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Page 178 - I have the honour to acquaint you, for the information of my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that at 5 o'clock PM on the 6th of August last, in latitude 24 44...
Page 25 - I soon discovered, from the weight of their fire and extent of their lines, that the enemy were in full force in front, in possession of their favorite ground, and endeavoring to turn our left flank. I therefore gave orders for the second line to advance and...
Page 15 - I found the road strewed with them for many miles, but was not able to remedy it ; for, having had all my horses killed, and being mounted upon one that could not be pricked out of a walk, I could not get forward myself; and the orders I sent forward either to halt the front, or to prevent the men from parting with their arms, were unattended to.
Page 187 - Sir, — I have the pleasure to acquaint you, for the information of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that at nine o'clock this morning I got sight of the Dutch fleet.
Page 131 - ... that they kept it under, and before day raised a temporary breastwork as high as a man's head. Although the Indians continued to pour in a heavy fire of ball, and an innumerable quantity of arrows, during the whole time the attack lasted, in every part of the parade, I had but one other man killed — nor any other wounded inside the fort — and he lost his life by being too anxious. He got into one of the...
Page 14 - Yesterday afternoon the remains of the army under my command got back to this place, and I have now the painful task to give an account of a warm, and as unfortunate an action as almost any that has been fought, in which every corps was engaged and worsted, except the First regiment, that had been detached upon a -service I had the honor to inform you of in my last despatch, and had not joined me.
Page 13 - The committee conceive it but justice to the commander in chief, to say, that, in their opinion, the failure of the late expedition can, in no respect, be imputed to his conduct, either at any time before or during the action...
Page 114 - While the operations of the army were delayed by these preparations, the clouds of adversity had been for some time and seemed still thickly to be gathering around me. The surrender of Michilimackinac opened the northern hive of Indians, and they were swarming down in every direction.
Page 288 - In this situation, she sustained the action upwards of two hours, within canister distance, until every gun was rendered useless, and the greater part of her crew either killed or wounded.
Page 521 - The redoubt now yielded to resistless valor, and the shouts that followed announced to the castle the fate that impended. The enemy were steadily driven from shelter to shelter. The retreat allowed not time to fire a single mine, without the certainty of blowing up friend and foe. Those who...

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