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3 Then let days and years be fleeting,

Swiftly pass our joys and woes;
'Mid the changes we are meeting,

God, our God, no changes knows.
Our's be then a life that shows

That conducted by his hand,
We shall enter at its close

Our beloved father-land.


EXOD. III. 14.--"I am."

ART thou weak afflicted soul?
I am strong to make thee whole.
Art thou sick and hast no cure?
I am thy physician sure.
Art thou fainting on thy road ?
I am near to bear thy load.
Art thou hungry, thirsty, poor?
I am rich to bless thy store.
Art thou much with grief opprest?
I am come to give thee rest.
Art thou weary of thy sin ?
I am peace to thee within.
I am ready at thy side,
At thy right and left to guide.
I am life, and love, and peace,
I am joy which ne'er shall cease.

13 Exod. xiv. 15.—“Speak unto the children

of Israel, that they go forward." 1 “ FORWARD let the people go,”

Israel's God will have it so:
Though the path be through the sea,

Israel, what is that to thee?
He who bids thee pass the waters
Will be with his sons and daughters.

2 Deep and wide the sea appears :

Israel wonders-Israel fears,-
Yet the word is “Forward” still:

Israel! 'tis the Master's will;
Though no way thou can'st discover,
Not one plank to float thee over.

3 Israel, art thou sorely tried ?

Art thou press'd on every side ?
Does it seem as if no power

Could relieve thee in this hour?
Wherefore art thou thus disheartened,
Is the arm that saves thee shortened ?

4 Stand thou still this day, and see

Wonders wrought, and wrought for thee:
Safe thyself on yonder shore,

Thou shalt see thy foes no more.
Thine to see the Saviour's glory,
Thine to tell the wond'rous story.

5 Yes, thy God shall yet be known,

Far and wide, as God alone:
At his feet shall idols fall,
For thy God is Lord of all.
His is strength, and his salvation,
He shall reign o'er ev'ry nation.

14 Exod. xv. 2.-"My father's God, I will exalt


10 God, our help in ages past,

Our hope for years to come,
Our shelter from the stormy blast,

And our eternal home,

2 Under the shadow of thy throne

Thy saints have dwelt secure,
Sufficient is thine arm alone,

And our defence is sure.
3 Thro' every scene of life and death

Thy promise is our trust,
And this shall be our children's song

When we are cold in dust.

4 O God, our help in ages past,

Our hope for years to come;
Be thou our guard while life shall last,

And our eternal home.

15 Exod. XV. 26.—“ I am the Lord that healeth

1 HEAL us, Emmanuel, here we are,

Waiting to feel thy touch:
Deep-wounded souls to thee repair,

And, Saviour, we are such.
2 Our faith is feeble, we confess,

We faintly trust thy word;
But wilt thou pity us the less ?

Be that far from thee, Lord!
3 Remember him who once applied

With trembling for relief;
“Lord, I believe,” with tears he cried,

"O help my unbelief !"
4 She too, who touch'd thee in the press,

And healing virtue stole,
Was answer'd, “ Daughter, go in peace,

Thy faith hath made thee whole."

5 Conceal'd amid the gath'ring throng,

She would have shunn'd thy view;
And if her faith was firm and strong,

Had strong misgivings too.
6 Like her, with hopes and fears we come,

To touch thee if we may;
Oh! send us not despairing home,

Send none unheal'd away.

16 Exod. xv11.11.—“ It came to pass when Moses

held up his hand that Israel prevailed.”

1 WHAT various hind'rances we meet

In coming to a mercy-seat ?
Yet who that knows the worth of pray'r,
But wishes to be often there?

2 Pray'r makes the darken'd cloud withdraw,

Pray'r climbs the ladder Jacob saw,
Gives exercise to faith and love,

Brings ev'ry blessing from above.
3 Restraining pray'r, we cease to fight;

Pray'r makes the Christian's armour bright;
And Satan trembles when he sees
The weakest saint upon his knees.

4 While Moses stood with arms spread wide,

Success was found on Israel's side;
But when through weariness they fail'd,

That moment Amalek prevailed.
5 Have you no words? Ah! think again,

Words flow apace when you complain,
And fill your fellow-creature's ear
With the sad tale of all your care.

6 Were half the breath thus vainly spent,

To Heav'n in supplication sent,
Your cheerful song would oft'ner be,
“ Hear what the Lord has done for me."

17 EXOD. XXXIII. 18.—" I beseech thee show ine

thy glory."
1 THOUSANDS of thousands stand around

Thy throne, O God most high!
Ten thousand times ten thousand sound

Thy praise--but who am I?
2 Thy brightness unto them appears,

Whilst I thy footsteps trace:
A sound of God comes to my ears,

But they behold thy face.
3 How great a being, Lord, is thine,

Which doth all beings keep !
Thy knowledge is the only line

To sound so vast a deep.
4 How good art Thou, whose goodness is

Our parent, nurse, and guide:
Whose streams do water Paradise,
And all this earth beside.

5 Thine upper and thy nether springs

Make both thy worlds to thrive;
Under thy warm and sheltering wings,

Thou keep'st two broods alive.
6 Thy arm of might, most mighty King,

Both rocks and hearts doth breah
My God, thou canst do every thing,
But what should show the weak.


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