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89 PS. CXLIX. 2.-"Let the children of Zion be

joyful in their King."

1 YE holy angels bright,

Who stand before God's throne,
And dwell in glorious light,

Praise ye the Lord each one!
You there so nigh,

Fitter than we

Dark sinners be
For things so high.

2 You blessed souls at rest,
Who see your Saviour's face,
Whose glory, even the least,
Is far above our grace,
God's praises sound,
As in His sight,
With sweet delight,
You do abound.

3 All nations of the earth,

Extol the world's Great King,
With melody and mirth,
His glorious praises sing!
For He still reigns,
And will bring low
The proudest foe
That Him disdains.

4 Sing forth Jehovah's praise,
Ye saints that on him call;

Him magnify always,
His holy churches all!
In Him rejoice,

And there proclaim

His holy name,
With sounding voice.

90 Ps. CL. 6.-"Let every thing that hath breath





praise the Lord."

ANGELS holy,

High and lowly,

Sing the praises of the Lord!
Earth and sky, all living nature,
Man, the stamp of thy Creator,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

Sun and moon bright,

Night and noon light,

Starry temples, azure-floored;

Calm and storm, and wild wind's madness,
Sons of God, that shout for gladness,

Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

Rolling thunder,

Voice of wonder,

Deepest bass in heavenly chord;
Vivid lightnings fiercely gleaming,
Bulging clouds with water streaming,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

Ocean hoary,
Tell his glory,

Cliffs where tumbling seas have roar'd!
Pulse of water blithely beating,
Wave advancing, wave retreating,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

Rock and high land,

Wood and island,

Crag where eagle's pride hath soar'd;
Mighty mountain, purple breasted,
Peaks, cloud-cleaving, snowy-crested,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!







Rolling river,
Praise him ever,

From the mountain's deep vein poured;
Silver fountain clearly gushing,
Troubled torrent madly rushing,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

Birds, whose pinion

Gives dominion,

In sky-regions deep and broad;

Flocks, that stray o'er hills unbounded,
Herds, with verdant plains surrounded,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

Youth, whose morning
Smiles at warning,

Age in counsel deeply stor❜d;
Maids and boys, in chorus blending,
Let your anthem-song, ascending,
Praise high Heaven's eternal Lord!

Bond and free men,

Land and seamen,

Earth, with peoples widely stor'd;
Woodman, lone in prairies ample,
Full-voiced choir in costly temple,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

Kings anointed,

Sceptred by the Sovereign Lord;
Tribes and golden realms possessing,
Throned in grandeur, power, and blessing,
Praise your ruler, God the Lord!

Spread the story

Of his glory,

Ye who fiercely scorned His word;
Israel! once that outcast nation,

Now, illustrious in salvation,

Praise your Kinsman, King, and Lord!


Praise Him ever,

Bounteous Giver,

Praise Him, Father, Friend, and Lord;
Each glad soul its free course winging-
Each blithe voice its free song singing,
Praise the great, the mighty Lord!

91 PROV. XIV. 32.-" The righteous hath hope in

his death."

1 АH! I shall soon be dying,
Time swiftly glides away;
But, on my Lord relying,
I hail the happy day ;-

2 The day when I shall enter
Upon a world unknown;
My helpless soul I venture
On Jesus Christ alone.

3 He once a spotless victim
Upon Mount Calvary bled!
Jehovah did affiict Him,

And bruise Him in my stead.

4 Hence all my hope arises,
Unworthy as I am;

My soul most surely prizes
The sin-atoning Lamb.

5 To Him by grace united,
I joy in Him alone;
And now, by faith, delighted
Behold Him on His throne.

6 There He is interceding

For all who on Him rest:
The grace from Him proceeding
Shall waft me to His breast.

7 Then, with the saints in glory,
The grateful song I'll raise,
And chaunt my blissful story
In high seraphic lays.

8 Free grace, redeeming merit,
And sanctifying love,

Of Father, Son, and Spirit,
Shall charm the courts above.

92 PROV. XVII. 6." The glory of children are their fathers."

1 THERE was gladness in Zion, her standard was flying,

Free o'er her battlements, glorious and gay; All fair as the morning shone forth her adorning,

And fearful to foes was her godly array.

2 There is mourning in Zion, her standard is lying

Defiled in the dust, to the spoiler a prey; And now there is wailing, and sorrow prevailing,

For the best of her children are weeded away.

3 The good have been taken, their place is forsa


The man and the maiden, the green and the


The voice of the weepers wails over the sleep


The martyrs of Scotland that now are away,

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