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A LLEN (Thomas), The History and Antiquities of London, Westn minster, and Southwark. 17 vol., illustrated, and MS. Index. 8vo ..

.. .. Lond. 1827 Blackburn (Edward I.), An architectural and historical account of

Crosby Place, London, compiled from original and unpublished sources; with an appendix of illustrative documents and mile autographs of several of its ancient possessors. Svo

Lond. 1834 Eyre (John), The Fortifications of London in 1643 ; with the pedigree of the author. folio ..

n. d. Hornor (Thomas), View of London and surrounding country, taken from the cross of St. Paul's cathedral. Second edition. Svo

Lond. 1823 Kent's Directory of the Merchants and Traders of London, for 1778. Ditto, ditto, for 1803. 8vo ..

.. Lond. 1778–83 London, The third book of the Chronicles of, for 1780. A new translation. 4to

Lond. 1781


*BUSINESS Life; the experiences of a London tradesman. Second edition. 8vo ..

.. Lond. 1861 Butterworth, Henry, F.S.A., Memoir of the late. 8vo. Lond. 1861 Hoare, Sir Richard, A Supplement to his Journal of the Shrievalty of, in the years 1740–41. 4to

n. d.


GOODWIN (John), Thirty Queries modestly propounded, in order to

a discovery of truth and mind of God in that question or case of conscience, Whether the civil magistrate stands bound by way of

LONDON (Gazettes-Laws, Charters, 8c.).

duty to interpose his power or authority in matters of religion or worship of God. 4to

.. Lond. 1653 Sion College Visited; or some briefe animadversions upon a pam

phlet lately published, under the title of a Testimonial to the truth of Jesus Christ, and to our solemne league and covenant. 4to

Lond. 1648



Jan. 3, 1860 to Mar. 31, 1860
April 3, 1860 to June 29, 1860
July 3, 1860 to Sept. 29, 1860
Oct. 2, 1860 to Dec. 28, 1860

Nos. 22,342 to 22,372 22,373 to 22,399 22,400 to 22,429 22,430 to 22,464


BARTHOLOMEW, The Royal Hospital of St., and Priory, illustrated by W. A. Delamotte. 4to

. Lond. 1846


TRACTS relating to Improvements and Sanitary matters within the

city, published by the Commissioners of Sewers, from 1847 to

1860. 8vo .. .. .. .. Lond. 1847–60 Ditto, ditto. folio ..

.. Lond. 1827-49 Metropolitan Railway, Reports of, from 1854 to 1860. folio

Lond. 1854-60 Metropolitan Board of Works, Papers and proceedings of, from 1856 to 1860. folio ..

.. Lond. 1856-60

Laws, Charters, Customs.

REPORTS to Common Council, from 1849 to 1860 inclusive. ll vol. folio ..

.. Lond. 1849-60 Minutes of the Common Council, from 1857 to 1861. 3 vol. folio

Lond. 1857-61 Corporation Reform Bill 1856, Newspaper cuttings, pamphlets, &c., relating to the, collected by Mr. John Stewart. 4to

Lond. 1854-56 LONDON (MiscellaneousPolitical).


The London Almanack, for the year of Christ 1783. 12mo

Lond. 1783


The several Speeches made to Sir Richard Brown, lord mayor of the

city of London, on Monday, 29th day of October, with the manner of the celebration of this triumphant day; and the various scenes, figures, and pageants representing the Royal Oak and its pendant leaves, etc. In verse and prose. 4to

Lond. 1660

Parishes and Churches.

ALLHALLOWS Barking, Notes on the Sepulchral Brasses in the church

of. By Joseph Maskell, A.K.C. 8vo .. Lond. 1860


Bye-Laws for the government of the new Metropolitan Cattle Mar

ket; with a table of tolls for the said market. 8vo Lond. 1855


Petition and Articles exhibited in Parliament against Dr. Fuller,

deane of Ely and vicar of St. Giles, Cripplegate; with the petition against Timothy Hutton, curate of the parish. 4to

Lond. 1641 The Petition of the citizens of London to both houses of Parliament

concerning the election of persons for the militia of the city, with the government and charters thereof; with His Majesties message to both houses. 4to ..

.. Lond. 1641 A Plott against the citie of London discovered, by a letter brought

to the committee of both houses of Parliament sitting at Grocers

hall in London, 8th January, 1641. 4to . Lond. 1641 The Propositions made by the citie of London for the raising of a million of mony for the quick subduing of the bloudy Rebels in Ireland, well weighed and considered of by divers gentlemen here in towne, and approved of and consented unto by the House of Commons. 4to

Lond. 1642

LONDON (PoliticalSouthwark).

A full Narration of the late riotous tumult within the city of Lon

don, and proceedings of the lord mayor, committee of militia, and the common councell of the said city concerning the same, presented to the House of Peers, 13 April, 1648; with their lordships' answer. 4to

Lond. 1648 A Declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament

for the suppressing of all tumultuous assemblies under pretence of

framing and presenting petitions to Parliament. 4to Lond. 1648 His Majesties resolution concerning the city of London and the ad.

journing of Parliament, with His Majesties resolution and intention concerning the whole kingdom. 4to

Lond. 1642

Public Buildings.

CROSBY Hall, Historical and antiquarian notices of. By E. J. Carlos. 8vo .. ..

.. Lond. 1832 [See Blackburn :-General History and Topography.]

Schools, Societies, &c.

British Museum. A list of the Books of Reference in the reading-room of the British

Museum. 8vo ;. . . . . . . . Lond. 1859

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Royal Institution. List of the Members, for 1860. 8vo .. .. Lond. 1860 Notices of the Proceedings at the meetings of the members, for 1860. 8vo

Lond. 1860 ...


The History and Antiquities of the parochial church of St. Saviour's,

Southwark. By W. H. Moss and the rev. J. Nightingale (with many extra plates). 4to ..

Lond. 1820

LONDON (TheologicalManuscripts).


The History and Antiquities of the parish of St. Saviour's, South

wark (with many additional plates). 8vo .. Lond. 1795 Another copy (with additional plates). Annals of St. Mary Overy; or an historical and descriptive account

of St. Saviour's church and parish. By W. Taylor. 4to (with extra plates)

.. Lond. 1833 On some of the Ancient Inns of Southwark. By George R. Corner, F.S.A. 8vo ..

.. Lond. 1860


CERTAINE godly and learned Sermons, preached by that worthy ser.

vant of Christ M. Ed. Philips, as they were delivered by him in St. Savior's in Southwark. Taken by the pen of H. Yelverton. 4to ..

... Lond. 1605 Corporal Worship discussed and defended, in a Sermon preached at

the visitation, 12 April, 1670, in St. Saviour's Southwark. By W. Basset. 4to

.. Lond. 1670 The Wisdom of Integrity: a Sermon preached at St. Saviour's,

Southwark, for the rev. Dr. Henry Sacheverell, on Sunday 6 May,

1711. By Pawlett St. John, A.M. 8vo .. Lond. 1711 Repentance and Reconciliation with God recommended and enforced,

in two Sermons, preached at the parish church of St. Saviour's, Southwark, on 1st February, 1756, being the day observed as a

general fast. By T. Jones. Second edition. 8vo Lond. 1756 A Sermon preached at the visitation of the rev. Dr. Thackeray, archdeacon of Surrey, 16 Sept. 1755, at St. Saviour's Southwark. By

T. Jones, M.A. Fourth edition. 8vo .. Lond. 1757 The Beauties of Spring: a Sermon preached at the parish church of St. Saviour, Southwark, May 1756. By T. Jones, M.A. 8vo

Lond. 1758 A Sermon preached before the right hon. the Lord Mayor at St. Lawrence Jewry, 28 Sept. 1861

Lond. 1861

Sermons preached before Companies, Schools, &c. Artillery Company, The Hon., Not War, but Peace; and the hands

to win it: a Sermon preached before, 25 Nov. 1860. By Thomas Hugo, M.A., F.S.A. 8vo

Lond. 1860

Manuscripts. DEEDS. Juliana de Brunne, widow of William de Brunne, and others, con

firm to John de Crepelgate and others a tenement in the lane and parish of St. Clement next Candlewick street. [Five fine and curious Seals.]


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