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Biography. *Grellet, Stephen, Memoirs of the Life and Gospel labours of. Edited by Benjamin Seebohm. Second edition. 2 vol. 8vo

Lond. 1861 *Hill (Matthew Davenport), Our Exemplars, Poor and Rich; or

biographical sketches of men and women who have, by an extraordinary use of their opportunities, benefited their fellow-creatures. Edited by. Svo

.. Lond. 1861 *Neander (Dr. Augustus), Memorials of Christian Life in the Early

and Middle Ages ; including his “ Light in Dark Places.” Translated by J. E. Ryland. Svo

.. Lond. 1852 Schlegel, Frederick, A Memoir of. By James Baron Robertson :

see The Philosophy of History, by Schlegel. *Scoresby (Jackson), R.E., M.D., The Life of William Scoresby, M.A., D.D., &c. 8vo ..

.. Lond. 1861 *Smiles (Samuel), Lives of the Engineers, with an account of their

principal works ; comprising also a history of inland communication in Britain. 2 vol. 8vo

.. Lond. 1861 *Somerville (Thomas), D.D., My own Life and Times, 1741–1814. 8vo ..

.. Edinb. 1861 *Stanhope (The Earl of), Life of the right hon. William Pitt. 2 vol. 8vo

.. Lond. 1861 *Timbs (John), F.S.A., Anecdote Biography. First series :— Wil

liam Pitt, earl of Chatham, Edmund Burke. Second series : William Hogarth, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Gainsborough, Henry Fuseli, Sir Thomas Lawrence, and J. M. W. Turner. 2 vol. 8vo

.. Lond. 1860 *Timbs (John), F.S.A., Stories of Inventors and Discoverers in

Science and the useful Arts. 8vo .. .. Lond. 1860 *Tullock (John), D.D., English Puritanism and its leaders : Crom

well, Milton, Baxter, Bunyan. 8vo Edinb. and Lond. 1861 Vicars (John), England's Worthies, under whom all the civill and bloudy warres, since anno 1642 to anno 1647, are related. 4to

(Reprint) Lond. 1845

Cases Civil and Criminal, Trials, &c.

Hone, William, The Three Trials of, for publishing Three Parodies ;

viz. The late John Wilkes's Catechism, The Political Litany, and The Sinecurist's Creed. 8vo

Lond. 1818

Ecclesiastical History and Antiquities.

Myles (William), A Chronological history of the people called

Methodists, containing an account of their rise and progress from the year 1729 to 1799; including the Minutes of the several Conferences, some account of the most eminent men who have laboured amongst them, and the last Will and Testament of the

rev. John Wesley. 8vo .. .. Liverpool, 1799 *Neander (Dr. Augustus), General History of the Christian Re

ligion and Church. Translated by Joseph Torrey. A new edit. revised by the rev. A. J. W. Morrison, B.A. 9 vol. 8vo

Lond. 1853-58 *Neander (Dr. Augustus), History of the planting and training of the

Christian Church by the Apostles; with final additions. Also, Antignostikus; or, Spirit of Tertullian. Translated from the

German, by J. E. 'Ryland. 2 vol. Svo . Lond. 1859 Pugin (A. Welby), Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and Costume,

compiled from ancient authorities and examples. A second edit. enlarged and revised by the rev. Bernard Smith, M.A. 4to

Lond. 1844

General History and Antiquities, Chronology

and Geography. Blackie (W. G.), The Imperial Gazetteer ; a general Dictionary of Geography, physical, political, statistical, and descriptive, from the best authorities. Edited by. 4to .. Edinburgh, 1856

Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the

Middle Ages, published by the authority of Her Majesty's

Treasury, under the direction of the Master of the Rolls : Annales Cambriæ. Edited by the rev. John Williams ab Ithel, M.A. 8vo

.. Lond. 1860 Eulogium (Historiarum sive Temporis); Chronicon ab orbe con

dito usque ad annum Domini M.cccLxvI. a monacho quodam Malmesburiensi exaratum. Accedunt continuationes duæ, quarum una ad annum M.ccccxiii. altera ad annum M.ccccxc. perducta est. Edited by Frank Scott Haydon, B.A. Vol. II. 8vo

.. Lond. 1860 Munimenta Gildhalla Londoniensis : Liber Albus, Liber Custu

marum, et Liber Horn. Vol. II., containing Liber Custumarum ; with extracts from the Cottonian MS. Claudius, D ii. Edited by H. T. Riley, esq., M.A. 2 vol. 8vo r. Lond. 1860

General History and Antiquities, &c. 13 Giraldi Cambrensis Opera. Edited by J. S. Brewer, M.A. Vol. I. 8vo

... Lond. 1861 Letters and Papers, illustrative of the reigns of Richard III. and

Hen. VII. Edited by James Gairdner. Vol. I. 8vo Lond. 1861 The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, according to the several original authorities. Edited, with a translation, by Benjamin Thorpe, 2 vol. 8vo ..

.. Lond. 1861 Political Poems and Songs relating to English History, com

posed during the period from the accession of Edward III. to that of Richard III. Edited by Thomas Wright, esq., M.A., F.S.A., 80. Vol. II. 8vo

.. .. Lond. 1861

Copenhagen, Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries of, Proceedings of, 1855-57.

· Copenhagen, 1860 Works published by : Olaf den Helliges saga, ved Snorre Sturlasson. 8vo

Christiania, 1853 Karlamagnus saga, ok Kappa Hans. 8vo Christiania, 1860 Περι της κατασκευης των ουτω καλουμενων Προδομων των Γιγαντων. Svo

Ev Epuovtodei, 1860 Om Kometbanernes Indbyrdes Beliggenhed. Af Mohn. 4to

Christiania, 1861 Om Cirklers Berøring. Af C. M. Guldberg. 4to

Christiania, 1861 Om Siphonodentalium Vitreum, en ny slægt og art af dentali

dernes familie. Af Dr. Michael Sars. 4to Christiania, 1861 Det Kongelige Norske Frederiks Universitets Stiftelse fremstil

let. I. Anledning af dets Halvhundredaarsfest. Af M. J. Monrad. 8vo ...

.. Christiania, 1861 Elphinstone (Captain H. C.), R.E., Journal of the operations conducted by the corps of Royal Engineers : Part 1, from the invasion of the Crimea to the close of the

winter campaign, 1854–55. 4to .. Lond. 1859 Part 2, from February 1855, to the fall of Sebastopol, Sep

tember 1855. By Major-general Sir Harry D. Jones, K.C.B., D.C.L. 4to

.. Lond. 1859 *Guizot (F.), The History of Civilization, from the fall of the

Roman empire to the French revolution. Translated by William

Hazlitt. 3 vol. 8vo ... ... .. Lond. 1851 *Guizot (F.), History of the origin of Representative Government

in Europe. Translated by Andrew R. Scoble. 8vo Lond. 1852 *Guizot (F.), Memoirs to. illustrate the history of My Time. Vol. IV. 8vo ..

. . . . . Lond. 1861 *Helps (Arthur), The Spanish Conquest in America, and its rela

tion to the history of Slavery and to the government of Colonies. 4 vol. 8vo ..

.. Lond. 1855-61 Hobler (Francis), Roman History as exhibited on Coins :--see

Roman History. *Lamartine (Alphonse de), History of the French Revolution of 1848. Svo

Lond. 1858


General History and Antiquities, &c. *Marryat (Horace), A residence in Jutland, the Danish isles, and Copenhagen. 2. vol. 8vo

.. Lond. 1860 *Menzel (Wolfgang), The History of Germany, from the earliest

period to the present time. Translated from the fourth edition,

by Mrs. G. Horrocks. 3 vol. 8vo .. Lond. 1848–54 *Montalembert (The Count de), The Monks of the West, from

St. Benedict to St. Bernard. 2 vol. 8vo .. Lond. 1861 *Motley (John Lothrop), D.C.L., History of the United Nether

lands, from the death of William the Silent to the Synod of Dort; with a full view of the English-Dutch struggle against Spain, and of the origin and destruction of the Spanish Armada. 2 vol. Evo ..

.. Lond. 1860 *Müller (K. O.), A history of the Literature of Ancient Greece. Con

tinued by John William Donaldson, D.D. 3 vol. 8vo Lond. 1858 New York State Agricultural Society, Transactions of, For 1858

Albany, 1859 For 1859 .

· Albany, 1860 Nile, A short relation of the river; of its sourse and current; of its

overflowing the Campagnia of Ægypt, till it runs into the Medi

terranean; and of other curiosities. 8vo .. Lond. 1669 Owen (David Dale), Second report of a Geological Reconnoissance

of the middle and southern counties of Arkansas in 1859 and 1860. 8vo

.. Philadelphia, 1860 Reehorst (Dr. K. P.), Comparative Tables, showing imports, ex

ports, and revenues of all countries of the globe; with a sketch of their respective productions, agricultural, &c.; some account of their commerce, coins, and religion; populations, armies, and

navies, and flags of all nations. Two sheets. .. Lond. 1860 Reilly (W. Edmund), C.B., An account of the Artillery operations

conducted by the Royal Artillery and Royal Naval Brigade before Sebastopol in 1854 and 1855. 4to

.. Lond. 1859 Roman History, Records of, from Cnæus Pompeius to Tiberius Con

stantinus, as exhibited on the Roman coins. Collected by Francis Hobler. 2 vol. 4to

. .. Lond. 1860 Sebastopol, Maps and Plans of the Engineering operations. 4to

Lond. 1859 Sebastopol, Siege of :-see Elphinstone ; Jones ; Reilly. *Schiller (Frederick), The Works of. History of the Thirty Years'

War ; History of the revolt of the Netherlands to the Confederacy of the Gueux. 8vo

.. Lond. 1860 *Schiller (Frederick), History of the revolt of the Netherlands,

Wallenstein, and Wilhelm Tell. 8vo . Lond. 1860 *Schlegel (Frederick), Lectures on the History of Literature, ancient and modern. 8vo

.. Lond. 1859 *Schlegel (Frederick), The Philosophy of History; with a memoir

of the author. By James Baron Robertson. 8vo Lond. 1846 *Schlegel (Frederick), A Course of Lectures on Modern History;

to which are added historical Essays on the beginning of our history, and on Cæsar and Alexander. Translated by Lyndsey Purcell and R. H. Whitelock. 8vo

Lond. 1861

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General History and Antiquities, fc.



*Simon (the Duke of Saint), The Memoirs of, on the reign of

Louis XIV. and the Regency. Abridged from the French by Bayle St. John. 4 vol. 8vo

.. Lond. 1857 Smithsonian Institution, Washington, Publications by : Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge. Vol. XI. 4to

Washington, 1860 Contributions, Vol. XII. 4to .. Washington, 1860 Fourteenth Annual Report of the Board of Regents. 8vo 1860

Fifteenth Annual Report. 8vo Statistical Congress, Programme of the fourth Session of the International. 4to ..

.. . Lond. 1860 The same, in French. Statistical Congress, Report of the proceedings of. 4to Lond. 1861 *Wilson (Gen. Sir Robert), Private Diary of Travels, personal ser

vices, and public events during mission and employruent with the European armies in the campaigns of 1812-13-14; from the invasion of Russia to the capture of Paris. Edited by the rev. H. Randolph, M.A. 2 vol. 8vo

.. Lond. 1861

Law, Jurisprudence.

KERB (Robertus Malcolm), Disputatio Juridica, ad lib. xviii. tit. iv.

digest. de Hæreditate vel actione vendita; quam, favente Numine, ex auctoritate clarissimi ac consultissimi viri Patricii Robertson, inclytæ facultatis Juridicæ decani, nec non ex ejusdem facultatis consensu et decreto, pro advocati munere consequendo, publicæ disquisitioni subjicit. 4to

.. Edinburgi, 1843 *Kerr (Robert Malcolm), LL.D., An Action at Law. Third edition. Edited by Bassett Smith. 8vo

.. Lond. 1861

Natural History, Philosophy, and Mathematics.

BURTON (John Barlow), Lectures on Entomology. 8vo Lond. 1837 Graham (Lieut-col. J. D.), A Lunar-tidal Wave in the North American Lakes, demonstrated by. 8vo

.. Camb. 1861 Hale (Sir Matthew), krt., The primitive Origination of Mankind, considered and examined according to the light of nature. folio

Lond. 1677 *Maury (M. F.), LL.D. Physical Geography of the Sea, and its Meteorology. Svo

.. Lond. 1860 *Schlegel (Frederick), The Philosophy of Life, and Philosophy of

Language. Translated from the German by the rev. A. J. W. Maddison, M.A. 8vo ..

Lond. 1847

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