The General Orders of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington ... in Portugal, Spain, and France, from 1809 to 1814: In the Low Countries and France in 1815; and in France, Army of Occupation, from 1816 to 1818; Comp. Alphabetically from the Several Printed Volumes, which Were Originally Issued to the General and Staff Officers Commanding Regiments in the Above Campaigns. By Lieut. Colonel Gurwood

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W. Clowes and Sons, 1839 - 592 pages

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Page 27 - ... necessaries. With this view both should be inspected daily. ' In regard to the food of the soldier, I have frequently observed and lamented in the late campaign, the facility and celerity with which the French soldiers cooked in comparison with those of our army. ' The cause of this disadvantage is the same with that of every other description, the want of attention of the officers to the orders of the army, and the conduct of their men, and the consequent want of authority over their conduct.
Page 28 - I am far from questioning the zeal, still less the gallantry and spirit of the Officers of the army ; and I am quite certain that if their minds can be convinced of the necessity of minute and constant attention to understand, recollect, and carry into execution the orders which have been issued for the performance of their duty, and that the strict performance of this duty is necessary to enable the army to serve the country as it ought to be served, they will in future give their attention to these...
Page 107 - For conduct unbecoming the character of an officer and a gentleman, in having, in a letter...
Page 25 - I am concerned to have to observe, that the army under my command has fallen off, in this respect, in the late campaign, to a greater degree than any army with which I have ever served, or of which I have ever read.
Page 30 - ... dry. But I repeat that the great object of the attention of the General and Field Officers must be, to get the Captains and Subalterns of the regiments to understand and to perform the duties required from them, as the only mode by which the discipline and efficiency of the army can be restored and maintained during the next campaign.
Page 362 - It is ordered by His Royal Highness the Prince Re-gent, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty...
Page 440 - Article of the Principal Treaty, in the state in which they shall have been found at the time of that occupation, save and except the damages which may have been caused by time, and which the French Government should not have provided against by the necessary repairs. Done at Paris, this 20th day of November, in the year of our Lord, 1815. (LS) CASTLEREAGH. (LS) RICHELIEU.
Page 426 - Nor does his Royal Highness consider the means by which this measure was accomplished as less reprehensible than the act itself. For his Royal Highness cannot admit that any circumstance could justify a British officer in having obtained, under false pretences, passports in feigned names from the representative of his own Sovereign ; and in having made use of such passports for himself and a subject of his Most Christian Majesty, under sentence for high treason, disguised in a British uniform, not...
Page 89 - The officers of the army should recollect that it is not only no degradation, but that it is meritorious, in him who is in the wrong to acknowledge and atone for his error, and that the momentary humiliation which every man may feel upon making such an acknowledgment is more than atoned for by the subsequent satisfaction which it affords him...
Page 49 - Figueiras, and of Rosas, shall be made over to the Spanish troops, and the French garrisons of these places shall proceed to Perpignan. As soon as information is received of the French garrisons of Murviedro, Peniscola, and Tortosa, having passed the French frontier, the place and forts of Barcelona shall be made over to the Spanish troops, and the French garrisons shall march immediately for Perpignan.

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