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3 The nails that fixed him to the cross

Thy heavenly throne make sure;
He bears thee on His heart, thou Him,-

Sleep on and rest secure.
4 Hush! stir not up the friend of Christ,

Wake not the lovely Bride;
Some vision causeth her to smile:-

She sees His open side !

106 Song viII. 2._“I would cause her to drink

of spiced wine of the juice of my pome

1 MAN of sorrows, and acquainted

With our griefs, what shall we say ?
Never language yet hath painted

All the woes that on Thee lay.
Had I seen Thee cloth'd in weakness,
Bearing our reproach and sickness,

To attend Thee day and night
Would have been my heart's delight.

2 O that to this Heav'nly Stranger

I had here my homage paid,
From His first sigh in the manger

Till He cried “"Tis finished !"
That first sigh had consecrated
Me His own, and I had waited
On Him from His infancy,

Serving Him unweariedly.
3 Walking, speaking, in derotion.

Far to fields or forests stray'd,
I had watched every motion,

And my Lord my pattern made.

More have angels ne'er desir'd
Than on Him,-or far retired,

Or at home, awake, asleep,

Fixed their wondering eyes to keep.
4 Tell me, little flock beloved,

Ye on whom shone Jesus' face,
What within your souls then moved

When ye felt His kind embrace!
0, disciple once most blessed,
As a bosom-friend caressed,

Say, could e'er into thy mind

Other objects entrance find ?
3 Oft to prayer by night retreated

See Him from all search withdrawn,
Tearful eyes, and sighs repeated,

Witness'd still the morning dawn.
There, where He made intercession,
I had pour'd forth my confession,
And where for my sins He wept,

Praying, I the watch had kept.
6 Should I thus to Thee have cleaved,

Midst Thy poverty and woes,
On Thee, as my Lord believed,

Or, perhaps, have joined thy foes ?
Ah! Thy mercy I had spurn'd,
But Thyself my heart has turn'd.

Now Thou know'st, beneath, above,
Nought compared with Thee I love.

107 Song vit. 6.—“ Set me as a seal upon thine

heart, as a seal upon thine arm, for

love is strong as death."
1 BELOVED Savipur! let not me

In Thy kind heart forgotten be!

of all that deck the field or bower,
Thou art the sweetest, fairest flower!

2 Youth's morn has fled, old age comes on;

But sin distracts my soul alone.
Beloved Saviour, let not me
In thy kind heart forgotten be!

108 Song vIII. 14.-“ Make haste, my beloved."

1 Pass away earthly joy,

Jesus is mine!
Break every mortal tie,

Jesus is mine!
Dark is the wilderness ;
Distant the resting-place;
Jesus alone can bless :-

Jesus is mine;

2 Tempt not my soul away,-,

Jesus is mine!
Here would I ever stay,

Jesus is mine!
Perishing things of clay,
Born but for one brief day,
Pass from my heart away,

Jesus is mine!

s Fare ye well, dreams of night,

Jesus is mine!
Mine is a dawning bright,

Jesus is mine!
All that my soul has tried
Left but a dismal void,
Jesus has satisfied,

Jesus is mine!

4 Farewell mortality,

Jesus is mine!
Welcome eternity,

Jesus is mine!
Welcome ye scenes of rest,
Welcome ye mansions blest,
Welcome a Saviour's breast,

Jesus is mine!

109 ISA. XII. 1.-" O Lord, I will praise Thee:

though Thou wast angry with me, thine anger is turned away, and Thou com. fortedst me."

1 I WILL praise Thee every day,

Now thine anger's turn'd away!
Comfortable thoughts arise
From the bleeding sacrifice.

2 Here, in the fair gospel-field,

Wells of free salvation yield
Streams of life, a plenteous store,
And my soul shall thirst no more.

3 Jesus is become, at length,

My salvation and my strength :
And His praises shall prolong,
While I live, my pleasant song.

4 Praise ye, then, His glorious name,

Publish His exalted fame!
Still His worth your praise exceeds,--
Excellent are all His deeds.

5 Raise again the joyful sound,

Let the nations roll it roundi
Zion shout, for this is He,
God the Saviour dwells in thee.

110 Isa. XII. 2._" The Lord Jehovah is my

strength and my song."

1 I'll praise thee with my heart and tongue,

O Lord, my soul's delight;
Declaring to the world, in song,

Thy glory, praise, and might.
2 Who spreads the lofty firmament,

And starry skies around ?
Who makes the dew and rain descend

To fructify the ground ?
3 Who doth preserve our life and health,

Our ease and safe abode?
Who doth secure our peace and wealth !

Our ever gracious God.
4 On Thee, Almighty Lord of Hosts,

Depends our life and all;
Thou keepest watch around our coasts,

Protectest great and small.

5 Thy chastisements are nought but love;

When we our sins confess,
We thy forgiveness richly prove;

'Tis thy delight to bless.

6 Thou count'st thy children's sighs and tears,

And know'st well why they mourn;
No tear too mean to Theo appears

To put into Thy urn.

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