The Works of Daniel Webster..., Volume 6

Front Cover
Little, Brown, 1877

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Page 324 - Bois Blanc, and between that island and both the American and Canadian shores; and all the several channels and passages between the various islands lying near the junction of the River St. Clair with the lake of that name, shall be equally free and open to the ships, vessels, and boats of both parties. ARTICLE VIII.
Page 320 - and the British Province of Canada on the other; and from said point of intersection, west, tne said dividing line, as heretofore known and understood, to the Iroquois or St. Lawrence River. ARTICLE II. It is moreover agreed, that from the place where the joint commissioners terminated their labors under the sixth article
Page 404 - of the House of Representatives of the 12th instant, requesting copies of papers upon the subject of the relations between the United States and the Mexican Republic, I transmit a report from the Secretary of State, and the documents by which it was accompanied. Washington,
Page 518 - of that confederation it is stipulated as follows: " It is also agreed, if any servant run away from his master into any other of these confederated jurisdictions, that, in such cases, upon the certificate of one magistrate in the jurisdiction out of which the eaid servant fled, or upon other due proof, the said
Page 309 - These results comprise,— 1st. A treaty to settle and define the boundaries between the territories of the United States and the possessions of her Britannic Majesty in North America, for the suppression of the African slave-trade, and the surrender of criminals, fugitive from justice, in certain cases.
Page 550 - strongest ties should never be split into a number of unsocial. jealous, and alien sovereignties They who promote the idea of substituting a number of distinct confederacies, in the room of the plan of the convention, seem clearly to foresee that the rejection of it would put the continuance of the Union in the utmost jeopardy. That certainly would be the
Page 97 - We shall never be such fools as to call in an enemy to the substance of any system, to supply its defects, or to perfect its construction." " If our religious tenets should ever want a further elucidation, we shall not call on atheism to explain them.
Page 27 - True it is, generally speaking, that " murder will out." True it is, that Providence hath so ordained, and doth so govern things, that those who break the great law of Heaven by shedding
Page 230 - said prisoner or prisoners in any State court, or by or under the authority of any State, for any matter or thing so heard and determined, or in process of being heard and determined, under and by virtue of such writ of habeas corpus, shall be deemed null and void.
Page 27 - 1 AM little accustomed, Gentlemen, to the part which I am now attempting to perform. Hardly more than once or twice has it happened to me to be concerned on the side of the government in any criminal prosecution whatever; and never, until the present occasion, in any case affecting life. not, by any power, to be hurried beyond the evidence.

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