read of his over-flowing Judæa, reaching even to the Neck, and filling the breadth of the Land with the stretch- . ing out of his Wings, it will call to your remembrance, my Lord, the Danger Europe once was in; how Arbitrary, Power, like a mighty Torrent came rolling in upon us, and had prevaild


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and carry'd all before it, had it not been timely check’d at first and kept within its own Chunnel

, by the Genius of a Young Matchless Hero, fcarce initiated in the Art of War; Your Lordship may easily guess, I mean our late Glorious Monarch of Blessed Memory, whom it is impossible your Lordship should ever forget; yet I think you can scarce read the second part of these Prophecies, without having Your Royal Master more immediately in Your Mind. When you read of the Redemption of the Jews by Cyrus, Tour Thoughts will naturaly carry You to another Deliverance of a Nation far more Considerable, out of much greater Dangers; so much resemblance there is between the most diftinguishing Action of the Lives of the Persian and British Monarch. There is indeed some difference in the Circumstances of the Perfons delivered. The Jews bad worn their

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