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generally in very good condition, except on the south and south-west portions of the circular turrets, where the surface is much decomposed. The mouldings generally are in a perfect state. The joints of the masonry, which is executed with the greatest care, are remarkably close. The stone of the keep, which is of a deep brown colour, and much resembles sandstone, is in good condition, especially on the south-west

side. KONINGSBOROUGH CASTLE, Yorkshire (Norman). Coarse-grained and semi-crystalline mag

nesian limestone, from the hill eastward of the castle ; in perfect condition. The masonry is executed with great care, the joints very close, but the mortar within them

has disappeared. Rupon CATHEDRAL. Lower part, east end, south-east angle (Norman), of coarse sandstone

from the vicinity, in good condition. The west front, the transepts, and tower (of the 12th and 13th centuries), of coarse sandstone of the vicinity, in fair condition. The mouldings, although generally decomposed, are not effaced. The dog's-teeth ornament in most parts nearly perfect. The aisles of the nave, the clerestory, and the choir (of the 14th and 15th centuries), of coarse sandstone and magnesian limestone intermixed, not in good condition. The latter stone, on the south side, often in fair condition. The lower parts of the building generally, particularly the west fronts, which are of coarse sandstone, are much decomposed. An obelisk, in the marketplace (1781), of coarse sandstone, is much decomposed, and in laminations parallel to

the exposed faces. Robin Hood's Wel, Yorkshire (1740). A rusticated building, of magnesian limestone,

in perfect condition. Roche ABBEY, Yorkshire (12th century). Inconsiderable remains, of semi-crystalline mag

nesian limestone from the neighbouring quarry, generally in fair condition. The mouldings and decorated portions are perfect. Gate-house (12th century) generally decomposed, with the exception of the dressings and mouldings, which are

perfect. SELBY CHURCH, Yorkshire (nave and lower part of the tower of the 11th century; the west

front and aisles of the 12th century; and the choir with its aisles of the 14th century). The Norman portion of the building, which is of grey magnesian limestone, is in excellent condition, particularly the lower part. The early English portions of the building are also of magnesian limestone, and in a partially decomposed state.

The later portions of the building, which also are of magnesian limestone, are much decom• posed and blackened. SOUTHWELL CHURCH, Notts (of the 10th century). Of magnesian limestone, similar to

that of Bolsover Moor, in perfect condition. The mouldings and enrichments of the doorway appear as perfect as if just completed. The choir, which is of the 12th century, and built of a stone similar to that of Mansfield, is generally in good con

dition. SPOPFORTH Castle, Yorkshire (14th century). Of coarse red sandstone, generally much

decomposed. The dressings of the windows and doors, of a semi-crystalline magnesian limestone, are in a perfect state, the mouldings and enrichments being eminently

sharp and beautiful. STUDLEY Park, Yorkshire. Banquetting house, about 100 years old, of yellowish mag

nesian limestone, in perfect condition. THORPE ABBEY Village. The houses generally of this village are built of magnesian

limestone from the vicinity; they are in excellent condition, and of a very pleasing

colour. THORPE Salvix, near Worksop. Manor-house (15th century), in ruins. Of a siliciferous

inagnesian limestone and a sandstone, in unequal condition ; the quoins and dressings are generally in a perfect state. Parish Church (15th century), also of a siliciferous variety of magnesian limestone and a sandstone, in unequal but generally fair condi

A Norman doorway under the porch is well preserved. TICKHILL CHURCH, Yorkshire, (15th century). Of magnesian limestone, in excellent

condition. The lower part of the tower of the 19th century) also in fair condition. York. Ancient Buildings : CATHEDRAL (transepts

, 13th century; tower, nave, &c., 14th century). Of magnesian limestone, from Jackdaw Craig. West end and towers restored thirty years since; they are generally in fair condition, but some of the enriched gables and other decorations are obliterated. The transepts are in many places much decomposed, especially in the mouldings and enrichments. The central tower is generally in good condition, but several of the enriched parts are decomposed. St. Mary's Abbey (12th century), of magnesian limestone. West front of the church generally much decomposed; the north fank in better condition, but in parts much decomposed. The gateway, which is of Norman origin, is in fair condition. Roman Multangular Tower. Built of small stones; such as are of magnesian limestone are in good condition. St. Denis's Church. Norman doorway. of magnesian



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Tasle of The Wz1QHts op Buu DiNG STONES, (IN CONTINUATION)

Weight per Name of Quarry.

Post Towns.


cubic foot


Farleigh Down
Box Hill
Park Quarry
Dundry Hill
Steerley (white)
Doulting, Old Down
Morley Moor
Steetley (yellow).
Dunmore Stable
Gosling's Portland (bottom bed)
Castle's Portland
Hunger Hill
Park Nook -
Duke of Hamilton's
Hawksworth Wood
Duke of Hamilton's
Scullcap, Portland
Craigleith (bed rock)
Ham Hill
Anston, Norfall Quarry

Stone-Ends Quarry
Gun Barrel -
Mansfield (white)
Corby -
New Leeds
Mansfield (red)
Chilmark (Trough bed)

(Penney bed)
Hoyle House (clough)
Longwood Edge
Crossland Hill
Ketton (Rag bed)
Viney Hill
Chilmark (hard white bed)
Dylais -
Kertish Rag
Red Jacket -

Tisbury, Wilts Bath, Somerset Chippenham, Wilts Tixall, Stafford Corby, Lincoln Bristol, Somerset Work sop, Notts Shepton Mallet, Somerset Derby Worksop. Notts Falkirk, Stirling Weymouth, Dorset Corby, Lincoln” Belper, Derby Doncaster, York Linlithgow Malton, York Leeds, York Linlithgow Wolsingham, Durham Leeds, York Weymouth Bewdley, Shropshire Borrowstoness, Linlithgow Edinburgh Yeovil, Somerset Harrowgate, York Leds, York Glasgow, Lanark South Anston, York Newcastle-on-Tyne Leeds, York Mansfield, Notts Bewdley, Shropshire Mansfield, Notts Corby, Lincoln Leeds, York Huddersfield. York Mansfield, Notts Crediton, Devon Holywell, Flint Salisbury, Wilts Huddersfield, York

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