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In Answer to his Free and full Examination

of the Address to Protestant Dilsenters, on
the Subject of the Lord's Supper.


As Deceivers, and yet true.


L O N D 0 N :
Printed for J. Johnson and J. PAYNE, at
NO 8, Pater-nofter-Row. M.DCC.LXIX.

Price One Shilling and Six-pence.

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Joseph Priestley, LL.D. F.R.S.

And fold by
J. JOHNSON and J. PAYNE, at No. 8.

Paternoster-Row, London.

HE History and present State of

ELECTRICITY, with Original Experiments, illustrated with Copper-Plates, the second Edition, corrected and enlarged, 4to.

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il. Is.

2. A familiar Introduction to the Study of ELECTRICITY, 2 s. 6 d.

3. A Chart of BIOGRAPHY, with a Book, containing an Explanation of it, and a Catalogueof all the Names inserted in it, 3d Edition, IOS. 6d.

4. A New CHART of History, with a Book explaining it, containing a View of the principal Revolutions of Empire that have taken Place in the World, ros. 6d.

5. An Esay on the First Principles of Government, and on the Nature of Political, Civil and Religious Liberty, 3s.

6. An Essay on a Course of liberal Education for Civil and Active Life, with Plans of Lectures on the Study of History and general Policy, on the History of England, and on the Constitution and Laws of England, 2 s.

7. The Rudiments of English Grammar. To which are added, Specimens of English Composition, adapted to the Use of Schools,

IS. 6 d.

8. The above Grammar, ornamented with an emblematical Frontispiece, with Notes and Obfervations for the Use of those who have made fome Proficiency in the Language, the fecond Edition, 3s.

9. A Free Addrefs to Protestant Diffenters, on the Subject of the Lord's Supper, the second Edition, is.

10. A Catechism for Children and Young Perfons, 6d.

11. A Serious Addrefs to Masters of Families, with Forms of Family Prayer, 9d.

· 12. Considerations on Church-Authority; occasioned by Dr. Balguy's Sermon on that Subject, preached at Lambeth Chapel, and published by Order of the Archbishop, Is. 6d.

13. Remarks on fome Paragraphs in the first Volume of Dr. Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England, relating to the Diffenters,


Also published, under the Direction of

In Numbers, at the Interval of two or three
Months, Price is. or is. 6d.

Theological Repository;

Consisting of
Original Essays, Hints, Queries, &c.
Calculated to pronote Religious Knowledge.

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AVING faid; in my letter to Mr. Venn,

as much as I think sufficient, by way

of reply to his examination of my treatise; I was not willing to omit this opportunity of addressing, to the public, a few general confiderations, relating to differences of opinion among christians. If the nature and spirit of his pamphlet be considered, there are but few persons, I imagine, who will think an'answer, addressed to him only, in the least necessary, or expected from me. Indeed, I never considered the answering of Mr. Venn as my principal object; but I thought it afforded me a fair occasion of exposing the gross misrepresentations, and unworthy cavilling, which not Mr. Venn only, but too many others fcruple not to make use of, in order to render those who differ from them, in some speculative points, odious to their fellow christians.



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