A pocket companion for Oxford. [Entitled] A new pocket companion for Oxford: or, Guide through the University

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Page 156 - The penfive fecrecy of defert Cell; And Wifdom's felf Oft feeks to fweet retired Solitude, Where with her beft nurfe, Contemplation, She plumes her Feathers, and lets grow her Wings, That in the various Buftle of Refort Were all too
Page 159 - the blooming pride of May And that of Beauty are but one ; At Morn both flourifh, bright and gay, Both fade at Evening, pale and gone. THE URN, Placed on an altar, encircled with Cyprefles, ftands within a Recefs in the Shrubbery that
Page 157 - Pan, Knit with the Graces and the Hours in Dance, Leads on th' eternal Spring. MILTON. BUST OF VENUS. Thee, Goddefs, thee the Clouds and Tempefts fear, And at thy pleafing prefence difappear : For thee the Land in fragrant
Page 32 - Both of them to' gether exprefs to us the complete character of a ' good governor of a College. Accordingly they ' are placed under the window of thofe lodgings * which originally belonged to the Prefident, as the * inftru&ions they convey ought particularly to re* gulate his conduct.
Page 55 - And, though it is now ftyled Hertford College, it may be called by the name of any other perfon, who will complete the endowment of it, or become the principal benefactor to it. This College confifts of a Principal, two fenior Fellows or Tutors, junior Fellows or Affiftants, under-graduate Students, and four Scholars. Vifitor. The Chancellor of the Univerfity.
Page 16 - drapery, fuppofed to have covered the roof, but now furled up by the Genii \ round about the houfe, towards the wall which difcover"eth the open air, and maketh way for the defcent of the Arts and Sciences, that are congregated in a circle of clouds, to
Page 18 - of her arms. Then Rapine, with her fiery eyes, grinning teeth, fharp twangs, her hands imbrued in blood, holding a bloody dagger in one hand, in the other a burning flambeau ; with thefe. inftruments threatening the deftruction of Learning, and all its habitations : but fhe is overcome, and prevented by a Herculean Genius, or power. Next that is reprefented
Page 108 - adjoins to Merton College on the eaft. It had its name from Robert de St. Alban, a citizen of Oxford, who conveyed the premifes to the Abbey of Littlemore. Of this Hall were Archbifhop Marfli ; Dr. Lamplugh, Archbifhop of York; Benedict Barnham, Alderman of London, who built the front of the Hall as it is at prefent; and William Lenthall,
Page 3 - their own patrimony. The town, including the fuburbs, is a mile in length from eaft to weft, and almoft as much in breadth from north to fouth, being three miles in circumference; but it is of an irregular figure; and feveral airy fpaces are comprehended within thefe limits, befides the many courts and gardens belonging
Page 16 - imitation of the Theatres of the ancient Greeks and Romans, which were too large to be covered with lead or tile, fo this, by the painting of the flat roof within, is reprefented open ; and as they ftretched a cordage from pilafter to pilafter, upon which they

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