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2 I've seen thy glory and thy pow'r,

Thro' all thy temples shine :
My God, repeat that heav'nly hour,

That vision so divine.
3 Not life itself, with all its joys,

Can my best passions move;
Or raise so high my cheerful voice,

As thy forgiving love.
4 Thus till my last expiring day

I'll bless my God and king ;
Thus will I lift my hands to pray,
And tune my lips to sing.
PSALM 63. Second Part. L. M.

The love of God better than life. 1 GREAT God, indulge my dulge my humble claim,

, Thou art my hope, my joy, my rest ; The glories, that compose thy name,

Stand all engag'd to make me blest. 2 Thou Great and Good, thou Just and Wise,

Thou art my Father and my God;
And I am thine by sacred ties,

Thy son, thy servant, bought with blood. 3 With early feet I love t'appear

Among thy saints, and seek thy face ;
Oft have I seen thy glory there,

And felt the pow'r of sov’reign grace.
4 Not fruits nor wines that tempt our taste,

Nor all the joys our senses know,
Could make me so divinely blest,

Or raise my cheerful passions so. 5 My life itself, without thy love,

No taste of pleasure could afford ;
"Twould but a tiresome burden prove,
If I were banish'd from the Lord.

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6 Amidst the wakeful hours of night,

When busy cares afflict my head ;
One thought of thee gives new delight,

And adds refreshment to my bed.
7 I'll lift my hands, I'll raise my voice,

While I have breath to pray, or praise ;
This work shall make my heart rejoice,
And bless the remnant of my days.
PSALM 63. Third Part. S. M.

Seeking God.

Y God, permit my tongue

This joy, to call thee mine ;
And let my early cries prevail

To taste thy love divine.
2 My thirsty fainting soul

Thy mercy does implore ;
Not travellers in desert lands

for water more.
3 Within thy churches, Lord,

I long to find my place ;
Thy pow'r and glory to behold,

And feel thy quick’ning grace.
A Since thou hast been my help,

To thee my spirit flies;
And on thy watchful providence,

My cheerful hope relies.
5 The shadow of thy wings

My soul in safety keeps ;
I follow where my Father leads,
And he supports my steps.

PSALM 64. L. M.
Hope in God for deliverance from enemies.

, Nor let my drooping spirit faint :

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When foes in secret spread the snare,

Let my salvation be thy care.
2 Shield me without, and guard within,

From vile temptations and from sin ;
May envy, lust, and pride depart,

And heav'nly grace expand my heart, -3 Thy justice and thy pow'r display,

And scatter far thy foes away ;
While list’ning nations learn thy word,

And saints, triumphant, bless the Lord. 4 Then shall thy Church exalt her voice,

And all that love thy name rejoice:
By faith approach thine awful throne,
And plead the merits of thy Son.
PSALM 65. First Part. C. M.

A prayer hearing God.

RAISE waits in Zion, Lord, for thee ;

There shall our vows be paid :
Thou hast an ear when sinners pray ;

All flesh shall seek thine aid. 2 Lord, our iniquities prevail,

But pard’ning grace is thine ;
And thou wilt grant us pow'r and skill

To conquer ev'ry sin. 3 Blest are the men whom thou wilt choose

To bring them near thy face;
Give them a dwelling in thy house,

To feast upon thy grace.
4. In answ'ring what thy church requests,

Thy truth and terror shine ;
And works of dreadful righteousness

Fulfil thy kind design.
5 Thus shall the wond'ring nations seç

The Lord is good and just ;

And distant islands fly to thee,

And make thy name their trust.
6 They dread thy glitt'ring tokens, Lord,

When signs in heav'n appear ;
But they shall learn thy holy word,
And love as well as fear.
PSALM 65. Second Part. C. M.

The providence of God in air, earth, and sea. 1 TTS by thy strength the mountains stand,

God of eternal pow'r;
The sea grows calm at thy command,

And tempests cease to roar.
2 Thy morning light and ey'ning shade

Successive comforts bring;
Thy plenteous fruits make harvest glad,

Thy flow'rs adorn the spring. 3 Seasons and times, and months, and hours,

Heay'n, earth, and air are thine;
When clouds distil in fruitful show'rs,

The author is divine.
4 Those wand'ring cisterns in the sky,

Borne by the winds around,
With wat'ry treasures well supply

The furrows of the ground.
-5 The thirsty ridges drink their fill,

And ranks of corn appear;
Thy ways abound with blessings still,
Thy goodness crowns the year.
PSALM 65. Third Part. P. M.

The providence of God in the seasons.

OW pleasing is thy voice,

O Lord, our heav'nly King,
That bids the frosts retire,
And wakes the lovely spring!

The rains return, the ice distils,
And plains and hills forget to mourn.
2 The lofty mountains stand,

Establish'd by thine arm:
Thy voice the ocean stills,

The tumult, and the storm.
Thro' earth and skies, with terror spread,
Thy tokens dread, all lands surprise.
3 The morn with glory crown'd,

Thy hand arrays in smiles;
Thou bid'st the eve decline,

Rejoicing o'er the hills.
Soft suns ascend; the mild wind blows;
And beauty glows to earth's far end.
4 Thou mak'st the pasture green;

Thou call'st the flocks abroad;
The springing corn proclaims

The footsteps of our God.
Both bird and beast partake thy care,
And happy share the gen’ral feast.
5 Thy show'rs make soft the fields ;

On ev'ry side, behold!
The rip’ning harvests wave

Their loads of richest gold.
The lab’rers sing with cheerful voice,
And, blest, rejoice in God their King:
6 The thunder is his voice;

His arrows blazing fires ;
He glows in yonder sun,

And smiles in starry choirs.
The balmy breeze his breath perfumes ;
His beauty blooms, in flow'rs and trees.
7 With life he clothes the spring;

The earth with summer warms;

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