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2 Thy spirit through the lonely night,

Érom earthly joy apart,
Hath sigh’d for one that's far away,

The Bridegroom of thy heart.
3 But see, the night is waning fast,

The breaking morn is near;.
And Jesus comes with voice of love,

Thy drooping heart to cheer.
4 He comes, for 0 His yearning heart

No more can bear delay;
To scenes of full unmingled joy
To call his Bride away.

5 This earth, the scene of all His woe,

A homeless wild to thee,
Full soon upon His heav'nly throne,

Its rightful King shall see.

6 Thou too shalt reign-He will not wear

His crown of joy alone;
And earth, His royal Bride shall see

Beside Him on the throne.

7 Then weep no more, 'tis all thine own,

His crown, His joy divine,
And sweeter far than all beside,

He, He Himself is thine.



1 Gloomy and dark the night has been,

And long the way and dreary,
And sad each faithful saint is seen,

And taint, and worn, and weary.

2 Ye mourning pilgrims! dry your tears,

And hush each sign of sorrow;
The light of that bright mern appears,

The long Sabbatic morrow,
3 Lift up your heads, behold from far

A food of splendour streaming ;
It is the briglit and morning star,

In living lustre beaming.
4 And see that star-like host around,

Of angel-bands attending :
Hark, hark, the trumpet's gladdening sound,

With shouts triumphant blending. 6 O weeping Spouse, arise, rejoice,

Put off i hy weeds of mourning,
And hail the Bridegroom's welcome voice

In triumph now returning.

210 Rom. xiv. 7.—“ None of us liveth to himself,

and no man dieth to himself.
1 I WILL a little pilgrim be,

Resolv'd alone to follow Thee,
Thou Lamb of God, who now art gone

Up to the everlasting throne.
2 I will my heart to Thee resign,

Thine only be, o be Thou mine!
The world I leave and foolish play,

To happiness to find the way.
3 My lips shall be employ'd to bless

The Lord, who is my righteousness;
My joy to serve, and praise, and love,
And then to reign with Him above,

211 1 COR. v. 7.-" Christ our passover is sacri.

ficed for us."

1 Why did the paschal beast

Of old for Israel bleed?
To be their safe-guard and their feast,

To sprinkle and to feed.

2 Dwell not, my searching soul,

On ritual shadows now;
Christ is the Lamb all pure and whole,

The ransom'd first-born Thou.

3 Now get thy house within,

Slay, eat, anoint thy door,
The dread avenger comes not in

To smite, but passeth o'er.

4 He looks and calls from high,

Art thou to die or live?
He hears the posts and lintels cry

Forgive, forgive, forgive.

5 I hear the accuser roar

Of ills that I have done ;
I know them well, and thousands more,

Jehovah findeth none.

6 Sin, Satan, death, press near,

To harass and appal;
Let but my Advocate appear,

Backward they go, and fall.

7 Before, behind, around,

They set their fierce array,
To fight and force me from my ground,
Along Emmanuel's way.

8 I meet them face to face,

Through Jesus' conquest blest ;
March in the triumph of His grace,

Right onward to my rest.

9 There in His book I bear,

A more than conqueror's name,
A soldier, son, and fellow heir,

Who fought and overcame. 10 His be the victor's name,

Who fought our fight alone;
Triumphant saints no honour claim,

Their conquest was His own. 11 By weakness and defeat,

He won the meed and crown;
Trode all our foes beneath His feet,

By being trodden down.

12 He, hell, in hell laid low;

Made sin, He sin o'erthrew ;.
Bowed to the grave, destroyed'it so,

And death, by dying, slew.
13 Bless, bless the conqueror slain,

Slain in His victory;
Who lived, who died, who lives again

For thee, His Church, for thee!


1 COR. V. 8.—" Let us keep the feast."

1 SWEET feast of love divine !

"Tis grace that makes us free, To feed upon this bread and wine,

In memory, Lord, of Thee.

2 Here every welcome guest

Waits, Lord, from Thee to learn
The secrets of Thy Father's breast !

And all Thy grace discern.
3 Here conscience ends its strife,

And faith delights to prove
The sweetness of the bread of life,

The fulness of Thy love.
4 That blood that fiow'd for sin,

In symbol here we see;
And feel the blessed pledge within,

That we are loved of Thee.

5 0, if this glimpse of love

Is so divinely sweet,
What will it be, O Lord, above

Thy gladdning smile to meet !

6 To see Thee face to face

Thy perfect likeness wear,
And all Thy ways of wondrous grace,

Through endless years declare.



1 JESUS invites His saints

To meet around His board :
Here pardon'd sinners sit, and hold

Communion with their Lord.

2 Our heavenly Father calls

Christ and His members one ;
We are the children of His love,

And He the first-born Son.

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