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General History and Topography .....
Bartholomew Fair ....

Charities and Poor.....
Clubs, &c. ......
Companies .......
Ecclesiastical ......
Laws, Charters, &c. .
Plague ........
Political ........
· Public Buildings .........
Schools, Societies, &c.
Thames and Port of London....
Theological. .........
Westminster ....



Parliamentary, Constitutional, and Political Documents and

Records ..............
Political and Constitutional Works ...........
British and Irish History ....
British and Irish Antiquities and Topography ......
Biography ............
General History and Antiquities, Chronology and

graphy ......
Natural History, Philosophy, and Mathematics ........
Arts and Sciences ......
Poetry, the Drama, &c. ....
Theology .......................
Voyages and Travels .......
Miscellaneous and Classical Literature, Essays, &c. ....
Index .............



General History and Topography. * MYAPPER (Charles), The Port and Trade of London; historical,

U statistical, local, and general. 8vo . Lond. 1862 *Cunningham (Peter), F.S.A., London as it is. 8vo Lond. n. d. *Hollingshead (John), Underground London. 8vo Lond. 1862 *Hunt (Leigh), A Saunter through the West End. 8vo Lond. 1861 *Meteyard (Eliza), The Hallowed Spots of ancient London. 8vo

Lond. 1862

Bartholomew Fair.

BARTHOLOMEW FAIR, New Bartholomew Fair, Camberwell Fair,

Charlton Fair, Croydon Fair, Deptford Fair, Fairlop Fair, Frost Fair on the Thames, 1814, Greenwich Fair, Hyde Park Fair, Southwark Fair, Stepney Fair, Licensed Victuallers' Fancy Fair, &c., a collection of cuttings, woodcuts, advertisements, showmen's bills, booth bills, songs, and various memoranda in connection with the metropolitan fairs. 4to

n. d. Kemble (John Philip), A very interesting and curious collection of

gleanings from periodicals and newspapers from 1711 to 1758, consisting principally of advertisements, respecting theatrical performances, Bartholomew, Southwark, and other fairs, &c. in London and the provinces, collected and arranged in chronological order, by J. P. Kemble; with some manuscript memoranda in his autograph. 2 vol. 4to ..



Milton, John, A Sketch of the Life of; compiled with reference

to the proposed restoration of the Church of St. Giles, Cripplegate, where he was buried. [By J. Miller.] 8vo Lond. 1862


LONDON (Charities and Poor-Gazettes).

Charities and Poor.

PROCEEDINGS in the matter of Charities relating to poor Prisoners in

the Gaols of the City of London. Svo .. Lond. 1852 The Charities of London in 1861; comprising an Account of the

operations, resources, and general condition of the charitable, educational, and religious institutions of London. By S. Low, junior. 8vo ..

. Lond. 1862

Clubs, &c.

HUMOURS and Conversations of the Town, expos'd in Two Dialogues. 12mo ..

Lond. 1693 [This bitterly satirical little work affords much information as

to London Life at the latter part of the 17th century.] Cock Lorell's Bote; a satirical Poem, from an unique copy, printed by Wynkyn de Worde. Edited by Dr. Rimbault, F.S.A. 8vo

Lond. 1843 (Containing allusions to London Signs and Localities.]


The Saddlers Company and the Rights of the Livery; being an Address of the Livery of London. By J. B. Burton. Svo

Lond. [1862]


ARTICLES whereupon it was agreed by the Archbishops and

Bishops of both provinces and the whole Cleargie, in the Convocation holden at London in the yeare of our Lord God 1562, accordyng to the computation of the Churche of England, for the avovding of the diversities of opinions, and for the stablishing of consent touchyng true religion. 4to

.. Lond. 1593 [Signed by the Deputy Church wardens and others of the Parish

of St. Andrew's Undershafte, in 1597.]

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LONDON (Laws, Charters, 8C.- Plague).

Laws, Charters, &c.

Act of Common Council relating to Carrs and Carts, &c. fo. 1665

[This Act takes from the Woodmongers Company and transfers

to the Governors of Christ's Hospital, the licensing and government of all Carts, &c., and provides for the laying in by the several Companies a stock of sea coal, to prevent the sud

den dearth of that commodity in times of war or scarcity.] Ceremonials to be observed by the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, Sheriffs,

and Officers of the City of London ; together with certain of their

rights and privileges necessary to be remembered. 8vo Lond. 1850 A Treatise upon the customary law of Foreign Attachment, and the

practice of the Mayor's Court of the City of London therein. By Woodthorpe Brandon. Svo

.. Lond. 1861



List of the 400 Hackney-coaches licensed in July and August, 1662, together with their names, places of abode, and figure marks.

.. Lond. 1664 *Legends of London : tales of an antiquary; chiefly illustrative of the manners, traditions, and remarkable localities of ancient London. By Richard Thomson. 3 vol. 8vo

.. Lond. 1832


CITIES Comfort, The; or Patridophilus his Theologicall and Phy

sicall Preservatives against the Plague, together with a caveat to those that flie into the country. Broadside.

London, by G. P. n. d. [1625 ?] [With a curious Receipt for the cure of the Plague, by Lo.

Stourton, in manuscript, dated 1625; an Advertisement re

lative to a specific, as a preservative against the Plague, &c.] Tears in time of Pestilence; or a spiritual antidote against the

Plague. By the rev. John Featley. 12mo .. Lond. 1665 Austin (William), The Anatomy of the Pestilence; a poem, describing

the deplorable condition of the city of London, under its merciless dominion, 1665. 12mo

.. Lond. 1666 Christ's Voice to London and the Great Day of God's Wrath ;

being the substance of two sermons, preached in the city in the

time of the sad visitation. By William Dyer. 12mo Lond. 1666 England's Warning; or England's sorrow for London's misery. 12mo

.. Lond. 1667 [A description of the Great Fire, and a list of the parishes burnt.

By an Eye-witness.]

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