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day,* as in any other country in the world; and the symmetry and beauty of the human person in Arabia are not surpassed by any other portion of the human race.t

Arabia is also remarkable on another account.

* See letter from the Rev, Henry Martyn, concerning Sabat, quoted in “ The Star in the East," p. 218.“ At intervals I read Persian poetry with Mirza, and the Koran with Sabat. These Orientals, with whom I translate the Scriptures, require me to point out the connexion between every two sentences, which is often more than I can do. It is curious how accurately they observe all the rules of writing. Sabat, though a real Christian, has not lost a jot of his Arabian notions of superiority. He looks upon Europeans as mushrooms; and seems to regard my pretensions to any learning, as we should regard those of a savage or an ape."-N. B. Mr. Martyn was Senior Wrangler, or first Mathematician of his year at Cambridge, in 1801 ; and he had now been two years in society with Sabat. Of course he used these expressions concerning Sabat in rather a vein of pleasantry; but they will intimate that he respected the intellect and acquirements of the Arabian.

† An intelligent Arabian, who bad seen the English in India, observed to the Author, that he thought the minds of the English far superior to their persons. It seemed to him that there was nothing striking or noble in the English countenance, compared with the dignity and beauty of the Arabians; that the faces were in general flat and torpid, and the eyes without fire. The Author informed him, that the English were composed of different nations, and most of these from cold and northern climates ; that hence there was a great diversity in their appearance, some being of very ordinary

It was the theatre of the grand defection from Christianity, by the Mahomedan delusion, which was to extend to " a third part of men.” This predicted apostacy was to be effected, not by returning to Paganism, but by a corruption of- Christianity : that is, by admitting - some part of the former revelation of God, and

pretending to a new revelation. The delusion itself is happily compared in the prophecy concerning it, to "smoke issuing from the bottomless

pit ;” and its great extent is expressed by its “ darkening the sun and the air.” And since this defection was to be produced by a corrupticn of revealed Truth, it was necessary that the Scripturis should be first corrupted; for where the genuine Scriptures are in the hands of men, there is little danger of general infidelity. Accordingly, this preparative for the great Imposture took place in the fifth and sixth centuries. During that period, corrupt and apocryphal gospels prevailed so generally in Arabia, and in the neighbouring regions, that it is even doubtful whether Mahomed himself ever saw a genuine copy of the New Testament. It has been argued by learned men, from the internal evidence of his composition, that he did not. But now even the apocryphal gospels have vanished from view, by the long prevalence of the Koran..

aspect, and others of a dignity and beauty which even an Arabian would admire. He smiled at this and observed that it was not likely that the Deity would select so remote and cold a region of his globe for the perfection of man.

* Rey, ix, 2.

But the duration of this delusion was to have a limit.

" The smoke was to darken the sun “ and the air” only for a definite period, namely, 1260 years. This period is expressed in prophetic Scripture in a three-fold form of words to evince its certainty.

1. “ The Holy City shall they tread under “ foot forty and two months.* Rev. xi. 2.-This marks the period of the Mahomedan pow

The same expression is applied afterwards to the duration of the Papal power. The depression of the true faith was of course to last, the same time, as expressed in the two following sentences.

%. “The Witnesses (for the true Faith) shall prophecy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.”+ Rev. xi. 3.


* A day for a year ; 42 months=42+30=1260 days 1260 years.

† A day for a year ; 1260 days=1260 years.

3. “ The Woman or (Church of Christ) fled “ into the wilderness, and was nourished for a time, times, and half a time.* Rev. xii. 14.

This last expression, “ a time, times, and half

a time," is also used by the prophet Daniel, who foretels the same events, to mark the period when God shall “ have accomplished to scatter “ the power of the holy people,” and shall terminate his indignation against Israel. Dan.

xii. 7.

It is very well known in the East at what time Mahomed appeared. Let the Mahomedan then be informed, that he is to count 1260 years from the Hejira, and then expect the fulfilment of a remarkable Prophecy, made by Christ, whom the Koran acknowleges to be “a true Prophet.” Let him be informed explicitly that the reign of Mahomedanism will then have an end. And if he be unwilling to believe this, ask him if he does not already perceive the decline of Mahomedanism. If he be ignorant of this fact, inform him of the history of events. Instruct him, that the corruption of Christianity in the West by the Pope, was coeval with the corruption of Christianity in the East by Mahomed ; that the decline of both these powers is, at this time, equally advanced; and that the fall of both is to be contemporaneous. If he be ignorant of the decline of Papal Rome, the Roman Catholic in the East will declare it to him.

* A time, times, and half a time=a year,

two years and half of a year=forty-two months=1260 days.

1260 years.

Is there any man, calling himself a Christian, who thinks that these prophecies are dubious? If it be true that God hath, at any time, revealed himself to man, they are most certain. The Author would here observe, that the inattention of men in general to the fulfilment of the divine predictions, does not pro. ceed so commonly from principles of infidelity, as from ignorance of facts,-pure ignorance of historical facts. There are men of liberal education in England, who are more ignorant of the history of the world, ancient and modern, in connection with the revelation of God, than some Hindoos and Arabians, whom we know in the East, who have not been Christians above a few years.

Our Saviour reprehended this neglect of “ the word spoken from Heaven," in these words :-" Ye can discern the face “ of the sky and of the earth, but how is it “ that ye cannot discern This time?” Lake xii. 56.

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