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ble in their place, and by no means to be again, not of corruptible seed, but of overlooked, the study of them is not incorruptible, by the WORD OF GOD, indispensable or indissolubly connected which liveth and abideth for ever,” even with their growth in grace, and in the that word “which by the gospel is knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. preached," 1 Pet. i. 23, 25. See also

To this notion must be attributed, we James i. 18, All Scripture given by incline to think, that many really sincere inspiration of God being profitable for professors of the truth are so egregi- doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for ously wanting in respect to scripture instruction in righteousness, that the knowledge, and so much disposed to man of God may be perfect, throughly depreciate the value, and detract from furnished unto all good works” (2 Tim. the importance of sound biblical learning. iii. 16, 17.); all things being “written for A

very limited acquaintance with the our learning, that we, through patience letter of the Bible, however, would con- and comfort of the Scriptures, might vince all such persons of the mistake have hope” (Rom. xv. 4.) ; it becomes an under which they labour, and shew to imperative duty, as well as an unspeakthem the inseparable connection which able advantage, that the word of Christ subsists between the understanding and should " dwell in us richly in all wisappropriation of revealed truth, and the dom,” Col. iii. 16. We need not multigrowth and maturity of the christian ply passages to this effect, they are almost character.

inexhaustible, and most unequivocally Upon this point we conceive the Bible represent the holy Scriptures as the to be most full and explicit ; a very few appointed instrument for producing spipassages, only, need here be referred to. ritual life in the soul of man, and proTo his intimate acquaintance with the moting the sanctification of the human holy Scriptures, did the psalmist attri- heart, John xvii. 17. “Nor should it bute the superiority of his understanding be forgotten,” says a late writer on the in the divine counsels, and his stability reading of the Scriptures, that, as the in the way of righteousness ;—“Thou truth of scripture is the instrument of through thy commandments, hast made our 'sanctification, that sanctification is me wiser than mine enemies : for they likely to be proportioned to the extent to are ever with me. I have more under- which we are conversant with the instrustanding than all my teachers : for thy ment. No influence can make fertile a testimonies are my meditation. I un- spot deficient in the proper seed and derstand more than the ancients ; because culture; but what is richly sown and I keep thy precepts. I have refrained carefully kept in order, by receiving blessmy feet from every evil way, that I may ing from God, may be productive of a keep thy word. I have not departed great increase. The Spirit is nowhere from thy judgments, for thou hast taught promised to supersede our endeavours in

How sweet are thy words unto my obtaining a competent knowledge of the taste; yea, sweeter than honey to my Scriptures; but a thousand promises lead mouth! Through thy precepts I get us to hope that where these means are duiy understanding; therefore I hate every attended to, and the necessity of his aid false way,” Ps. cxix. 98—104. In the humbly acknowledged, it will not be beautifully expressive and familiar para- wanting. The gracious shower falls not ble of the sower, our blessed Lord affirms indiscriminately It avoids the rock; that the “ seed” which produces the passes over the barren sands; and alights fruits of righteousness in the heart of the upon the well-stored garden.' believer, is none other than “ the word Assuming, therefore, that our readers of God” (Luke viii. 11.); and he fur- are convinced of the great and indispenther affirms, that the persons who are sable necessity of an intimate and accuexposed to the successful temptations of rate knowledge of the contents of the Satan, whose object is to “take away Bible, to the stability and perfection of the word sown in the heart,” are those the christian character, we proceed to who hear it, and it may be, receive it offer a few suggestions, for the purpose of with joy, but UNDERSTAND IT NOT, Matt. assisting them in their efforts to obtainit. xiii. 19. In perfect correspondence with Various are the directions which have this, the apostle Peter addresses them been given to young students, as to the who are “elect according to the foreknowledge of God," as being born

(a) Leifchild's Help to the Reading, of the Scrip: tures, p. 11.


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order in which the Scriptures should be

CRITICAL NOTICE. read. Dr. Lowth and others, have recommended, that the easiest books, as the

Heaven OPENED, or the word of God: being Gospels and the Psalms, should be first the twelve visions of Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel, dead and studied, and then those which

and St. John, erplained. By Alfred Addis, are more discursive and difficult. But to

B. A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, 8vo. this method of proceeding, we confess

pp. 453. Robins, London ; 12s. that we are not very favourably disposed,

We confess that we were somewhat believing that even the Gospels, and much puzzled upon opening this book, to dismore so the Psalms, can only be well un

cover whether the author were in jest or derstood and thoroughly comprehended

in earnest: the subject which he had by those persons who have previously

chosen for discussion seemed to be of too obtained a knowledge of other parts of

grave a character to furnish matter for the scripture history, and have a clear sport; but we could scarcely bring ourperception of the historical connection

selves to think that he was in serious and immediate application of these divine 'mood when claiming to be the indivicompositions.

dual prophesied of in one of the ApoIt is true, that the reading of these or

calyptic visions, as distinguished from any other parts of the sacred writings, if all other men, by the possession of wisdom it be prosecuted in a teachable frame of and understanding. But he shall speak mind, and in humble dependence upon the

for himself. Holy Spirit, may, and will be rendered “ To the discovery of the name and the the means of personal edification and spi

number of the name of the Apocalyptic sea. ritual instruction. Throughout every

beast of St. John, which we completed on part of this holy book there are scattered

January the ninth, in the eighteen

hundred truths rich in blessings, adapted to every

and twenty-eighth year of the Christian

era, after it had escaped the ingenuity of state, and suited to every capacity ; but

near eighteen centuries, this book owes its much will be passed over that is not un

origin,” p.5. derstood, abundant treasures of wisdom We hope that those learned men, who and knowledge will remain unexplored have already formed an opinion upon some and unenjoyed, and innumerable and doctrinal and other points, concerning which matchless beauties will be concealed from we have thought proper to treat in this the perception of the reader of scanty in- volume, may not be so prejudiced against formation and contracted knowledge. To

new lights, as to reject, without examination, such persons the Bible must remain, in a

the opinions of one, who is possessed of such

good credentials as we are. For if St. John very great degree, “a sealed book,"

saw HEAVEN OPENED towards the close of dead letter, a secret which is not revealed.

the prophetic drama, (Rev. xix. 11.) to We have, in a former paper, spoken of which we are now arrived, it is plain that the advantages resulting from the reading heaven must have been before shut ; and if of the Scriptures in their historical and heaven was to be opened at some time or. chronological order; and this we believe other, to whom is it more likely that the to be by far the best, and indeed the only key of the mysteries of that kingdom should rational plan that can be adopted, for the be given, than to that person who, twice in purpose of obtaining a comprehensive the prophecy of our blessed Lord (Rev. xiii. view of the Divine economy, the order of

18; xvii. 9.) is declared to be possessed of the the Divine providence, and the real, that

gift capable of opening it? For if, indeed, is, the intended sense of the language in

the magicians of Pharaoh have, in other which the Divine will is expressed. It

respects, successfully contended with the

word of truth, yet in the palmary point, is only by studying the Scriptures inthis, their natural order, and proper connec

concerning which so much ispredicated, they

have in vain stretched forth the rod of their tion, that'the real scope and design of enchantments; and they must, therefore, at each part can be fully discovered, and the length acknowledge that the finger of God is mutual relation and bearing of the whole against them, and give up their pretensions be distinctly perceived.

to understanding :"pp. 6,7. Our first object, then, is to lay before It seems, however, that the author has our readers such an arrangement of the no design to joke on the matter, but is to Bible as is required in the adoption of be understood as seriously deposing to such a course ; and this we propose to do the fact of his own convictions, on the in one or two subsequent numbers. ground of which he claims our undivided

attention. (0) See p. 248, ante.

For ourselves, we are free to confess,


And again,

notwithstanding that it may expose us to

Son, neither does it follow that He is either some serious imputations, that in the the Father or the Son. We jump to conclupresent times of prophetic illumination sions too soon, by keeping human compariwe have no confidence in our own com

sons in our heads. The Holy Ghost is not petency to try the spirit of the prophets,

a distinct person from the Father and the

Son; nor is he the Father or the Son. But and to decide upon the conflicting claims he is the Father and the Son united in man. of those who insist upon being endowed

Of such a united being the singular number with this “ wisdom" and “understand.

may be used. The Inécclesiazation of the ing." We are mere novices in

pro- Father and Son together, produces the third phetic lore, unable to unravel "the

Pleroma of the only true God, the Holy arcana of prophecy,” or even to deter- Ghost,” pp. 106, 107. mine which out of the thousand-and-one “ names" and “ numbers of names" that But the Father and Son united in a have been put forth, do really belong to

human frame, become distinct and indepen. the Apocalyptic beast. Leaving Mr.

dent of the Father and Son not united in a Addis's prophetic speculations, therefore,

human frame. They form a new mind and to the “wisdom” of others, we prefer to

soul to man. The Holy Ghost composed of try his pretensions by something which,

those two great lights, and liton the candle

sticks of the church, burns of himself in to us, presents a more tangible form, and

detached quantities, and is modified by the is not eptible of so many ingenious

human substance, by which he is kept alive. explications. Upon a vital article of the

• The spirits of the prophets are subject to christian scheme, Mr. Addis thus ex- the prophets. 1 Cor. xiv. 32. The Holy presses himself.

Ghost may be 'quenched, or go out, from the “ That the bride, or church of Christ grossness of the material to which he is inhabited by the Holy Spirit, is no other applied, 1. Thess. v. 19, i. e. cease to be than the third form or Pleroma of the only that, which made him the Holy Ghost. true God, and that the Holy Gbost, or The Holy Ghost is the Father and the Son Comforter, had the same relation to it before humanized, and yet independent of them its existence, as the Word had to the man not humanized. Rom. viii. 26, 27. LikeChrist before the Word became flesh, is a wise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: doctrine which I think is next to being ex- for we know not what we should pray for as pressly stated by Scripture. In the last we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh interdiscourses of our Lord, and from the com- cession for us with groanings, which cannot mon language of the Apostles, it will ap- be uttered. And He that searcheth the pear, that the Holy Ghost is no other than hearts knoweth what is the mind of the the joint Inecclesiazation of the Father and Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the Son, in the same manner as Christ was the saints according to the will of God.” the Incarnation of the Father, and that, that He is a new mind or counsellor. It seemed very Inecclesiazation produces the third

good to the Holy Ghost and to us.' Acts form or Pleroma of the only true God.

XV. 28.

· The Spirit and the bride say, This is not Sabellianism. The Father in our Come. Rev. xxii. 17. Amalgamated with view of the scripture is God in the universe, man,' he shall not speak of himself; but the Son the same God in flesh, the Holy whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he Ghost the same God in the church ; so that speak. “He shall glorify me (Christ) : for one God exists in three perfect Pleromas of he shall receive of mine. All things that himself at the same time—the ever blessed the Father bath are mine,' And so Christ UNITRY,” p. 105.

in his prayer to the Father repeats, “ All After quoting John xiv. 16–26 ; xv. mine are thine, and I am glorified in them.' 26, 27 ; xvi. 7–14; he proceeds

John xvii. 10. And these detached indefi“ Here it is very evident that the Holy nite number of portions of the united Father Spirit, or Comforter, is no other than the and Son, are necessarily symbolised by joint inecclesiazation of the Father and Son. seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, For but attentively observe; and let us be Rev. iv. 5, and by seven eyes of the Lamb, careful how we apply distinctions of persons v.7, as though the Father had been a great to a Divine Being, between whose existence fire, from which any number of single flames and ours there can be no analogy. In an- might be derived without diminishing the other part I shew that the Son is only original source, and Christ had been the another mode of existence of the Father. bodily focus of the Father, from whom he Here I attempt to shew that the Holy Ghost derived and transmitted light. And when is the joint cohabitation of the Father and we consider that our God is a consuming Son, with the bride or church. Because fire,' Deut. iv. 24, Heb. xii. 29; and that the things are predicated of the Comforter as of Holy Ghost is symbolised by tongues or an agent, it by no means follows, that he is flames of fire, we sball inevitably conclude, a distinct person from the Father and the that the Father is God collectively, and the

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Holy Ghost God distributively. And again, ing the eternal punishment of the wicked in when we consider that Christ is light, John hell-fire, where their worm dieth (not, and ch. i. and the Sun of Righteousness, the light the fire is not quenched, Mark ix. 43-48, of the world, John viii. 12, and that the light which he here explains to be the eternal loss of the body is the eye, Matt. vi. 22, we shall of eternal life, by an eternal destruction or inevitably conclude, that the Holy Ghost is nonentity. Surely it is everlasting punishalso the Father converged in the Son, and ment enough to be deprived of everlasting radiated again from him in the church,” pp. life; and when the wicked rise at the end of 110, 111,

the thousand years, there will indeed be Mr. Addis thus expresses his views of weeping and gnashing of teeth enough for the doctrine of the Trinity:

them, when they see how foolishly they “The scriptural doctrine of the UNITRY ;

have forfeited the pleasure of being in the by which doctrine I mean it to be under- presence of our dear Lord for ever, and are stood, that God or the Father, after having cast out of the kingdom, Matt. viii. 12: existed up to the birth of Christ in one form they will possibly be driven to madness throughout infinity, then assumed an addi- against the elect, and bring upon themselves tional form, that of the perfect man Jesus,

their own eternal annihilation, by coming up and afterwards a third, the church ; so that, against the beloved city, fire from heaven whereas hitherto be had existed only in one devouring them, Rev. xx. 9, and involving form, he then began to exist in three at the

them in irretrievable ruin. In scripture same time, a UNITRY,i.e. one in three, in three everlasting punishment' is opposed to everperfect Pleromas, i. e. fulnesses of himself, lasting life; by which opposition of the the Father being God in the universe, the

word punishment to life, punishment, it may Son the samo God in that man whom he hath be easily seen, intimates death and destrucordained, and the Comforter, which is the tion; and consequently everlasting punishHoly Ghost, the same God in the bride or ment, everlasting dea·h, everlasting destrucchurch,” pp. 292.

tion or perdition,” pp. 201, 202. Need we offer a single remark on this Mr. Addis then quotes Matt. vii. 13, strange, and incomprehensible, and un- 14; 2 Thess. i. 7-9; 2 Pet. iii. 7; and scriptural jargon? Is there one of our Jude 7, for the purpose of shewing that readers, who has only once read through the inspired writers bear him out, in the New Testament, who will feel the affirming the future punishment of the slightest difficulty in demonstrating the wicked to be a destruction,” an utter worthlessness of Mr. Addis's pre- lasting destruction,” a perdition;" all tensions to an extraordinary share of that which expressions he takes to imply an wisdom which is from above, and which eternal annihilation! leads its possessor into all truth?

The following passage will shew how Another topic upon

which our

author summarily Mr. Addis disposes of the has made new discoveries in consequence presumed difficulties, we ought rather to of being “possessed of the gift capable say difficulty, for he has only adverted to of opening heaven,” and “unravelling the this one! which stand in his way. arcana of prophecy,” is that of the «

The parable, Luke xvi. 23, which makes cond death,”upon which he thusexpatiates the rich man in torments in hell, does not

The Secord Death.—Everlasting destruc- necessarily involve as a consequence, that tion. % Thess. i. 9; Rev. xxi. 8 ; xx. 6, 14; he would be eternally in torment, though it ii. 11. The lake which burneth with fire and implies, that his sentence of exclusion from brimstone; which is the second death. Rev.

heaven would be irrevocable ; and that it xxi. 8 ; xx. 14. The word death explains easily might be, without the other consewhat the lake of fire means; for as death

quence, IP OUR INTERPRETATION of the means extinction, non-existence, or de

Apocalypse be followed, which makes the struction, the lake of fire means extinction,

wicked endure, for a short season on earth, non-existence, destruction. Thus Death and after the thousand years are expired, very Hades were cast into the lake of fire, and who

unhappily, no doubt, and then consigns them soever was not found written in the book of life

to destruction by fire from heaven, as was cast into it with them, Rev. xx. 14, 15,

rendered unworthy of eternal life by their i. e. there was made an end of all; for if by rebellion against the holy city, In a paraDeath and Hades being cast into the lake of ble nothing but the scope of it can prove any fire means, that an end was made of Death

thing; for the rest may be fiction : and the and Hades, so also does the casting of those

scope here is the unavailableness of repentnot written in the book of life into the lake

ance after death,” pp. 203, 204. of fire mean, that an end was made of them also. Therefore the Revelation being that

Our answer to all this may be very part of the Testament of our blessed Lord, short, since it fortunately happens that last given out by Him, it is a key to all the Mr. Addis has himself furnished us with phrases which he had before used, concern- a decisive answer to the only argument




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he The society om.

he has attempted in support of his novel schools now amount to 76,444, being an theory. As death," he remarks,

increase of 306 schools, and 9,118 scholars, means extinction, non-existence," &c.,

on those reported at the last anniversary. so “ the lake of fire means,” &c. A

Day Schools. The day schools have

advanced from 520 to 630, containing 47,916 more summary method of proceeding,

scholars ; of whom 19,793 were Roman no one certainly could adopt. The ob

Catholics, and 28,183 were Protestants ;ject is to prove that the second death is

it thus appears, that above 1,000 more everlasting destruction, and the advocate

Roman Catholics have been educated in the bases his only argument uponan assump- day schools, in the last, than in the precedtion which none will concede! But let

ing year; while the increase of Protestant us see how Mr. Addis elsewhere expresses scholars has been very nearly 4,000. himself, as to the import of the term SUNDAY AND ADULT SCHOOLS.-The Sundeath, which he here so facilely disposes day schools now amount to 408, being an of in accordance with his own hypothesis.

increase of 137 over those of last year, and “ DEATH. – 1. Conquest, subduement. contain 16,740 scholars, while the adult Rev. ix. 6. And in those days shall men seek

schools have advanced to 261, in which death, AND SHALL NOT FIND IT; and shall 10,864 scholars have been enrolled. By far desire to die, and death shall flee from them. the greater part of the adult scholars are of The Italians and Greeks would prefer receiv

the Romish persuasion; many of them ing the Saracens as their musters, rather than

habitually speak the Irish language ; and experience their continual depredations and

almost all learn, in the course of one season, hostilities. See Day, the 150 days, KILL,

to read with fluency, either in English or TORMENT,” pp. 196.

Irish, the New Testament. Now, if such be the meaning of the symbol here, we would be glad to know

ploys at present sixteen inspectors, and fifty wherefore it is that it should not have a

scripture readers, being an increase of seven.

teen of the latter. like import in every other place in which

Holy SCRIPTURES.—The society has disit is employed in the book of Revelation?

tributed, during the last year, by means of A more appropriate phrase, we take it,

its schools, and scripture readers, 4,552 could not have been found, to represent English or Irish Bibles, and 18,414 English the completion of the Saviour's con- or Irish Testaments; these, together with quests, and the entire subjugation of the the former distributions, amount to above finally impenitent: “For he must reign 209,390 copies of the Holy Scriptures. till he hath put all enemies under his

AUXILIARY SOCIETIES.—New auxiliaries feet," 1 Cor. xv. 25.

have been formed during the last year in But we must close our ungracious task,

Ireland, at Monaghan, Lurgan, Ballyna

hinch, Strabane, Newry, Dundalk, Drogheda, and having freely expressed our opinion of Mr. Addis's doctrinal expositions, we

Cloghnakilty; and in England, at Hereford,

Callington, Maidenhead, Newbery, Spilsby, feel bound to add, that many of his expli

Camberwell, Blackheath, Gravesend, Bircations of the symbols of the Apocalypse mingham, Chester, St. John's Chapel, Bedare well worthy the attention of the bibli

ford-row, Beverley, and Carlisle. cal student, and are highly creditable to Funds. The gross receipts of the year the talents and industry of the author. amount to 7,8091., while the expenditure has

reached 8,9171., leaving a balance against PROCEEDINGS OF RELIGIOUS the society of 1,108l., on the current year's INSTITUTIONS.

account. The diminution in the receipts of

the society, as compared with the preceding [In giving an account of the operations of

year, is more than accounted for, by observour religious societies, during the past year,

ing, that in the former year, 4781. was rewe shall follow the order in which they have ceived from the Ladies' Bazaar, and 1331. held their anniversary meetings.]

from the Ladies' School Society, on account LONDON HIBERNIAN SOCIETY, of the Female Schools; and that the collection For establishing Schools, and circulating the at the last anniversary, was 2361. less than Holy Scriptures in Ireland.

that of the preceding year ; while the inGENERAL VIEW.—During the past year,

crease of expenditure is obviously accounted the schools have increased from 1,046 to for, by the addition of above 300 schools, 1,352: and the scholars enrolled in these and 9,000 scholars, as already stated.


Where Communications may be addressed to the Editor, (post paid.)

Harjotte and Savill, Printers, 107, St. Martin's Lane, Charing Crons.

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