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Ilear me, O God, por bide thy face 171 Lord, 'tis a pleasant tlring, &c.
Happy is he that fears the Lord 193 Let Zion in her sons rejoice

How shall the young secure, &c. 204 Lord, thou hast heard čhy, &c.


How did my heart rejoice to hear 220 Lord, I esteem thy judgments, &c. 205

Had not the Lord, may Israel say 221 Let all the heathen writers join 206

Jiappy the city, where their sons 246 Lord, I have made thy word, &c. 207


Lo! what an entertaining sight 229

In anger, Lord, rebuke me not 19 Lord, in those dark and, &c, 236
I love the volume of thy word 42 Lord, when I count thy, &c. 241
Io thee, great God, with songs, &c. 44 Lord, what is man, poor, &c. 246

I lift my soul to God

50 Let ev'ry tongue thy mercy speak 248

I will extol thee, Lord, on high 57 Let Zion praise the mighty God 252

Into thy hand, O God of truth 58 Loud hallelujahs to the Lord 255

I waited patient for the Lord. 75


In Judah, God of old was known 130 My God, the tempter would, &c. 16
It is the Lord, our Saviour's hand 173 My trust is in my heav'nly friend 20
I love the Lord; he heard, &c. 197 My refuge is the God of love 25
If God succeed not, all the cost 224 My God, my God, why bast, &c. 46
Is there ambition in my heart 227 Mine eyes and my desire

I love thy kingdom, Lord, 237 My heart rejoices in thy name

I'll praise my Maker with, &c. 250 My God, the steps of pious men

In Zion's sacred gates

257 My spirit sinks within me, Lord 79


My God, defend my cause 80

Just are thy ways, and true, &c. 36 My God, preserve my soul 98

Jesus, my Lord, doth condescend 48 My God, in whom are all, &c. 102

Jesus my Shepherd lives

49 My soul of thy protection sure 106

Judge me, O Lord, and prove &c. 53 My spirit looks on God alone 107

Judges, who rule the world, &c. 103 My God, permit my tongue 109

Jesus shall reigo where'er the sun 124 My God, my everlasting hope 120

Jesus, my God, my all in all 144 My Saviour, my Almighty friend 121

Jehovah reigns : He dwells, &c. 159 My never ceasing songs shall, &c. 149

Joy to the world; the Lord, &c. 166 Mercy and judgment are my song 169

Jesus, our Lord, ascend thy, &c. 191 My soul, repeat his praise 175

Jesus the Priest ascends the, &c. 192 My soul, thy great Creator praise 176


My God, consider my distress 210

Keep me from fainting, &c. 215 My soul lies cleaving to the dust 213


My God, what inward grief I feel 241

Lord, thou wilt hear me, &c. 17 My God, while impious men 242

Lord, in the morning thou, &c. 18 My God, accept my early vows 243

Lord, what was nian, when, &c. 21 My righteous Judge, &c.


Lord, when ivignities abound 27 My God, my King, &c.


Lord, I am thine; but thou, &c. 33


Lord, thou hast form'd my, &c. 35 Now, saith the Spirit of the Lord 15

Lord, I will bless thee all my days 64 Now may the God of pow'r, &o, 43

Lord, we have heard thy, &c. 81 Now let our mournful songs record 47

Let Sion in her King rejoice 85 Now plead my cause, &c.


Lord, I am vile, conceiv'd in sin 94 Now be my heart inspir'd to sing 83

Let sinners take their course 100 Now shall my solemn vows, &c. 113

J.ord. thou hast scourg'd our, &c. 105 Not to ourselves, who are, &c. 196

Let God arise in all his might 113


Lord, when thou did'st, &c. 1160 Lord, how many are my foes 15

Let children hear the mighty, &c. 13310 God of grace and righteousness 17

Lord, thou hast planted, &c. 137 O Lord, our heav'nly King

Lord, when thy vine in, &c. ibid Our rulers, Lord, with songs, &c. 44

Lord of the world above 1410 God of grace, my cry attend 55

Lord, thou hast call'd thy, &c. 1430 Lord, thy mercy, my sure hope 68

Lord, in a day of pow'r divine 148|0 for a shout of sacred joy 86

Lord, if thive eyes survey, &c. 154|0 thou, that bear'st when, &c. 95




O God, my refuge, hear my cries 99 The wonders, Lord, thy love, &c. 77

O thou whose justice reigns, &c. 101 The King of saints how fair, &c. 84

O thou, whose hand the, &c. 120 The Lord, the Judge, before, &c. 90

O what a stiff rebellious house 133 Thus saith the Lord, the, &c. 91

Our God, our help in ages past 154 The Lord, the judge, his, &c. 92

O God, to whom revenge belongs 160 The God of glory sends his, &c. 93

or justice and of grace I sing 170) There is a God, all nature cries 97

O bless the Lord, my soul 174 'Tis by thy strength, the, &c. 10

O how I love thy holy law 205/'Twas for thy sake, eternal God 118

O that the Lord would guide, &c. 209 The mem'ry of Christ's, &c. 125

O that my statutes ev'ry hour 212 To thee, most high and holy God 129

O thou, whose grace and, &c. 220 To God I cried with, &c.


O happy man, whose soul, &c. 224 The heathen know thy glory, &c. 164

Out of the depths of long distress 226 The Lord is come; the, &c. 163


The Almighty reigns, &c. ibid

Preserve me, Lord, in time, &c. 30 To our Almighty Maker, God 166

Praise waits in Zion, Lord, &c. 110 The Lord, Jehovah, reigns 167

Praise ye the Lord, exalt, &c. 231 The Lord, the sov'reign King 176

Praise ye the Lord : &c. 249 Thus were the tribes from, &c. 181

Praise ye the Lord : 'tis, &c. 251 To God the great, the ever blest 182

Prạise ye the Lord : all, &c. 258 Thy works of glory, mighty Lord 186


Thus the eternal Father spake 190

Rejoice, ye righteous, in the Lord 61 The Lord appears my helper now 198

Remember, Lord, our, &c. 152 This is the day the Lord, &c. 200

Return, O God of love, returo 155 To thee, before the dawning, &c. 202

Remember all my sorrows, Lord 215 Thou art my portion, O my God 203

Thy mercies fill the earth, &c. 207

Save me, O Lord, from ev'ry foe 32 The least, the feeblest of the, &c. 216

Soon as I heard my Father say 54 Thou God of love, thou ever blest 217

Show pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive 93 To Zion's hill I lift my eyes 218

Sing, all ye nations to the Lord 113 The Lord in Zion plac'd his, &c. 229

Shine on our land, Jehovah, &c. 114 Thou, Lord, by strictest, &c. 239

Sure there's a righteous God 125 To God I made my sorrows, &c. 243

Sing to the Lord aloud



Salvation is forever nigh 143 Upward I lift my eyes


Stretch'd on the bed of grief 17 Up from my youth may Israel say 225

Shall man, O God of light, &c.



Sweet is the work, my God, &c. 158 Vast are thy works, &c.

Sing to the Lord Jehovah's name 161 Vain mad, on foolish pleasures,&c. 185
Sing to the Lord, ye distant, &c. 16:3
Sing to the Lord most high 169 Why did the heathen madly, &c. 14
Songs of immortal praise belong 192 With my whole heart I'll, &c. 22
See what a living stone

201 When the Great Judge, &c. 23

Searcher and Saviour of my soul 215 Why doth the Lord stand off, &c. 24

Sweet is the mem'ry of thy grace 248 Why do the men of malice rage ibid


Who shall ascend thy, &c.


The man is ever blest

13 When God is nigh, my faith, &c. 31

Th' eternal Son with power, &c 14 We love thee, Lord, and we adore 36

'Thee will I love, O Lord, &c. 31 Writhiog in pain, our Saviour, &c. 47

To thine Almighty arm we owe

37 Where shall the man be found 51

To bless the Lord our God, &c. 38 While I keep silence and conceal 61

The heav'ns declare thy glory, &c. 41 Whev man grows bold in sin 67

This spacious earth is all the, &c. 49 Wny should I vex my soul, &c. 69

The Lord of glory is my light 53 Why do the wealthy, &c.


Thro' all the changing scenes, &c. 63 Why doth the man of riches grow 88

The Lord forever guards the just 65 Why should the haughty, &c. 96

Thus I resolv'd before the Lord 73 Wher overwhelm'd with grief 106

Teach me the measure of my days 74/ We bless the Lord, the just, &c. 116





All hail, thou great Immanuel 275 Blest is the man whose, &c. 436
Almighty God we praise and own 282 Behold! the grace appears 452
Almighty Father, gracious Lord 289 Behold the saints, belov'd of God 455
And did the holy and the just 307


And must this body die

309 Come, ye that love the, &c. 300

Amazing grace ! how sweet, &c. 326 Come, Holy Spirit, heav'nly, &c. 320

Attend, ye children of your God 334 Can creatures, to perfection, find 354

A good high-priest is come 341 Come, dearest Lord, and feed, &c. 359

Am I a soldier of the cross 367 Clamour and wrath, and war, &c. 362

Among the princes, earthly gods 374 Come shout aloud the, &c. 373

Ascend thy throne, almighty King 375 Come in, ye blessed of the Lord 390

As when the weary trav’ller gains 385 Christ, the Lord, is ris'n to-day 412

Amen! my Father hears, &c. ibid


At thy command, our, &c. 397 Dear Saviour, we are thine 268

Awake, awake the sacred song 342 Destruction's dang'rous road 277

Alas! how chang'd that, &c. 440 Dearest of all the names above 304

Awake, and sing the song 454 Day of judgment, day of wonders 316


Dear Lord, and shall thy, &c. 319

Behold the woman's promis'd seed 275 Dare we indulge our wrath, &c. 362

Begone unbelief

279 Descend from heav'n, &c.


Beneath a num'rous train of ills 285 Death, with his dread, &c. 427

Bright king of glory dreadful God 298 Death! 'tis a melancholy day 437

Behold what wondrous grace 300 Death cannot make our souls, &c. 438

Behold the sin-atoning Lamb 307 Death may dissolve my body now 442

Behold! the potter moulds, &c. 321


Blest be the tie that binde 322 Eternal King! the greatest, best 270
Blest Jesus, source of ev'ry grace 324 Enslav'd by sin, and bound, &c. 272
By faith in Christ we're justified 331 Ere the blue heav'ns were, &c. 274
Behold what condescending love 338 Eternal Spirit! we confess 318
Blow ye the trumpet, blow 347 Eternal God ! Almighty cause 354
Bright as the sun's meridian blaze 376 Eternal sov'reign of the sky 361



Eternal pow'r! whose high abode 374 Jesus, the spring of joy divine ibid

Eternal King, enthron'd above 388 Join all the glorious names 295

Eternity! stupendous theme 404 Jesus, we bless thy Father's name 299

Eternal life ! how sweet the, &c. 405 Jesus the Lord our souls adore 314

Eternal source of ev'ry joy 409 Jesus, we sing thy matchless grace 315


Join, all who love the, &c. 330

Faith !--'tis a precious grace

277 Jesus invites his saints


Forgiveness 'tis a joyful sound 323 Jesus, in thee our eyes behold 341

Father of mercies, in thy word 344 Jesus is gone above the skies 392

Father of faithful Abra'm, hear 376 Jesus, once for sioners slain 396

Frequent the day of God returns 418 Jesus, my Lord, how rich, &c. 433

Father of mercies send thy grace 435 Jesus, our soul's delightful choice 446



God, in the gospel of his Son 276 Let thoughtless thousands, &c. 262
God moves in a mysterious way 286 Lord, how secure my, &c.


God with us! O glorious name 301 Long ere the sun began his days 281

Go preach my gospel, saith the Lord 344 Let them neglect thy glory, Lord 282

Great source of order, &c. 360 Lord, when our raptur'd, &c. 283

Great God, thy holy law, &c. 365 Let others boast how strong, &c. 284

Grace has enabled me to love 368|Lo! he cometh! countless, &c. 317

God of our lives, thy constant care 410 let party-names no more 323

Great God, we sing that, &c. 411 Lord, at thy feet I prostrate fall 324

Great God, to thee my, &c. 416 Lord, thy imputed righteousness 328

Great Father of mankind 420 Lord, we adore thy, &c.


Great God, the nations of, &c. 423 Let me but hear my Saviour say 352

Great Ruler of the earth, &c. 428 Let those who bear the, &c. 357


Look up, ye saints, with, &c. 376

How sweet the name of Jesus, &c. 292 Lord, at thy feet we sinners lie 380

Hark the glad sound! the, &c. 303 Let me, my Saviour and my God 383

Hear what the voice from, &c. 308 Let us adore th' eternal word 393

How long shall death, the, &c. 325 Lord, I am thine, entirely thine 394

How happy are the souls above 327 Lord, at thy table I behold 401

How sweet and awful is the place 342 Lo! on a narrow neck of land 406

How can I sink with such a prop 348 Look down. O God, with, &c. 424

How vast the benefits divine 349 Lord, I am pain'd; but I resign 430

Holy and rey'rend is the name 356 Lord, in thy temple we appear 453

How sweet, how heav'nly is, &c. 363 Lo! he comes with clouds, &c. 456

Hark! the voice of love, &c. 391


How condescending and how kind 392 Mistaken souls ! that dream, &c. 278

How rich are thy provisions, Lord 396 My Saviour God, my, &c. 333

Here at thy table, Lord, we meet 398 Most Holy God, thy precept's just 364

Hosanna, with a cheerful sound 416 Most gracious Father, God of all 379

How beauteous are their feet 419 My God, thy service well, &c. 431

Hark! from the tombs a, &c. 443


Hear what the voice from, &c. 444 No strength of nature can suffice 262

Now back with humble, &c. 266

Infinite grace: and can it be 271 Not all the nobles of the earth 297

It shall be well, let singers know 290 Vow to the Lord that made, &c. 315

I'm not asham'd to own my Lord 291 No more, my God, I boast, &c. 331

lo Christ I've all my soul's, &c. 295 Not the malicious or profane 350

Immortal God, on thee we call 306 Now from the altar of our hearts 417

I know that my Redeemer lives 311 Now let our hearts conspire, &c. 436

It is the Lord-enthron'd in light 378 Now, be the God of Israel blest 452

In sweet exalted strains



I prayed the Lord, that I, &c. 446 Our nature's totally deprav'd 268

Jo God the Father I believe 448 O Christ, thou glorious King, &c. 298


O Lord, when faith with, &c. 305

Jesus, my love, my chief delight 293 Our Lord is risen from the dead 312

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O Lord, my soul convicted stands 369 'Twas on that dark, that, &c. 338

Our Father, thron'd in, &c. 371 To Jesus, our exalted Lord 339

Our grateful tongues, &c. 384 Thou lovely source of true delight 350

O the sweet wonders of that cross 400 That God, who made the, &c. 352

Once more, my soul, the, &c. 15 Thou art, O God! a Spirit pure 354

O what stupendous mercy shines 434 Thine earthly sabbaths, Lord, &c. 360

O for a closer walk with God 445 Tho' parents may in cov'nant be 361

Our souls shall magnify the Lord 451 The Lord, who truly knows 370

Thou reign'st, O Lord, thy, &c. 377

Pity a helpless sinner, Lord 395 Thro'all the downward tracts, &c.378

Peace, 'tis the Lord, &c. 412 Thro' all the various shifting, &c. 380


Thus far my God has led me on 381

Resistless sov'reign of the skies 284 Teach us, O Lord, aright to, &c. 382

Return, my soul, enjoy thy rest 358 The broken bread, the blessed cup 388

Religion is the chief concern 366 The King of heav'n his table, &c. 390

Rejoice, believer, in the Lord 383 The blest memorials of thy grief 394

Rejoice, the Lord is King 413 The promise of my Father's love 399


The food on which thy, &c. 400

Substantial comfort will not grow 261 Thee we adore, eterpal name 403

Sin, like a venomous disease 267 The time is short! the season, &c. 404

Salvation ! O melodious sound 278 Thy providence, great God, &c. 407

Submissive to thy will, my God 291 To praise the ever bounteous, fc. ibid

Stretch'd on the cross the, &c. 305 To thy great name, O Prince, &c. 422

Sinners rejoice, 'tis Christ, &c. 306 To thee, who reign'st, &c. 428

Saints in their graves lie, &c. 309 Thy bounties, gracious Lord, 431

Shout: for the blessed Jesus, &c. 320 The gold and silver are the Lord's 432

Saviour divine, we know thy, &c. 329 The moment a sinner believes 444
Self-righteous souls on works, &c. 332

Sinners, the voice of God regard 316 Vain are the hopes the sons of men 265
So let our lips and lives express 348

Shall we go on to sin

351 Wait, O my soul, thyMaker's, &c. 286
Sacred wedlock ! law of heav'n 364 We bless the Prophet of the Lord 294
Sov'reign of all the worlds, &c. 372 With transports, Lord, our, &c. 314
Shout and proclaim the, &c. 402 What have lio this barren land 327
Stern winter throws his icy, &c. 403 With what delight I raise my eyes 343
See how the mounting sun 414 What shall tbe dying sinner do 345
Shepherd of Israel, thou dost keep 422 When God his gracious, &c. 357
See, gracious Lord, before, &c. 426 What does the worldling gain 365
Sov'reign of life, we own thy, &c. 429 Whate'er thy lot on earth may be 368
Stoop down, my thoughts, 8c. 438 Where is my God?' does he, &c. 369

What various hindrances we meet 371
The righteousness, the, &c. 263 What strange perplexities arise 387
Thus saith the first, the, &c. ibid When the blest day of Pentecost 414
The law of God is just

264 Welcome, sweet day of rest 413

The Lord Jehovah reigns 269 While o'er our guilty land, &c. 425

The Saviour ! O what endless, &c. 272 War, horrid war, deep stain'd, &c. 426

There is one God, and only one 280 When Jesus dwelt in mortal clay 433

Tho' troubles assail

287 When death appears before, &c. 439

The wond'ring world, &c., 291 | Who shall the Lord's elect, &c. 447

To us a child is born from heav'n 302 When Hannah press'd with grief 449

There is a land of pure delight 310 When we are rais'd from, &c. 450

'Tis finish'd, the Redeemer cries 311


'Twixt Jesus and the chosen race 329 Ye saints, proclaim abroad 302
'Twas the commission of our Lord 333 Ye wretched, hungry, &c. 389
The sacraments are holy signs 335 Ye sin-sick souls draw near 398
Thus saith the mercy of the Lord 336 Ye mourning saints, whose, &c. 441
Thus did the sons of Abra'm pass 337 DOXOLOGIES

The Saviour, with inviting voice ibid

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