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Find it and read it. My words cant begin to describe this book. I am wondering where to find the one on Revelation. Truly amazing!!!

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This is by far the best study of Daniel I have come across in my forty years as a Christian. I highly recommend this book.

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THIS BOOK IS AN OUTSTANDING BOOK!! I challenge the person who in the previous review to state plainly what he claims is error. Buy the book and see for yourself what your religious leaders do not want you to know!! For they are preaching peace and safety messages for filthy lucre's sake when the world is about to end; when the hour of judgement has come!! ( compare Matthew 24:1 -3,37 - 51 with 2 peter chapters 2 and 3) The Jews were laboring for temporal prosperity an thus they neglected personal prayer and bible study, they neglected their eternal interests and In place of personal pray and bible study Satan lead the Jews to look to their religious leaders to guide them correctly, but their leaders were under Satan's control for they were covetous and new not the scriptures nor the power of God in their lives. SEE Luke 16:14, Matthew 22:24 - 32, Jeremiah 6:10 - 30, 8:1 - 22, 22:1 - 30 and Psalms 10:1 - 18. Thus it was that Satan used the Jews religious leaders to believe Jesus was a deceiver and teaching error and finally they lead them to put Jesus to death and ask for Barabbas see Matthew 27:16 - 25. THE OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETS SPOKE MORE FOR OUR DAY THAN FOR THEIRS. See Ecclesiastes 1:9 - 18, Matthew 24:37 - 51 and compare these verses in Matthew 24 with 1 Peter 3:8 - 22 verse 20 is the key verse. History repeats itself. The world through the worlds religious leaders will be persuaded to put those who keep the commandments of God to death and the majority will be lost just like it was in Noah's day. SEE REVELATION 13:11 - 18 

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