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* The List of Portuguese Members was unfortunately lost in transit. † Delegated by their respective Governments.



1. On Pasigraphy. 3 vols. By A. Bachmaier.* 2. La Sériciculture. Le commerce des Soies et des Graines, et

l'Industrie de la Soie au Japon. Par Ernest de Bavien.

Lyon, 1874.* 3. Documents relating to the Establishment of Meteorological Sta

tions in China.f 4. Medical Reports for the half-year ended 31st March, 1873 ;

forwarded by the Surgeons to the Customs at the Treaty

Ports in China. Shanghai, 1873.1 5. Port Catalogue of the Chinese Customs Collection at the Austro

Hungarian Universal Exhibition, Vienna, 1873. Shanghai,

1873.1 6. Trade Statistics of the Treaty Ports in China for the period

1863-1872. Shanghai, 1873. 7. Annales de la Société Archéologique de Constantine. I 8. Cosmos. By Guido Cora.* 9. Vergleichendes Wörterbuch der Finnisch-Ugrischen Sprachen von

Dr. 0. Donner. Helsingfors, 1874.* 10. Le Premier Congrès international des Orientalistes, par Julien

Duchateau. Paris, 1874.*

* Presented by the author. † Presented by the Inspector-General of Chinese Customs. | Presented by le Baron Textor de Ravisi.

11. Sur l'Origine de l'Ecriture Japonaise et Sumérienne, par Julien

Duchateau. Paris, 1873.* 12. Ein Abschnitt aus Bädeker's Aegypten bearbeitet von Dr. Georg

Ebers und Dr. Johannen Dümichen. f 13. Hymnes du Rig-Véda, par F.-G. Eichhoff. Paris, 1872.* 14. The People of India. I 15. Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan, Vol. III. Pt. I.

Yokohama, 1875.S 16. A Comparative Vocabulary and Grammar of the Dardu Languages.

By G. W. Leitner, M.A., Ph.D.* 17. Calendar of Lahore College. By G. W. Leitner, M.A., Ph.D.* 18. Manuel de la Cosmographie du Moyen Age, traduit de l'Arabe

“ Nokhbet ed-dahr fi 'adjaib-il-birr wal-bah’r,” par A. F.

Mehren. Copenhagen, 1874.* 19. Memoires de l'Athénée Oriental. Session de 1872. Présidence

de M. F. Maurel. | 20. Inscription on a Boulder. 21. De l'origine du Langage, par Léon de Rosny. Paris, 1869.** 22. Annuaire de la Société des Études Japonaises, Chinoises, Tartares et Indo-Chinese. Publié


Emile Burnouf et Imamura Warau. Paris, 1874.** 23. Annuaire de la Société d'Ethnographie. Publié par Ed. Madier

de Montjau. Paris, 1874.** 24. Traité de l'Education des Vers à Soie au Japon. Par Léon de

Rosny. Paris, 1871.** 25. De la Méthode ethnographique pour servir d'introduction à

l'étude de la race jaune. Par Léon de Rosny. Paris,

1872.** 26. A Grammar of the Chinese Language. By Prof Léon de Rosny.

London, 1874.** 27. Kau-kau wau-rai ossia la via della Pietà filiale. Testo Giap

ponese trascritto in caratteri Romani e tradotto in Lingua Italiana con Note ed Appendice da Carlo Valenziani. Rome,

* Presented by the author.
† Presented by Dr. J. Dümichen.

Presented by the Royal Asiatic Society. § Presented by the Society. || Presented by the President. I Presented by H. Poole, Esq. ** Presented by Professor Léon de Rosny.

1873.* 28. L'Agavat de Kapila. Par Julien Vinson. Paris, 1869.* 29. Le mot Dieu en Basque et dans les Langues Dravidiennes. Par

Julien Vinson. Paris, 1870.* 30. La Religion de J'âina. Par Julien Vinson. Paris, 1870.* 31. On the Establishment of an Institute in Connexion with the

Indian Museum. By Dr. J. Forbes Watson.*

* Presented by the author.






'Antara, Tarafa, Zuhair, ’Algama, and Imruolgais ; chiefly according to the MSS. of Paris, Gotha, and Leyden, and the collection of their Fragments: with a complete list of the various readings of the Text. Edited by W. AHLWARNT, Professor of Oriental Languages at the University of Geifswald. 8vo. pp. XXX.

340, sewed. 1870. 128. Aitareya Brahmanam of the Rig Veda. 2 vols. See under Haug. Alabaster.—THE WHEEL OF THE Law: Buddhism illustrated from

Siamese Sources by the Modern Buddhist, a Life of Buddha, and an account of the Phra Bat. By HenBY ALABASTER, Esq., Interpreter of Her Majesty's Consulate-General in Siam ; Member of the Royal Asiatic Society. Demy

8vo. pp. lviii. and 324. 1871. 148. Alif Lailat wa Lailat.-THE ARABIAN NIGHTS. 4 vols. 4to. pp. 495,

493, 442, 431. Cairo, A.H. 1279 (1862). £3 38. This celebrated Edition of the Arabian Nights is now, for the first time, offered at a price which makes it accessible to Scholars of limited means, Andrews.-A DICTIONARY OF THE HAWAIIAN LANGUAGE, to which is

appended an English-Hawaiian Vocabulary, and a Chronological Table of

Remarkable Events. By LORRIN ANDREWS. 8vo. pp. 560, cloth. £i lls.6d. Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (The Journal

of the). Sir John LUBBOCK, Bart., M.P., F.R.S., President. Published

Quarterly. Vol I., No. 1. January-July, 1871. 8vo. pp. 120-clix, sewed. Illustrated

with 11 full page Plates, and numerous Woodcuts; and accompanied by several folding plates of Tables, etc. 78. Vol. I., No. 2. October, 1871. 8vo. pp. 121-264, sewed. 4s. Vol. I., No. 3. January, 1872. 8vo. pp. 265-427, sewed. Illustrated with 16

full-page Plates. Vol. II., No. 1. April, 1872. 8vo. pp. 136, sewed. Illustrated with eight two

page plates and two four-page plates. 48. Vol. II., No. 2. July and October, 1872. 8vo. pp. 137–312. Illustrated with

nine plates and a map. 68. Vol. 11., No. 3. January, 1873. 8vo. pp. 143. With 4 plates. 4s. Vol. III., No. 1. April, 1873. 8vo. pp. 136. With 8 plates and two maps. 4s. Vol. III., No. 2. July and October, 1873. 8vo. pp. 168, sewed. With 9 plates. 48. Vol. III., No. 3. January, 1874. 8vo. pp. 238, sewed. With 8 plates, etc. 68. Vol. IV., No. 1. April and July, 1874. 8vo. pp. 308, sewed. With 22 plates. 88. Vol. IV., No. 2. April

, 1875. 8vo. pp. 200, sewed. With 11 plates. 68. Vol. V., No. 1. July, 1875. 8vo. pp. 120, sewed. With 3 plates. 48. Arabic and Persian Books (A Catalogue of). Printed in the East.

Constantly for sale by Trubner and Co., 57 and 59, Ludgate Hill, London.

16mo. pp. 46, sewed. 18. Archæological Survey of India.–See under BURGESS and CUNNINGHAM. Arden. -Ă PROGRESSIVE GRAMMAR OF THE TELUGU LANGUAGE, with

Copious Examples and Exercises. In Three Parts. Part I. Introduction. —
On the Alphabet and Orthography.-Outline Grammar, and Model Sentences.
Part II. À Complete Grammar of the Colloquial Dialect. Part III. On the
Grammatical Dialect used in Books. By A. Hj. Arden, M.A., Missionary of
the C. M. S. Masulipatam. 8vo. sewed, pp. xiv. and 380. 14e.


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