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any sensual or worldly interest: but
deal fairly and impartially with your Sermon
selves. Think with your selves that VI.
you have not the making of things
true and false; that the Principles of
Religion are either true or false, be-
fore you think of them.

think of them. The truth
of things is already fixt; either there
is a God, or no God; either your
Souls are immortal, or they are not ;
either the Scriptures are a Divine
Revelation, or an Impofture; one of
these is certain and necessary, and
they are not now, to be alter'd.
Things will not comply with
conceits, and bend themselves to your
interests. Therefore do not think
what you would have to be: but
consider impartially what is. *

See more in And if upon enquiry, you be con- above men: vinc'd that it is the greatelt Reason and Prudence to believe that there is a God, and a Future State, and that the Scriptures are the Word of God; then meditate much of these these things; attend to the proper consequences of such a perswafion; and resolve to live as becomes those



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who believe there is a God, and a Volume nother life after this, and that it is XII. best for you to obey the Precepts

of his Word, being perswaded that whatever is there promised in case of Obedience, or threatned in case of Disobedience, will certainly be accomplish'd.

And labour to strengthen your self in this belief; because Faith is the fpring of all rational actions, and the root of all other Graces; and according to the strength and weakness of Faith, your Holiness and 0bedience and Graces will flourish or decay

And because the matters of Faith do not fall under our Senses, and the things of another World are invisible, and at distance, and confequently not so apt to affectus, as present and sensible things, we fhould take the more pains with our felves, that by revolving frequently in our minds the thoughts of God, and representing to our selves the Happiness and Mifery of another


World, they may have as great an
Effect upon us, as if they were pre-
sent to us, and we saw them with
our bodily Eyes.



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Of the Christan Faith, the Means

of its Conveyance, and our
Obligation to receive it.

The First Sermon on this Text.


31. But these are written, that ye might

believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing ye might have life through his Name.

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Have largely Discoursed concern

and more particularly

concerning the Faith which is truly Divine and Religious ; in the latitude of which is


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