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General History ...
Biography ........
Companies ........
Fires in London ..
Gazettes ........
Improvements ..
Laws, Charters, and Custom
Miscellaneous ....
Pageants ...............
Political ...........
Police and Sanitary Affairs
Schools, Societies, &c. ......
Theology ..............
Manuscripts .............

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Parliamentary, Constitutional, and Political Documents and

Records ............................
Political and Constitutional Works ............
British and Irish History ....
British and Irish Antiquities and Topography
Biography .......
Cases, Civil and Criminal, Trials, &c. ........
Ecclesiastical History and Antiquities ....
General History and Antiquities, Chronology, &c.
Law and Jurisprudence ..........
Trade and Commerce ..............
Natural History, Philosophy, and Mathematics
Arts and Sciences ..........
Literature, Language, Dictionaries, &c.
Poetry, the Drama, &c. ...
Voyages and Travels .....
Miscellaneous ........








General History.

* DOURNE (H. R. Fox), English merchants. Memoirs in illusD tration of the progress of British commerce. 2 vol. 8vo

Lond. 1866. Bunhill-fields. Proceedings in reference to the preservation of Bunhill-fields burial-ground. 8vo

.. Lond. 1867 *Lemon (Mark), Up and down the London streets. 8vo Lond. 1867 *Old London. Papers read at the London Congress of the Archæological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, July 1866. 8vo

Lond. 1867 *Timbs (John), F.S.A., London and Westminster; city and suburb.

Strange events, characteristics, and changes of metropolitan life. 2 vol. 8vo

.. Lond. 1868

Biography. Some account of the citizens of London and their rulers, from 1060

to 1867. By B. B. Orridge, F.G.S. 8vo .. Lond. 1867 The Milbourne Almshouses, and a brief account of the founder and his family. By T. Milbourn. 8vo..

n. d. Sir Joseph Sheldon, Sir Thomas Davies, Sir Francis Chaplin, and

Sir James Edwards, mayors of London ; a MS. collection for a history of, illustrated with views of Croydon palace and church, Lambeth palace, &c., and autographs. Collected by S. Gregory. . folio ..

n. d.

Companies. Bank of England. The principles of Banking, its utility and economy; with remarks on

the working and management of the Bank of England. By Thomson Hankey, M.P. 8vo ...

Lond. 1867 B

LONDON (CompaniesGazettes).

Distillers Company. The Distiller of London. Compiled and set forth by the special

licence and command of the King's most excellent majesty ; for the sole use of the company of Distillers of London, and by them

to be duly observed and practiced. folio . Lond. 1725 A collection of all the pamphlets that were written pro and con on

the British Distillery, whilst the Act “ For laying a duty upon the retailers of spirituous liquors, and for licencing the retailers there. of,” was depending in Parliament. Svo .. .. 1736

Goldsmiths Company. The humble petition of the Liveryinen of the company of Goldsmiths,

presented to the court of Common Council the 27th of September, 1770.

Ironmongers Company. Some account of the worshipful company of Ironmongers. By John Nicholl, F.S.A. (Privately printed.) Second edition. 4to

Lond. 1866 Vintners Company. 'The Vintner's Mystery displayed; or the whole art of the wine trade laid open. Svo

.. Lond. n. d. The Art and Mystery of Vintners and Wine Coopers ; containing ap

proved directions for the preserving and curing all manner and sorts of wines. By E. T., a wine cooper of long experience. Svo

Lond. 1734 Watermen's Company. The humble Petition of the Overseers and Rulers of the company of Water-men, together with their whole Society, to the right honourable the Parliament of England, assembled at Westminster. broad sheet

.. n. d.


An account of the dreadful fire which happened on Sunday the 19th

of November, between ten and eleven at night, in Wapping; as also of what persons were hurt and burnt, and of one that was taken, suspected to have fire-balls. folio

Lond. 1682

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Gazettes. Vols.

Numbers. CCXXXI. July 3, 1866 to Aug. 31, 1866. 23,133 to 23,157. CCXXXII. Sept. 4, 1866 to Oct. 30, 1866. 23,159 to 23,178. CCXXXIII. Nov. 2, 1866 to Dec. 28, 1866. 23,179 to 23,203, CCXXXIV. Jan. 1, 1867 to Feb. 27, 1867. 23,204 to 23,224. CCXXXV. Mar. 1, 1867 to April 30, 1867. 23,225 to 23,246. CCCXXVI. May 3, 1867 to June 28, 1867. 23,247 to 23,268.

LONDON (Hospitals-Miscellaneous).

Hospitals. SUPPLEMENT to the Memoranda relating to the Royal Hospitals ;

consisting of original documents from the Record Office, the British Museum, the Privy Council, the archives of the City, &c., now first made public. Svo

Lond. 1867

Improvements. MOORGATE Street. Papers relating to the opening of a new street

from Moorgate Street to the Mansion-house, with the number and rent of the houses to be pulled down, and the petition of Charles Dingley for the formation of the new street, and Minutes of the Committee on London Streets Bill. MS. folio

1762-63 Report from a Committee to the court of Common Council on the

proper means to bring about a commodious west entrance into the city at Temple bar: and on improvements at Snow hill. Extracted

from the Evening Post, January 11 to 14, 1794. Temple Bar and Snow Hill. Report of the Committee appointed by

the corporation of London to consider the proper means to bring about a commodious west entrance into the city at Temple bar, Dec. 17, 1793. folio sheet.

Laws, Charters, and Customs. CASES on the Custom of London as to actions of debt and con

tracts. MS. Cases of Certificates in Chancery of many of the customs of Lon.

don. MS. Report of the Committee appointed to enquire and report the state

of the annual revenue and expenditure of the city, presented to

the court of Common Council 20th of June, 1782. A brief state of the produce of the City's estate, and how the same

has been disposed of, for the year ending Christmas 1778. Election Acts. Acts for regulating Elections within the city of Lon

don, and for preserving the peace and good order and government of the said city; 11 Geo. I, c. 18; 12 and 13 Vict. c. xciv., Aug. 1, 1849 ; 30 Vict., April 5, 1867. folio Lond. 1867

Miscellaneous. Folious appearances. A consideration on our ways of lettering

books. (W. B. Turnbull.] 4to .. .. Lond. 1854 A Statistical Vindication of the city of London ; or fallacies exploded and figures explained. By Benjamin Scott, F.R.A.S. 8vo

Lond. 1867

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