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the Holy Scriptures, is a notorious contradiction to the design of the Sermon Gospel, and to that particular Mi- XIII. racle whereby the knowledge of it was conveyed to the World, the Gift of Tongues; and then the Service of God in an unknown Tongue, which is inconsistent with true Devotion, contrary to Edification, and to the plain Scope and Design of a whole Chapter of St. Paul to the Corinthians. And so likewise is the Communion in one kind, to our Saviour's express Institution : and the repetition of Christ's Sacrifice, to as express a declaration of the Apostle to the Hebrews to the contrary, as is possible for words to make.

Seventhly and lastly, which falls heaviest upon them of all, the chief Prophecies of the New Testament, which are concerning false Prophets, and concerning Antichrist, havé mark'd him out by this Character, that he should be a great worker of Miracles, and magnifie himself upon this pretence. Matth. 24. 24.


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For there shall arise false Chrifts, and Volurae false prophets, and shall few, great XII.

fins and wonders, insomuch that (if it were jollible) they Jhall deceive the very eleit. And 2 Thes. 2. 9, 10. St. Paul foretels there, that in the great degeneracy and falling away of the Christian Church, the man of fin should come after the working of Satan, with all power, and signs, and wonders of lies, that is, either false Miracles, or Miracles wrought to confirm false Doctrines, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness, all the legerdemain and jugling tricks of falschood and impofture: and certainly nothing was ever more visible than these are in the Church of Rome; whether we consider their impudent forgeries of Writings ; (which they have not the face now to deny) or the Nature and Character of their Miracles. So that tho? Bellarmine is pleased to make Miracles one of the Marks of the true Church, yet the Miracles of the Church of Rome, if we consider all the Circumstances of them, are one of the plainest. marks of Antichrist, and the very


brand of the Beast, as we find him

Sermon described, Revel. 13. 13, 14.


XIII. he doth great wonders, and deceiveth them that dwell on the earth, by the means of those miracles which he had

power to do.

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And now the Church of Rome may be allowed to work Miracles; and yet Divine Miracles, such as were wrought for the first Confirmation of Christianity, may be ceased in the Church: which is a sufficient answer to the Objection, and upon the whole matter shews, that the Miracles pretended to in the Church of Rome, are so far from giving any confirmation to her Doctrines, that they are rather an evident proof that The is the Apostate and Anti-Christian Church.

I might now draw two or three Inferences from this whole Dif course. As,

I. We have great reason to admire the Wisdom and Goodness of God in the Dispensation of the Go


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spel, that by the fending down of Volume his holy Spirit to endow the first XII.

Publishers of this Heavenly Doctrine with such Miraculous Gifts and Pow. ers, he hath given such abundant Testimony to the Truth of our Religion, and such firm grounds for our Faith to rely upon.

II. The consideration of what hath been said convinceth men of the great fin of Infidelity, and the unreasonableness of it, after so clear conviction and demonstration as God hath given to the World of the Truth of Christianity.

III. and lastly, They who believe the Gospel are utterly inexcusable, if they do not obey it, and live according to it: for this is the great end of all the Miracles, which God hath wrought for the confirmation of Christianity, that by the belief of the Gospel men might be brought to the Obedience of Faith, and live conformably to the Precepts of that Holy Religion, which the Son of God by so many Miracles hath


planted and preserved in the World. But these I have * discours’d of on a

Sermon nother occasion, and therefore shall XIII. insist upon them no farther at this ce Vol time.

10. Serm.


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