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Anticipating the approaching year, as auspicious to seamen, and eventful to the Society, the Directors have resolved on publishing an Improved Series of their“ Pilot,” as noticed in the present and in the last numbers: and while they purpose sparing no pains to render it addition-ally interesting to their readers, they trust that it will find a multiplication of its patrons ; and thus, through the blessing of the Holy Spirit, render still more essential service to their great objects—the honour of our national

as represented to foreigners by our sailors, the regeneration and salvation of our mariners,- and chiefly, the glory of God our Saviour.

The Pilot, OR Sailors' MAGAZINE,” professes to be purely Christian-orthodox and evangelical in its religious sentiments—its Editor, and the Directors of the Society, holding sacred the grand and saving principles of the Protestant Reformation at the same time unsectarian, its pages excluding all reference to ecclesiastical peculiarities: while, therefore, it includes a record of the worthy efforts of all who labour to benefit seamen, and is adapted also, in its various contents, to be a family periodical, and being at the same time the only work of the kind published in the United Kingdom, it must have a powerful claim for support upon all classes, and upon all denominations of Christians in Great Britain.

The Editor offers his best thanks to his friends, and to his numerous correspondents, for their past favours, which he trusts will be renewed: and communications for the “ Pilot" are respectfully solicited from the friends of seamen, especially illustrations of the wonderful works of God, in relation to the sea and to rare marine productions, and still more, details of the progress of the Kingdom of Christ among mariners of all nations.

London, November 23, 1837.


Captain Brenton's Testimony concerning Sailors, 164.

Fawkner's Narrative, 295.

Capture of a Whale, 264.

Character of that Agency to secure the Divine Blessing, 361.

Christian Islands in the South Sea, 298.

Zeal, an Essay on, 325.

Claims of the Merchant Seamen's Bible Society, 80.

Coast Guard Libraries, benefits of, 413.

Continental Voyagers up the Rhine, 381.

Conversation with a South Sea Chief, 300.

Constitution and Rules of a Sailors' Church, 117.

Correspondence of the British and Foreign Sailors' Society, 18,61,

98, 134, 168, 242, 268, 349, 386.

Courageous Humanity of a Midshipman, 163.-
Covenant of Bethel Captains, 330.

German Sailors in London, 170.

Gin-drinker's Liver, 50.
Grant of Fifty Pounds to Cronstadt, 268.

Twenty Pounds to Havre, 269.

Grateful Acknowledgments for a Ship’s Library, 21.

Greenwich, Bethel Meetings at, 388.

Maritime Calamities at Appledore, 21.

Enormities, 379.
Melancholy Shipwreck of the “ Bristol," 14.

Missionaries and Seamen united in benefiting the Heathen,
337, 372.

labouring for Seamen in Foreign Ports, 385.
Missionary Anecdotes, 258.
Moderate Spirit Drinkers, 120.
Monthly Meetings of the Agents, 24, 61, 102, 134, 172, 212, 243,

270, 312, 357, 390, 418.
Moral Condition of our Seamen in Foreign Ports, 385.
Mortality and Piety in Greenwich Hospital, 82.

Sacred Songs for British Seamen, 127.

Safely in Port," 414.
Sailing from Port on Sundays, 87.
Sailor, the, at the Lord's Table, 111.

in the Church, 109.
Sailors make good Missionaries, 244.

Missionaries, 54.

Coadjutors of Missionaries, 8.

Salutations from the American Ship“ Oberlin,” 96.

Saving Light, the, 91.

Seamen professing Christianity in Heathen Lands, 118.

in the Royal Navy, 397.

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