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Hymn |

Ilymin Glory, glory

231 I rest in Christ 206 Glory to the Father 83 Israel in ancient days 247 Glory unto Jesus be 46 Is God for me 205 Gol moves

21 Is that, is that 189 Go up with shouts 58 It is the Lord

28 Great God

141 I thirst, but not 53 Had I a throne 287 I've found the pearl 236 Hail, thou once 197 I was a wandering 264 Hark, my soul 193 I will a little pilgrim 210 Hark! the herald 16+ I will praise Thee. 109 Hark! the song 292 Jerusalem,iny happy 252 Hasten, O sinner 6 Jesus, and shall 54 Haste, traveller 7 Jesus, I cast my soul 41 Heal us, Emmanuel 15 Jesus, I my cross 159 Hear what God 128 Jesus invites

213 Here I find no rest 53 Jesus, in Thee

19 Here in the broken 215 Jesus is the chiefest 237 Holy Bible 76 Jesus, lover

184 Hopeless and outcast 136 Jesus, lead us 177 Hope of our hearts 298 Jesus, my all 192 How blest

131 Jesus, my sorrow. 245 How can I sink 100 Jesus, our Head

243 How goodly

3 Jesus shall reign 61 How long sometimes 69 Jesus, tender 115 How long the time 280 Jesus, Thy blood 231 Ilow sweet's

105 Jesus, who lived 229 I am a little child 129 Just as I am

176 If human kindness 272 Kindred in Christ' 2:24 I know that my 37 Lamb of God

263 I lay my sins 122 Lead, Saviour, lead 116 I'll praise Thee 110 Let sinners sav'd

73 I love the Lord 194 Let us, with

85 I'm but a stranger 253 Light is the yoke 152 I'm going to leave 242 Light for the dreary 31 In ancient times 40 Like Jacob

10 Interval of grateful 80 Like mist

260 In the beginning 1 Lo, at noon

In vain our fancy 283 Lo! He comes
In yon blest plains 228 Lo, the eventful day 162
I once was a stranger 130 | Lord, it belongs not 226



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Meeting in


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Lord Jesus, are 225 O Lord, I would 51
Lord Jesus, we
201 O Lord, when we .

Lord, look upon 3+ O loved, but not

Lord of our hearts 207 One there is above 93
Lord of the worlds

64 One there is above 94
Lo, 'tis the heavenly 290 On earth the song 274
Love is the sweetest 104 On mountains

Man of sorrows
106 O thou, by long,


217 Our God is good 2

Mercy, and grace 188 Our God proclaims 183

Met around

238 Our mortal life 97

My blessed Saviour 220 O what a lovely path 113

My God, my Father 166 O what a bright

My God was with me 87 ( what a lonely path 254

My life's a shade

291 O where is now


My Saviour, be thou 35 o Zion, when


My Son, know thou 33 Pass away earthly 108

My soul, amid

59 Peace be to this


27 Poor and needy
My times are in
48 Poor, weak

Nay, I cannot
9 Praise to Thee


No condemnation. 202 Precious book


Not all the blood

249 Quiet, Lord


Nothing but 248 Quite alone, and yet 186
Now let us join 273 Riches immense 173
0, blessed love 270 Rise, my soul


0, draw me, Saviour 93 Rock of Ages


earth, rejoice 22 Saved from the awful 179

O'er the gloomy hills 125 See Aaron


0, for a closer walk

4 Sing them


Often the clouds

279 Shepherd of Thy


O God, our help 14 Son of God


" () God!" was 132 Songs of praise 72

O God, Thy 195 Speak kindly to thy 96

O grace divine


Star-gemmed floor 181

O gracious Shepherd 133 Still in a world of sin 63
O gracious Lord 196 Sun of my soul

( head, so full 120 Sweeter, O Lord 1,5

O holy Saviour 102 Sweet feast of love

O Israel, who is like 25 Sweet is the savour


My span of life





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Hymt Sweet Jesus! when 101 To Calvary, Lord 261 Sweet the moment 49 To thee my heart Sweet was 26 To watch

103 Sweet was the hour 174 Walk in the light .

206 Teach me yet more 42 Watchman! tell us 111 That I am thine 222 We go with

60 That clime is not . 29.5

Welcome, sweet day 67 The ancient days

112 We seek a rest 24+ The atoning work 246 We sing to God 130 The blood of Christ 256 We sing the praise 261 The Church

299 | What a rapturous 297 The cross, the cross 231 What earthly thing 124 The God of Abraham 5 What grace, O Lord 74 The happy morn

170 What is this life 36 * The Lord is riser." 169 What must it be 227 The morning 118 What, tho' time

11 The Son of God 221 What various

0 There in peace

239 When friend. There is a fountain 145 When quiet

2 There is a path

When the spark

47 There is a sacred 168

When the vale

63 There is a morning 278 When a careless 15+ There is a land .

When this passing. 200 There is a stream

When heaves

20+ There was gladness 92

When I survey

223 Think not that e'er 95

While in sweet

99 This is not my place 253

While to Bethlehem 185 Thou, great.


While we remember 216 Tho' twice ten 178 Who but a Christian 159 Tho' the heart 2.39

Who hath our report 121 Thousands of

17 Why fear the path 41 Thou who didst 78 Why did the paschal 211 Thy ways, O Lord 39 With Heaven

251 Time's sun is fast 293 With sweet

233 'Tis come, the glad 146 Ye blest domestics 236 “'Tis finished,"

193 Ye holy angels bright 89 'Tis He! the mighty 161 Yes, the Christian's 241 'Tis my happiness

199 Ye virgin souls "Tis past, the dark 267



1 GEN. I. 1.-" In the beginning God created the

heavens and the earth."

1 In the beginning was THE WORD;

The Word was God.
In the beginning was the Word;

And His abode
From everlasting was with God.

His name

Jehovah, God, the Lord,

Ever to be adored:
The eternal Son,

The ever-blessed One.
From all, to all eternity,

The brightness of the eternal Father's glory He. 2 Creator of the heaven and earth,

Their Lord and King.
Creator of the heaven and earth,

The angels sing!
To him all praise and glory bring;

His power

From which all things had birth,

By which they still stand forth
In beauty glad,

With heav'nly radiance clad.
Praise, praise His ever flowing love,

That brightens all below and gladdens all above. 3 “Let there be light,"~'twas He that spoke,

“And there was light." “Let there be light,"—twas He that spoke,

And the long night
At His divine command took flight.

Of day
O'er the deep darkness broke;

The sleeping world awoke:
Earth, sea, and sky

Burst forth in praises high
To Him who made the light to be : [He!
He is the Light of light, and there is none but

The ray


ANOTHER OF THE SAME. 1 OUR God is good, and he is great,

Around His throne the angels wait:
He made the sun with beams so bright,
He made the moon which shines by night,-
The glittering skies that look so fair,

With every star that sparkles there.
2 The mountains and the rocks he made,

And all the hills in order laid:
He poured the water in the seas ;
He made the grass, the herbs, the trees, --
The valleys and the fields so fair,
And every flower that blossoms there.

3 The lion and the tiger bold,

The sheep and cattle of the fold

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