Story of Chester Lawrence: Being the Completed Account of One Who Played an Important Part in Piney Ridge Cottage

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"Yes; thanks to Julia, Brother Malby; but not in the sense you hint at. I think I would have accepted the gospel, even had there been no Julia mixed up with the finding of it. But Julia helped. She was a living example of what 'Mormonism' can do for a person, and when I looked at her, learned her thoughts through her words, and saw her life by her every-day deeds, I said to myself, 'A system of religion that produces such a soul, cannot be bad.' Yes; she was a wonderful help; but I repeat that had the truth come to me by other means and other ways, I believe I should have accepted it."

"He was a gifted writer of fiction and always provided clean stories permeated by the spirit of the gospel. Nephi Anderson traveled extensively throughout the Church in the interest of the Genealogical Society, as well as the Young Men's Mutual Improvement Associations. Unassuming, useful, a diligent worker, faithful, and true to the principles of the gospel, he passed away, a genuine Latter-day Saint." -The Improvement Era

"This new book holds the interest, and gives much food for thought....Those who enjoyed Piney Ridge Cottage will be glad to learn more of Chester Lawrence, who played such an important part therein." -The Young Woman's Journal

"Elder Anderson makes no secret of the fact that besides telling as good a story as he can, his main purpose is to teach the principles of the gospel as revealed to the Church and the world through the Prophet Joseph Smith. This gospel, he claims, is the biggest thing in the world, and deserves the best in literature that can be given it. His ambition in this line is to present to the understanding of all, to high and low, the beautiful principles of the gospel, and present them in a form that will appeal to the heart as well as to the understanding....All of Elder Anderson's books have met with favor and are continued to be read by one generation after another." -Andrew Jenson, Latter-Day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia

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Christian Nephi Anderson (January 22, 1865 - January 6, 1923) was a prolific LDS author and the most well-known from the "Home Literature" period of LDS fiction. (Wikipedia)

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