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Royal Asiatic Society, 1928

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Page 5 - Verily in the creation of the Heavens and of the earth, and in the succession of the night and of the day, are signs for men of understanding...
Page 7 - Prophet," he instinctively cried out : " Verily, I believe that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His Prophet.
Page 20 - We created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them in six days."2...
Page 86 - They will not cease to war against you until they turn you from your religion, if they be able : but whoever of you shall turn from his religion and die an infidel, their works shall be fruitless in this world, and in the next: they shall be consigned to the fire; therein to abide for aye.
Page 83 - The resurrection of the body is clearly proved by the Quran. Thus, " They say, ' Who will bring us back ?' Say: 'He who created you at first.'" (Sura xvii. 53). " ' Who shall give life to bones when they are rotten ? ' Say : ' He shall give life to them who gave them being at first, for in all creation is He skilled.
Page 67 - Muhammad is no more than an Apostle ; other apostles have already passed away before him ; if he die, therefore, or be slain, will ye turn upon your heels?
Page 79 - Its dictates are to be obeyed without question : "0 ye who believe ! Obey Allah, and obey the messenger and those of you who are in authority ; and if ye have a dispute concerning any matter, refer it to Allah and the Messenger.
Page 60 - TO HAVE PRECEDENCE OVER A SUPERIOR (al-fadil). ALLAH THE MOST HIGH SAYS, "is HE THEN WHO GUIDETH INTO THE TRUTH THE MORE WORTHY TO BE FOLLOWED, OR HE WHO GUIDETH NOT UNLESS HE BE HIMSELF GUIDED ? WHAT THEN HATH BEFALLEN YOU THAT YE SO JUDGE ?" (10: 36). 171. It is necessary (wajib) that the Prophet possess all the qualities of perfection and superiority, and it is necessary that he be in that respect superior to and more perfect than every individual of the people of his age. For it is evil, both...
Page 93 - His qualities do not resemble that quality of created things, just as His essence does not resemble the essences of created things. "And we witness that He speaks, commanding, forbidding, praising, threatening, with a speech from all eternity, prior, subsisting in His essence not resembling the speech of created things. It is not a sound which originates through the slipping out of air, or striking of bodies; nor is it a letter which is separated off by closing down a lip or moving a tongue. And...
Page 37 - They who look not forward to meet us say, ' If the angels be not sent down to us, or unless we behold our Lord . . .' Ah ! they are proud of heart, and exceed with great excess !

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